Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Holly Video Tomorrow

but in the meantime...Suzi News:

Monday, July 14th, at 8 pm PDT

You are invited to call in with your questions and thoughts for Suzi about women doing art for themselves, the Suziblu kit, or the meaning of life. The studio number is (530) 265-9555.
If you live in (smoky) northern California,
you can call toll free at 800-355-KVMR (5867).

What time will Suzi be talking in your town? Start with 8 pm Pacific, and add or subtract the amount for your time zone. For instance, the show will start at 11 pm Eastern time, 6 pm in Hawaii, and so on around the world.

Get ready now—go to and click on “Listen Live!” Or, for those of you in northern California, dial your radio to 89.5 FM or 105.1 FM. In outlying areas, you may receive better on your car radio—I can just imagine Suziblu fans all up and down the Sacramento valley, sitting in their cars with their cell phones on Monday night.

Questions? Email me at
KVMR: Music of the World, Voice of the Community

PS The FCC rules—please keep the language “family friendly” to protect my radio station’s license.


rafa said...
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rafa said...

oh and will the identity of the mystirious guy emailing questions apear?

gina said...

see i was right suzi you are a celebrety.i hope to get to hear this live.good luck are they coming to you because of the videos or are you coming to them.lets get you on tv next, you are so good to listen and watch,maybe a suzi blu art show i want it please, please.i used to dream of my own diy show but i dont like the camera so much,underneath im shy i think.

rafa said...


L'il Dog Foo said...

Rafa - Hi
Go to:

ON the right hand side there are some some icons that are links.

The third one down has a tiny ear that reads "Listen Live" Click on it.

The next page says "KVMR Internet Broadcast"

After the third paragraph you have a choice of how you want to stream. Click on one of those. I have cable internet, so I click on the first one. If you have dial up, click on the second one.

I have a Mac so it takes me right to my iTunes with the radio broadcasting.

What time you listen on Monday the 14th depends on where you live in the time zone.

Hope this helps - good luck.

artistikitty said...

Got it marked on my calendar and will set the alarm for 15 minutes prior so I can get my coffee and get settled in to listen. Best of luck...I know you'll do great!

rafa said...


artistikitty said...

Well, don't I look like a moron. I read again and see that it is P.M. and not A.M. So now I'll just have to make sure I can stay awake...again more coffee required! lol

Anonymous said...

OMG!! This will be so great, can't wait. I live in Modesto just 85 miles from Sac. Should come in real good on the car radio. I will make sure I charge my cell phone when I get home. No, I will be just sitting, not driving with the cell phone:)

nollyposh said...

Like Rafa said... Cool X:-)

Chi said...

O.o That's 5 am here... I love you Suzi, but that's a tad too early when I still have to work >.<

Does anyone know if you can listen to it at a later time? I went to the site but couldn't find anything.

Maureen B said...

Wow eee Suzi- way cool! thats right here in my neighborhood... can't wait.

katyw said...


I just want to say that you are the most inspiring, interesting, positive soul that I have come across in a looooooong time...
I am not one to watch utube, but for some reason today I came across your creative, bursting with energy story about how you love art and LIFe!...
You have inspired me to pick up a paint brush and finally start doing something with my photographs...
I spent all day watching your videos and thinking about what makes me happy and you are right, you just have to go for it! Just do it.
Many thanks, keep up the powerful voice inside. Rock on Suziblu.

Angie Long said...

Suzi! Do you ever make it out here to Cali? I would love you to come paint and teach a class @ my Color Me Mine studio in Tracy CA. Have you ever painted ceramics before?

Iris said...

I'll definitely be tuning in!

Remember if anyone asks you the meaning of life just tell them the answer is 42. (hehe...a little Douglas Adams humor there)

And you other ladies (and gents) I need some help! I've entered a photo contest for the most AMAZING prize like EVER but I need votes! I wouldn't ask but this is such a great and supportive community and I'm sure my plee won't fall on deaf ears. You can check out the details on either of my blogs (linked through my profile). I would be forever grateful!

Suzi, if you don't approve then you can just delete this comment. But PLEASE! I want this SO bad!

Iris 2.0

PS. Can't wait to see the video of your new pup! :)

RyoJul said...

Woohoo I'm so lucky that I live in northern California. I'll be able to listen to you on the radio, yay. The air quality is bad in the city where I live and we're far away from those fires. Smoke keeps coming from the bay area and from Paradise and its surrounding areas so we're trapped right in the middle of it all. I hope it ends soon for the sake of everyone.

DeeDee said...

Hey Suzi, I have awarded you the "BRILLANTE WEBLOG Premio-2008" award because you are such an inspiration to me, and many many others.
Go to my blog to pick it up.

blessings to you

mistie said...

Well I've nominated you for an award. Again :) hehe. I just couldn't help it. You were the reason I started my blog in the first place. Thank you for the inspiration. Stop by my blog to see your award - or to show Holly :) I am happy for the fuzzie doggieness in your life.

Anonymous said...

wheres the holly video?

Angela said...

hi just checking in to see if you are doing ok. How's Holly doing??? Hope you became friends already!
Wishing you a great weekend, sorry I missed the radio show

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Wonder how things are going?

God Bless You and Yours
and Your Creative Life!!!