Saturday, July 19, 2008

I havent washed my hair in 8 days

and I need to make my bed.


ganesha said...

so silly suzi....
did yah get a 'sun suit'?
you could take a break and paint something.....maybe you won't be so bored.....


anni said...

How's the class coming along?


rafa said...

yay!!!!!so pointless, so un-feeling, so cool!!! love it!!!i dont get the whole making the bed thing. youre going to mess it up everyday so why make it everyday.i make it when guests come over or when im going to paint in the bed cuz i dont wanna get paint on the mattress

Iris said...

Heh I agree with Rafa! Why make your bed unless other people are gonna see it??

Lilly said...

You need to give yourself some of the attention you lavish on Holly!!!

Letting things slip is cool if you are just relaxing - not so if it's due to depression or it's contributing to making you feel worse!

How are the classes coming along? I can't wait for the kit to arrive, I think they are shipping now aren't they?

Take care of yourself,

Lilly x

rafa said...

i agree with iris, i TOO agree with rafas smartness

renelli said...

Now what good reason do you have for not washing your hair in 8 days? Could you really be that busy? bored? lonely? Take a shower, grab a girlfriend and go buy that swim suit, I know you will feel better. You're very beautiful, you should have not problem with the swim suit!

rafa said...

dude cut your hair short like mine. you an go for weeks without washing.

rafa said...

disclaimer: anythign rafa says shud not by any chance be taken seriously

suzi blu said...

Oh Poo! I've showered. I shower every day but yes too busy to wash and straighten my hair. no need really. let it get good and healthy with little washing. I finished a commission and now can resume work for the class. It is going very well. I will give you a taste by the end of next week.

I am not bored nor lonely babies! I work too hard for that. and this work will be over once the class lessons are all finished. then i can start living a life.

I was thinking today though.
Am I happy? I mean, really happy. Do I have enough things in my day that make me feel like Im floating and in love?

happygirl? said...

Happiness is a tricky thing. It wavers.

lisa cole said...

aww ... i've been there done that ... it's something about even temporarily living with parents as an adult ... kind of sucks the life out ... the will to live ... and bathe ... lol ... hugs ... you still look beautiful :) ... xoxo

nollyposh said...

Oh it's gotta be something in tha *stars* as l've been the same lately and so have a couple of other gals l know... But hey everything is bEaUtIfUL & pErFeCt... When you do wash ya hair after 8 days how gorgeous is it when you do wash it again... all those yummy natural oils nourishing you ...It's probably how they did it in tha olden daze... before conditioner! Lol! (ps) But l do have a 'bed thing'... I pretend my housework is done if the beds are... You know if l have CrEaTiVe stuff screaming at me to pLaY with! Shhhhh...

This 'n That said...

I read in an old medical encyclopedia that you should wash your hair monthly......twice in a months time only if it is oily - looks like you can wait awhile yet according to the book. It was in the hygiene chapter. The book was published in 1929, I think. If you wait the whole month we can call you Suzi Slick instead of Suzi Blu! I am waiting with bait breath to sign up for classes.

Shirl said...

Suzi, Is all is well with you. Where is that bubblie girl? Ya know if the class is too much stress Im sure everyone would uderstanding and be happy to wait a little longer for it. I think feeling good about yourself is more important than anything else!!

Theresa said...

I think you should keep not washing your hair and go for the world record! Maybe all of us could do it together!

Think of the money we'd save on shampoo that could be spent on art supplies!

anni said...

I'm with Theresa!! Art supplies!


anni said...

BTW, what are you eating? Or chewing, or gumming? It is candy? Have you checked out Tascha's blog recently. She is going without candy! I can't do it! I am a sugarholic.


DeeDee said...

It is good to see you just being yourself. Glad to see you without the makeup.
I am seeing that I need to balance out my creating with some other stuff - friends, just doing nothing. It is challenging tho as I tend to be obsessive.

Maureen B said...

Random is very very very good- this heat is making it too hard to be serious. I love Suzi!!!
*waves to suzi and rafa*

bLu eYd YoGi said...

i agree with rafa~ cut it short!

DeeDee said...

I finally finished my boardbook. It is kind of a boardbook/scrapbook thingie. Anyone interested in seeing another boardbook?

pluckfur said...

I allow myself to be happy ... I allow myself to be unhappy. I am what I am. I don't need to be "happy" to be happy.

I'd watch the hair thing after eight days, though ... if you aren't careful you'll wake up with dreadlocks. Now, dreads could make a girl happy or unhappy ... depending.

sMacThoughts said...

I wash my hair every day, Suzi, I wish I could go without, but I cannot.

Bonafyde said...

LMAO! Hittin' us raw Suzi! Love it!

Rafa cracks me up! He's on point!

