Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paper Lantern Finale

BTW Hollys new name is GIGI.
When she came to the rescue she had the name Prissy - which she didnt respond to. (can you imagine being 7 and not having a name?) so they called her Holly, which is sort of responds to. I think if we change it to gigi right now shell get it fast. and its so much CUTER and easy to sing. and she likes it. she told me.


Kelly said...

Suzi! You are so wise and inspiring! And Holly and Pooh are so cute!

scrowlscrowl said...

Oooh; I love your lantern!!! I hope you brought it with you in before it started raining!

Holly is too cool. She looks FABULOUS in that outfit...:D

I was waiting for this video like forever; am so glad it came today


Diana Cornielle said...

lol.... Oh, Suzi, you're so funny! I love this video so much. You brought us a little of everything! You are very FABULOUS and so am I! inspiring suzi!

Holly looks so adorable! You look so happy Suzi with your friends, family, babies... I love it! Thanks so much!

Oh, and the lantern turned out so beautiful. I would love to see it in your room, though. Outside can be damaged. Take care. God bless.

sMacThoughts said...

I love watching your vlogs...they are such uplifting things for me. Holly is so cuddly and sweet, too.

DeeDee said...

Absolutely. You are fabulous. We are fabulous in our imperfection and ordinariness.

Eveline said...

I see a lot of tolerance but no love between Holly and Pooh. ;) But tolerance is good!

Welshcake said...

I love that I'm ordinary, but secretly ever-so-special ;)

gwen said...

I love how Holly was cuddling next to the teddy bear, it looked like she was holding it. (adorable)

Bea said...

The lantern is fabulous! Holly looks so cute in her little chapeau and sweater! Ooh La La!
Loved your words about artists!
Pooh is darling too!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous video filled with fabulous friends and fabulous French clothes! You could do a whole series of books starting with "Holly Goes to France" where Holly sees the sites and teaches people about love and acceptance and ART!
You are one of my favorites, Suzi --on good days and bad. It's all relative anyway.
So, chop wood, carry water :D
P.S. Got my Party Girl kit! Nicely done,dear. Can't wait to start.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you --the lantern is too cool. Gonna do one with my 6th grade students when school starts and hang them from the ceiling in my classroom.

MyBlueDog said...

Here is something that may help Holly during storms...

I always wanted to take the TTouch classes but it is A LOT of $$$.. anyway...Looks like videos are available now as well as the wrap.. You could probably follow the instructions in that link.. I have had good luck with Rescue Remedy ..spray works fast but has an alcohol base... Let us know if the wrap works... peace
Oh yeah ... very cool latern

Jenniwren said...

Hi Suzi.. That video was amazing! You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your little family.
Holly certainly loves cuddles! She is too cute.
Have a great day!

turquoise cro said...

Holly is the perfect name for your sweetie, it's like Christmas in July!!! You'll always remember when YOU got her! tee hee
Love the lantern, it's soOOOOOooo colorful and the cute outfit for Holly is sweet! I've got to run now and go watch The Greatest American Dog! LOL WOOF, BOW WOWWWWWWWWW!!!

katy said...

holly went dog-a-tonic in the clothes~ like if she didnt move they would go away. she is the cutest. pooh cracks me up he has such an air of royalty about him!

mybluedog is right that resuce rememdy helps and they now make a non alcohol blend for animals (got mine at the health food store last week). belle has a heart disorder and goes in for checks ups several times a year hates vets. i give her some and um me too:) massage works good on dogs too.

your videos are so fun they always make me smile. i cannot wait for the class to start! i just took a break from my party girl kit for the paint to dry should be done by the end of the weekend.

love the latern. my cat belle kept trying to catch it thru the computer screen:)

Anonymous said...

Holly is so lucky to have found you Suzi. I'm soooo happy for you both.

LOVED the lantern and the message this week - it's been said, but bears repeating YOU ARE FABULOUS!! Thanks for all you do!

rynnabydesign said...

Suzi, the video is very lovely and calming. I love the sound of thunder. We just had Hurricane Dolly pass us by and I was hoping for more thunder.

You have a wonderful family!
Thanks for sharing. :)

happygirl? said...

I can't agree more.
Thank you for your positivity and wisdom. Your videos are always so thought provoking.


The Drive-by Blogger said...

So, it's cereal, underwear and Jeopardy...OK, I'll give it a shot:)

turquoise cro said...

hmmmm! I didn't like Holly at first but I got used to it but I like Zza Zza better than GIGI! LOL I'm like that though, I LOVE to name animals although I don't have any animals because of my allergies but I rename my neighbor's cats all the time! I'll get used to Gigi though as time goes along and YOU call her by name! Gee whiz, at last she has a name and an owner who cares about her! and loves her!* sigh* Sweet Dreams GiGi!!!

Gigi said...

Hello Holly! You like your new name? You look like a little Gigi in your French outfit. But you are adorable as a Holly or Prissy or any name.
Suzi, she is a very lucky little girl to have found a home with you. That you love her very much is so apparent. She seems like a happy little dog.

