Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pretty Pretty

* Whoever sent me the book LIFELINES there was no packing slip inside so I have no way of acknowledging you or sending you a thank you card! Give me a little shout as to who you are please.

Wee Wonderfuls

This store makes me want to embroider on my clothes! I have a brown tank top that I started
a little while ago. Im going to force myself to spend an hour today on it, embroidering a dragonfly and adding sequins. Just for a little time out time from writing the PDFs of which which I must finish one today. That is thee goal.


gina said...

suzi i hope to see your dragon fly and also i think your girl sketches going up the sides of your pants would be awsome ,i love to take the old trichem embroidry hoops and paint on fabric after all what is more permanent than paint on fabric id love to see what you do on fabric,id give you a sewing machine if you were here ,id give you so much i wish you were my sister .

katy said...

oh that is so cute. thats all i need another hobby:)

i got part of my suzi blu kit yesterday- they teased & sent me the paint since i got the full pots. hopefully the rest will come soon!

rafa said...


LisaLectura*creations said...

Hi Suzi! You continue to amaze me with your beautiful work! I love to stitch! It relaxes me. Have fun and I hope to see your dragonfly. Creative blessings, Lisa :)

Bea said...

I just love embroidery! The picture is so cute! Yes, it's relaxing and meditative for me. I've been doing it since I was in high school. I am waaaaay beyond high school now! thanks for sharing, Suzi!

Katherine the mediocre said...

very nice but I cant keep up with you lol.....thank you for keeping it fresh and real. How many of us have so many unfinished art /craft projects? I love to try new things.

Magenta said...

Omg, embroidary! I gave that up years ago and I promise not to take it up again. Suzi, your stitches are so even, love the design.

I don't understand who told you to embroider on your clothes and why?? Don't you have enough to do? :')

I'm cleaning bathroom grout which is a tedious and time wasting pursuit in my book. Yuk! Who invented grout. If all the tiles were one big tile we wouldn't need grout.

I want you to be my sister too, only I'm too old and you are too far away.

About the paper lantern, are you leaving thin area's for light to show through or making tiny holes or something? I made a round one, applied too many layers of tissue paper and light wouldn't show through. I punched holes in it. I over do everything until it becomes a chore.

renelli said...

Hi Gina,

Do you live in the Michigan area near me? I'm looking for a sister,,, LOL or a good friend:)

But what a great idea, Suzi girls painted on a pair of jeans!

Tammy said...

Play time is important! Taking time to yourself for a project just for you is always a fun way to spend some time on YOU. My mom always tells me, take time out each day to do something just for yourself. With all you have on your plate, you need to be sure to take some "me" time.

Enjoy yourself.

suzi blu said...

no no the above work is not mine it is from the Store Wee Wonderfuls in which I put a link (if you click on the picture or the words underneath). she inspires me though I want to embroider! no i have zero time. Writing the PDF today for Lesson1!

Dani said...

Really nice, can understand why you so happy with it ;)

rafa said...

rafa is so right. lalala is pure poetry. everyone shud learn from that sexi bastard rafa.

nollyposh said...

According to Aboriginal legend, Dragonfly shares the symbolism of immortality with the Butterfly. Dragonfly Dreaming helps us to break through all self created illusions and those misleading beliefs that comfort us and help us trust that the limitations bought about by physical reality are there to stop us from shifting our consciousness and growing as People.
Dragonfly helps us to change our view of life and to realize that although it is easier to stick with what we know and trust, to break through that illusion of life often means growth and development on levels once thought impossible. "Better the Devil we know..." is NOT the path promoted by Dragonfly. (Scott Alexander King)... I tattooed one on my 'creative hand' so l would always remember this X:-) Vicki xox

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

Suzi, there's a whole 'nother line of creativity and ebay possibilities for you... embroidered shirts, jackets, pants, etc. There's no end to your abilities and ispiration. But put it on the back burner - you have enough on your plate. Wow, Vicki, the tattoo on the creative hand is a very cool idea! I don't have any but would consider that - even though I'm not Australian :).

artistikitty said...

Embroidery is a good portable craft. You know...when you are sitting and waiting somewhere and feeling like you are wasting valuable time that you could use being creative!! And it's an easy one to do while in front of the evil TV!!!

gwen said...

embroidered dragonflies, what will Suzi think of next? You are so creative Suzi!!! I love dragonflies (as you probably can tell by my blog name).

Gina, I agree with you, Suzi would make a great creative sister. unfortunately my sister lives in Chicago and I dont get to see her but a few times a year. :(
she is the only person i know(besides the blog world) that does anything creative, but i am SO glad I've found this, a creative community of women making art and supporting each other.

that is such a cool idea of a dragonfly tattoo on your creative hand. I've been wanting a dragonfly tattoo for a while now (I can never get up the courage to do it) maybe one of these days.

Julie Ayotte said...

I wanna see when you're done! I would love to learn emroidery but I have way too much going on right now as it is. Maybe one day. :)

suzi blu said...

yeah yeah no embroidering today in fact, my ass has not left the bed in ooh 11 1/2 hours save for when the love muffin had to go outside and pee over the world. oh but the PDF for Lesson one is nearly done! I love love LOVE microsoft publisher and thank so much to sarah and angela for telling me to get it. I had quark for years and even with the for dummies book i couldnt get it. publisher is a breeze.

hopefully I can become and author and a teacher and make art just for me and have time to embroider little nonsense things and learn how to knit and live a calm peaceful existence rather than tearing my hair out to make a new painting every day YIKES! but if not, so be it, I love painting and i have a thick head of hair.

I cant tell you how good it feels to have this 5 pages of what is essentially an orgy of colorful ebook love, out in front of me on the computer. I have journals and journals of writing this stuff but never put it down in a place that was pretty enough to read. words + pictures and shabby backgrounds.
I dig it.
I do.

happygirl? said...

I just discovered your art and videos today on YouTube. I was in a particularly frustrating artistic slump lately and your wonderful approach is infectious. Thanks for the positivity and insipiration!

Magenta said...

I think I'm having a dyslexic week, mis-read the stuff about embroidery etc. Also writing the opposite of what I mean, can't instead can. Good thing I'm not writing a lesson.

Mudfrost said...

Suzi (and all writers),

There is a site called "GiveAway of the Day" which does just that: gives away a commercial program and/or game every day. I know your first reaction -- same as mine --SCAM. Well, it's not. They've been around for quite a long time and they're legit.

I bring this up because today (Friday) they're giving away a writing program, Liquid Story Binder, that looks really interesting, and with you putting your PDFs together, I thought it might help. It's free, so what's to lose, right?

The only thing you have to remember is that it's necessary to download AND INSTALL the program on the day its given. Otherwise the registration keys won't work.

The writing program I'm talking about is on the top, right-hand side of the page today. Check it out. Read the user reviews if you're doubting me. And no, I don't work for them. Just thought this might be of some help with your projects.

Here's the link:

L'il Dog Foo said...

By the time my bank and PayPal got all their ducks in a row, the SB party girl kit was SOLD OUT! Are there going to be more? Pleeeeease?

Eveline said...

Have a look on Etsy for embroidery, there are some cool patterns around!
(not to mention one that's pure porn, I keep flagging it but apparently Etsy is ok with it.. sigh....)
I don't have the patience to do any needlepoint or anything like that. My mum quilts, by hand, not machine. She makes full size quilts for double beds. I think she's insane! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oooh i love you! I have been trying to figure out what the dragonfly means for a long time now. I have always felt an affinity with them. I MUST get the book you mentioned! Thanks so much for the info!