I got extremely long, thick, curly hair so washing it everyday is a huge No No. 1st day wash and wear up to dry a bit....2nd day some parts still damp...mabey wear up some more....3rd day wear down...gorgeous shiny ringlettes...4th day semi up...might wash it on the 5th day or the next....too much washing equals dry frizzy hair...ewwwwww.

As far as taking time out to do other things...oh boy do i ever relate. Besides my kids I'm mostly by myself...keeping myself occupied with my art, hobbies....oh yeah and my kids...;) Don't get me wrong I have friends but they are either busy with their own families or living the single life that is focused on parties...I'm done with the party circut in fact I did so much of it that it just bores me now. Finding friends that share my interests such as a passion for creating and live close by (not far away in Internet land) is quite a challenge.

Iris said...

Pluckfur: I allow myself to be happy ... I allow myself to be unhappy. I am what I am. I don't need to be "happy" to be happy.

Now that's wisdom and I wholeheartedly agree =)

purplecat said...

I wish I didn't have to wash my hair everyday-but I do!!go girl.

DeeDee said...

Okay guys, I gotta post this link. Check out to find out if you really need to shampoo your hair so often.

I used to shampoo my hair every 3 days, now I do it closer to every 2 weeks. I do wash just with water more often than that. In my experience, the more you use shampoo, the more you have to.

Walk in the Woods said...

... and you are still beautiful ...

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

Was there a video attached to this post? If so, I wonder why it's not loading for me... I get blank space. Boo Hoo.

Gigi said...

Oh Suzi,
That's too funny because before I read this I was just debating whether I should wash my hair or wait until tomorrow to start the work week. My hair is long too and I wear it up a lot. That way I don't have to deal with the process as often.
But I am going to make my bed though before I head out to the craft store. I feel depressed, its so hot here, so maybe I'll make something. Then maybe I will feel better.

suzi blu said...

Whats so funny is that my favorite font for the PDFs Im writing is gigi font! yay!!

Im going to wash my hair today but then Im going to do what Dee Dee's article says and not shampoo it for 6 weeks. After reading that Im convinced that shampoo makes it worse (in the long run) and that brushing and vigorously watering it is the key. Ill just wear it up it. Summer is the perfect time to try this and from what I've read after the initial 6 weeks the ph goes back to normal (because shampoos mess it up). Very enlightening!

the candy I eat although its still sugar and bad is less bad. Its called Pure Fun organic candy and has only 1 gram of cane juice sweetener per candy and no artificial colors sweeteners or anything else. so if youre gonna do it its still not bad.

I will go see tacsha's blog now Ill admit while working on this class I have time for zero surfing and fun but its just a few weeks of hard work then we can play all of september! It will be like the best Back To School ever! I am making special presents for you to download too like clip art and collages for your art.


Gigi said...

Yea for Gigi font, that is too funny!
I don't think I could go 6 weeks without washing my hair. It would be a fun experiment to try if I didn't work in the corporate world. They might notice.
Your work is so great. I can't wait to start some new projects. I think when the weather cools off a bit I will attempt some fall crafting projects. That's the great thing about living in NJ we have a lot of AC Moore and Michaels stores around. But I think I like AC Moore the best. I was a little disappointed with the new one on Route 3. I like the one in Rockaway Mall better.

boneman said...

OK, so, did I learn anything from this video?

I just finished throwing praises all over the place.
Oh I learn this when I watch Suzi,
I learn that when I watch Suzi....

and then you post this.
It's so funny I gotta laugh.

OK, well, shoot, it isn't such a hard question about the bed.
(even though mine isn't made, either)
If you see it?
while you're working?
it will be in your paintings.

(dang, it probably sounds like some idiot babbling on about metaphysical concepts...)

It's like this....
Most artists, especially the artists since 1700 ....
when they paint a portrait of someone? There's tiny bits of them in every portrait they paint.
And, specifically, there are tiny bits of the reverse of their faces in the portraits.

How much does a person look in a mirror may ( may ) be in their portraits when they're painting someone else.

....just like the unmade bed.

And...I dunno if I want to say this next one.
Some folks get really upset with me for the silliest stuff.

But, here's a story.
a short story.

Ma had the cancer.
She actually beat it.
(chemo and radiation and , well, horror)
She lost her hair a few times.
But, she beat it.
(this isn't the story, yet)

so, after she beat it, we were jabbering away one day and she mentioned how when she cut her hair from our length, Suzi, to around Iris' length...just touching her shoulders?
She loved it.
So I said (remember now, I'm just a guy. We don't know the magical interweavings of hair....) "why don't you get a really short haircut?"

She stared at me for quite a while.
Hid all the scissors in the house?
We're talking about my Ma!

Anyway, she did.
How short?
See Renelli's hair?
A lil shorter.
(by the way, All of you ladies have fine looking haircuts and all, but, Renelli?
I really like that cut.
and, if you just tell Suzi how easy it is to wash...
you know. Using 'girl' words and such, and not my fumble around with phrases that may not even make sense....
I'll bet'cha she tries it, to.