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

"Pooh, look at Holly. Pooh, don't laugh.".. LOLOL, that struck me so funny! Suzi, you are a riot and an inspiration. Thanks for the great videos.

silversiren said...

What a great video. The paper lantern is beautiful and looks so nice blowing in the outdoor breeze.

Holly/Gigi may be the cutest dog I have ever seen. She looks like a real little baby snuggled against you with her teddy bear. And Pooh seems like a wonderful cat. I don't know how my Webby would react to a new doggy roommate.

Thanks for the video.

Creaturas said...

Hello from Spain!

I have received my "Party Girl Kit" and I am very happy with it. Very nice. I have join the NING thing, but I do not have any password or anything to get in. I wonder if I have done something wrong...
The best for you,


Bonafyde said...

The paper Lantern looks so whimsical and fun blowing in the wind!

Love seeing you interact with your fur babies! Holly La GiGi looks so content and loved! Love seeing Poo's apparent indifference to all the happenings...cats can be so aristocratic... ;) but the picture of them at the end all snuggled up proves otherwise...they bring each other company and comfort. Deep down poo knows it. :)

Dani said...

You rock, your lantern rock, Gigi rock, the cat rocks ......thanx for your inspitation and making me worth living !! ;)

X Dani

purplecat said...

Suzi, you are like the wise woman of the web!!

r@!nb0w said...

Hi Suzi, Im lara [nollyposh is my mum] I love ya puppy and the lantern you made. Mum is always showing me your art work. I think ya awsome and clever at art work. Keep the good work up.

love lara [rainbowlovedropz]

PS im only 11 yrs.... lolz

dragondaughters said...

oh suzi you are fabulous!! that was the best vlog you've ever done! such wisdom and such a cute puppy! Gigi/Holly looked amazing and made me laugh so much.

you're right, we are all fabulous and ordinary people can reach amazing hights of creativity. thank you for being such an inspiration and an encouragement suzi!

al xxx

Seeking Simplicity said...

Oh I love Gigi. It's so French!

The paper lantern is whimsical and so pretty. thanks for sharing another great idea.


crafty said...

just loved this video, greyt art and greyt family life. greyt to see LIZ of artist cellar.
aren't those storms terrible, my betty paces up and down and does the heavy breathing too...poor luvs.
joan in wonderful, sunny ,hot italy

pilates studio six said...

i visit your site once a day and i feel like it is my secret little coffee break away from the rest of the static.
i so appreciate the time you take,
the generousity of your heart,
and the honesty of your spirit.

and thank god those little furry sweet creatures have you for their mamma. :)

Jessica said...

oh my lord- my first dog's name was prissy. she was a little peek-a-poo and looked a little like gigi. my heart!

artisticdiva said...


I've been watching your vlogs periodically. I just love what you do! I'm adding you to my blog roll right this second so I can see all your new posts. Thanks so much for being artistic, fun, innovative and full of love and encouragement!

rafa said...

pooh is back!!!

Diane said...

So Gigi it is! I agree with the others. It's a wonderful thing that you gave this sweet little dog a home. OMG is she ever CUTE! We can all see that you also take good care of Mr. Pooh. Those 2 are very lucky to have you.

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Hi Suzi -- Just wanted to say "Thank You" for being you and for sharing your art and your thoughts, your feelings, and your fabulous pets. Your new doggie looks so happy to have such a great home and such a great momma!

My dog gets freakedd out during storms as well -- and she's completely terrified of anything that goes "BUZZ." My brother and I had to tag team to kill a giant fly that got into the house and wouldn't light on something so we could smash it. Kali was frantic. We have to kill the fly and show it to her before she settles down She must have gotten bit by a bee or something when she was a puppy. Guess pets are perfect either -- they have their quirks too and that's all part of the reason we love em -- right?


kathy said...

where can i purchase the books from ana.....spare parts or journaling the journey??

kathy & jose'

artistikitty said...

Mlle Gigi semble très chic dans son béret rose! Ooh la la!!

Way cool lantern. COLOR!!!!!!!

Love "Gigi"...her new name and her stylish garb. Always love Poo. He is special! ;) I just KNOW he was snickering at Gigi


gina said...

gigi goes to france fits get to name her yourself that is so good i love how you give so much love to everyone and the way you cuddled to gi gi when the storm was here showed the love good luck with all your classes love gina

Valaine said...

I really needed to hear that, thank you :)

mccabe said...

i think gigi would follow you
to the end of the earth.
she is your soul pet.

love the video-
we are going to do it
at my art camp.
you have totally infused
my camps and life with magic.
thank you sue.

mccabe x

doulanana said...

Was that your dad taping the video?? I seriously love him!!!

a simple offering said...

i am so behind on videos and so much has changed. are u living back home now? where's the other puppy? i still love your work and words and your babies. need to get back to art. my life has been very sad lately. i need art to take me away. thank you suziblu!!!