Sunday, July 13, 2008

sketches and not all by me!

my head is a mess from the time i wake up until the time i go to sleep
and its not a terrible mess but its not a good mess either. my throat is drippy.
I need sunshine and quiet but there is not time for that when you tell yourself
you need to do big things and do them quickly. I long for vasts of time with no
responsibilities and whats funny is I create my life exactly how it is. I add my own
stress. It is no ones fault but mine. because there is so much I want to do. so very
much. you know? that I could do.

The online class thing is hard and giving me a headache.
so Im going to make the videos into dvds to sell instead.
easy easy something i already know how to do. I have them
outlined and ready to go. exactly how to teach you to make
a mixed media pretty girl on wood painting. yes. you order
the dvd then i send it to your house. what could be easier than
that. then, end of august, i begin working on my book for
Because its what I want a visual orgy of suzi book love.
but right now i have a sore throat again and I feel like I wont be able to finish anything.
Dont you hate that?
when you dont feel good that voice that is terribly mean and says YOU SUCK AND
YOULL NEVER BE ANYTING! when I am sick it seems that voice is louder than I am.

This sketch inspired from WICKED and done by DEEDEE

ill admit...i havent read since last week. ive come to the conclusion that i MUST get audio books, there is just no time to read. oh what a boring girl ive become.

Doesn't seem like much but we had to put the entire thing together which consists of 4 pieces. most of my stuff fits in there and I have it all ALL in bins or shoe boxes. I cannot put art supplies right on shelves because i can never see whats in the back. so bins work. Im going to glue pretty papers to the front of the shoe boxes and label the outside so I know whats inside. not rocket science, I know, but sometimes simple is not obvious. This sketch below is for this weeks commission. A mama and her daughter and brown tabby cat.


Diana Cornielle said...

your storage unit looks nice! I need to do something about my stuff as well. I feel I'm running out of space and things are cluttering and it just makes it harder for me to work! I can't function when I don't find everything I need! Argghh! Anyway nice sketch. I can't wait to see it complete! See ya!

rafa said...


doulanana said...

Suzi, good for your for recognizing that before you can give to others you have to first refill yourself or else there is nothing o give. The dvd idea is awesome and I can't wait to buy one! go and soothe your soul and be well. You've been through a lot in the past few weeks.

Deborah said...

The DVDs are a GREAT idea, hon! I love art DVDs to have here at home so that I can watch them whenever I want, and pause them when I need, etc.

BTW...I was looking thru that catalogue for the kits you have for sale and I couldn't find them. Did anyone else have trouble with this or just me?

Hope you feel better soon, sweetcakes. Sickie-poo is NO fun!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

that sketch is awesome! ...andthat voice in the head?! ooooooh~ i just dealt with it last week for about 5 days...totally SUCKED! ~ happy to be back~ the FOG has lifted. Hope yours lifts SOON!
LOVE ya sista!

rafa said...

deedee cool name

Selenja said...

Suzi, get well first, everything can wait for a day or two.

Chi said...

Suzi, the unit looks great! I have all my stuff in boxes and bins too. I try to collect pretty ones, like one of the forever friends bears that came with a picture frame that I got, and otherwise I just decorate them =)

Aw, don't listen to that meany voice. Listen to mine: 'You are great. Your art is great. We love you and your art!'

So the book is beginning to come together ay? I'm so excited for you with all these new and lovely projects. DVD's are a great idea, you can sign me up for a copy. But don't stress about too much alright? Don't want to make yourself sick by doing all these wonderful things.

Lots of love and huggles (for Holly and Pooh too),

Dani said...

Hi Suzi, tomorrow another day, get better first !! , love your sketch ,my daughter and me ;), crazy of cats and dogs :), your mind is similar like mine, always creating my own problems afterwards meaning with all the things i wanna do , having no time in my head etc...also wish sometimes for silence ....take care , take it easy !!

Love Dani

iHanna said...