Ma got a really short cut, and at first, she was kinda shy about it.
Like Mia Farrow after that first chop....
But she also bounced very well into it.
She said it was like when she lost it to chemo, but, she got to keep it some.

And after her first couple of sjowers?
She bought a couple more wigs and never went back to more than a few inches longer than Renelli.

Y'wash it, y'towel it for a moment, it's done!
GOD she loved that!
Fly in and out'a the shower so fast!

(can you tell that she was also big on laughing about stuff after beating the canceYeah, baby.
That chick was Back!

suzi blu said...

I am growing my hair Long!
Its been medium length for years and 2 years ago even, in a xanex and depression fog, I cut it short myself with cuticle scizzors (cant spell and the mac doesnt have spell check?) so growing it long is a pleasure.

when I was 5 my hair was down to my ass. I just want it long and straight down my back and I dont want to have to think about it.

Made my own sugar scrub today out of canola oil and sugar. so nice before self tanning.

Im off to meet LIZ from the we've never met in person before. Im taking video.

nanakin1 said...

Have a good meeting and a happy day.

happygirl? said...

I've always wanted to try a homemade facial scrub. It sounds very luxurious. Is that all you put in it? Canola oil and sugar?
Easy Peasy. I wonder if you can also put aromatherapy oils in them?

gina said...

you dont know how lucky you are suzi that you can go that long without washing your hair ,if i dont wash my thin hair out each day and fluff it i look even thinner haired , be thankful you have a thick beautiful head of hair right, i wish i had that feeling of bieng in love ,i love my husband a nd most every body but nothing better than that full feeling ,i think it is infatuation ,you can have that feeling any time you are single,he hee

Gigi said...

Have a good meeting and a great day! And I didn't wash my hair yet! Hee Hee!
G :)

mercury said...

It's funny that the hair washing thing came up today (well... yesterday.)

I just read an article a few days ago about not using shampoo... she suggested using a tablespoon of baking soda (but no more than that or it will make your hair dry and crunchy) dissolved in a cup of water, applied then rinsed well, followed with a vinegar rinse with essential oils added if the smell of vinegar makes you insane.

I'm thinking about trying it because I'm broke, just about out of my favorite Redken stuff and the only other thing I have in the house is Dove, which my hair hates. And I figure, since I already wish to shave the frizz ball on my head off, it can't hurt.

***to happygirl?: yes! :o) you can add whatever oils you'd like to the scrub for fragrance, just make sure that they are approved for use on the skin. some are made for fragrance diffusers and such and could irritate your skin - that's NOT luxurious. You can also substitute the sugar with salt, kosher salt, sea salt or brown sugar; and the canola with olive or any type of natural oil you choose. I like almond. Coconut is nice, too because it cleans more easily out of the tub. :o) Mix in approximately equal parts - 1/2 cup sugar/salt + 1/2 cup oil is a good sized batch for a single full body scrub. For fragrance, I wouldn't use more than about 10 drops of oils to start. Add more if it's not intense enough.

Cheryl said...

i do that too sometimes. Actually come to think of it i rarely make my bed. haha

Gigi said...

Mercury, I think that is so ironic also that the hair washing topic came up. Because when I woke up this morning I was debating washing my hair or putting it off until tomorrow. Then I went on line and saw this post. I noticed that the more I wash it the faster it gets oilier, but when I let it go and just wash my long growing out bangs it stays cleaner longer. By the way, my hair responds very well to VO5 shampoos and conditioners. They make yummy fragrances florals and berries and I can purchase them in the Stop & Shop for about $1.05 plus NJ tax. Sounds cheapish but whatever works the best right?

Julie Ayotte said...

My hair looks way worse than that if I don't wash it for 2 days.

Chi said...

You know, I read that making your bed isn't good. Cause when you do, all the germies and things can brood in the warmth that you trap under the blanket *shudders*. So the lesson learned is don't make your bed, and if you have to wait for an hour or two.

WhiteRed said...

Havent washed mine in..oh gosh :|

i win
love you!

rafa said...


DeeDee said...

rafa (5)

moonsownsister said...

Rafa. (six)

nollyposh said...

Rafa, Rafa, Rafa! (7, 8 & 9)

Eveline said...

Not sure if I could go that long without washing my hair. I love it when my sweetie washes my hair for me. ;)

msteeleart said...

Please don't cut your hair short. I love your hair. Long hair rules.

If I go without washing my hair for even a couple of days it gets so greasy. I have oily skin and hair, ick. I think it is better to let it go a while because washing takes all the natural oils out of it and then you get dry hair.

silversiren said...

Hi Suzi. If you want to grow your hair really long their is a good website,forum called The Longhair Community. They post everything you could ever think of regarding how to grow your hair long. :)

WhiteRed said...

I was scared you were going to choke :O

Ps-youre lovely

Pss-Im glad you didnt choke-ha! :P

love love love to you!