Just watched your recent pool-videos! I hope it's going well being a foster-mom for Holly and that you're not working to much when you're sick girl! I think you should try to listen to Ophera and Tolle if you haven't already? It's great to listen to podcasts as you paint or draw! Here is the link for ya:

You can download them as mp3-sound because you don't need to watch them I think. Just listen, learn and create. It's all about being in the now and not worrying to much!

Take care, and let me know if you need any help with the book-stuff later!

Eveline said...

Shame that there will not be a course, but a DVD sounds great, too!

dragondaughters said...

ohhh dvds sound like a great plan for the classes suzi! and if it makes thins easier for you, you should definately do that.

hope you feel better soon. take care of yourself, everything else can wait. really.

hugs, for you and holly and pooh,

al xxx

Dawn said...

oh suzi, it has been way too long since i've been able to catch up with your world... ! i just went thru, like, the last month and 1/2 of "whazzup wit suzi"... =) it was soooo fun! i just LOVE all of your ideas! your art MOVES me, girl. thank you!

feel better soon. let holly give you love back, as that is why you are both together. to love eachother back to TRUE happiness. that is when life is *really* pretty. =)

what a beautiful girl you are! congratulations on EVERYthing you've accomplished these past few months... this past year!! wow.

big love from minnesota!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Suzi! It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of doing all these creative things at once and I'm glad you have decided to pare things down a little. Not even Wonder Woman would be able to keep up with your schedule. Take your time. You don't have to do everything at once. We will still be here whether you are teaching online, offering the DVD, or just telling us to check out the videos you've made on You-tube. Listening to books on tape or CD is a wonderful way to enjoy a book and is often narrated by the author herself.
Holly is a creamy, dreamy, dreamboat. Let her teach you to roll on your back in the grass and enjoy the sunshine. You'll accomplish more in the longrun.
Hugs to all,

mistie said...

Brilliant! Audio books while you are painting - I love audio books.
Storage is always a pain. I am working on my art room right now...shy to post picture on just what it looks like. Too messy. Whew. I used to do lots of crafty stuff I don't do anymore and the materials are clogging my space. Your storage area looks great! I'm excited for you. It's so liberating to have a place for things. Hope you feel better soon. Rest. Rest. Rest.

mistie said...

P.S. DeeDee's drawing is just fabulous!

gina said...

oh how lucky the mama will be to get that commission from you ,i love how the mom and daughter rest on eachother like that i think the painting will be so beautiful i hope you share it with us i have crocheted yarns and hole punched the top 2 corners tied the yarns and hand them like i saw you do with ribbon,i cant afford to frame mine yet and it looks awsome thank you for the fabulous ideas .you are so cool love gina

artistikitty said...

Hope you feel better soon. I am like you and sometimes get to many irons in the fire. I think we creative types want to manifest all of our "ideas". But there is much more room in our heads for all of the "ideas" than there are hours in the day or time here on earth! lol And the other thing we do, because we want to please others, is over commit because we want so dearly to share the joy with others. Do what you can and don't stress if you can't do it all. Now if I can heed my own advice.
Great art supply thingy...and doubles at cat storage too I see.

Shirl said...

Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us. Get better so you can be your happy self again. Im so excited tha you decided to make your class into a dvd as I was not sure that I would be able to commit the time to an online class. I look forward to ordering your dvd and learning how you make those wonderful paintings!

renelli said...

Hi Everyone,
The sketch that is showing now is for me! I just love the sketch and I know it will be perfect!

About the DVD's
are they going to be like watching a movie, or like listening to a book?
Till next time...

DeeDee said...

Your post hit a spot with me. I am going through something similar.
I am seeing that I am driven by inspiration. Those same feelings as you, so much to create, not enough time. Every moment I am doing something. Mostly, I love it.
But it feels like something is missing. Time to be. To just be and feel that is okay too. To feel that I am okay even if I am not creating.
I am kind of scared to even try it.

DeeDee said...

thanks for posting my sketch.

I love yours.