Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Holly Golightly Update!

Finally talked to the foster mom after my vet reference checked out. OH I LOVE THIS PUP!
Poor thing! She is 3 years old and was neglected. they had to remove 6 teeth. they just spayed her and fixed a hernia she had as well, so shes been thru hell. She is loving and wants to snuggle with you all day long. She is fine with other dogs and cats around and doesnt pay much attention to them. She is afraid of things like swiffers when they fall POOR BABY! She needs love even more than I imagined. Because of her teeth she has a half smile. She eats wet food and dry food now and i cant wait to give her yummy boiled chicken.

This is it, I mean, this is the best part of life. To show a being who has been treated so poorly and to treat them like they are a God. I still have to go through a home visit to make sure I am who I say I am and that the environment is safe but then I can go get her. I have to drive into another state for her but I picked up a cheap GPS on eBay. This little baby just wants to lay about with her owner all day and that is what I plan to give her.
I want to give her everything. Everything everything everything. If I get her she will be my little shining STAR!


rafael said...

maybe it was destiny that that bitch took your other dog? that holly pup needs more love than a normal person can give. you are too loving.she needs that. lulu will be just fine with another family.its freaky kinda how bad things lead to a better destiny. from shit grow flowers anyway

Diane said...

Suzi, I CAN'T WAIT to see her in your videos. She is just the cutest little girl.

Anonymous said...

Yay! She is adorable and you will make the bestest "mommy" for her! You and Poo and sweet pup will be a little family and make art and videos and be happy! =) I'm so happy for you!

magicaldamselfly said...

She is amazing and just what you both need.
On another note, how is the party girl kits coming along. I can not wait to get my hands on one.

Love to you,

anni said...

My mommy always says there is a reason for everything. Maybe Holly needed you so badly! I am glad that you have a puppy to love, Suzi!


Shell said...

You are going to be a good mommy to her! Animals need love just like us. You'll see she will be a changed cat under your care.

moonsownsister said...

Yay! what a great name, too! We should all rent "Breakfast at Tiffany's" this week as a reading break!

I am so happy for you, Suz! But I am even more happy for little Holly.


Stacie said...

Oh I will be hoping and praying and sending loving thoughts to you and Holly. I hope so badly you can get her! She needs love and you have so much to give. And she needs time and attention and it is awesome that you are a stay at home fur-mommy artist who can be there for her. You will heal each other! I can't wait to see her in your videos!

rafael said...

omg those sad eyes!!!!! i love her!!!!!

suze said...

My fingers are crossed for you!Just remember that if for some reason this does not work out...something else will.

Angela said...

she's adorable, just want to cuddle her!!! She will love you as much as you will love her! I am sure you will make a great new doglover for her! i don't like to say owner or boss as pets have "personal/staff" well at least mine do!
I will keep my fingers crossed, send you some dutchie loving with the wind.

rafael said...

i hope you get her!!!! im praying!!!!!!she looks soO snuggly and and..awww!!!!

ekajati said...

I couldn't agree more with Rafael (rafahatesu, I think?!) - very wise words. I so hope you get her, it will be such a blessing for you, for her, and for me it will restore my faith that there might be a loving god/goddess/spirit/whatever up there after all

ekajati said...

I meant the destiny comment LOL!

rafael said...

6 teeth? owie

katy said...

that is wonderful news suzi. animals are like angels on earth. poor girl only 3 but needing 6 teeth extracted! someone certainly did her wrong. one great thing about animals is they live in the moment and if she is with you all the rest of her moments will be filled with love!

crazierinreallife said...

you are perfectly matched for each other. it is destiny

Carys Haaf said...

Ohhh, how cute! and poor little thing. I know you will give her the love to bring her happiness and comfort. and have a good life
best wishes, looking forward to see more pics of her
Take care

crafty said...

keeping everything crossed for you
joan in italy

Anonymous said...

Holly looks sooo sweet with her cute little face. You will both brighten up each other's lives with hugs and love.
Hugs to you both,
Nancy (nanakin1)
P.S. If you will add the CD version of Steering by Starlight to your Amazon wish list, I will get it for you. It's by Martha Beck and it's wonderful,wonderful!
You and Holly can lie in bed and listen to it together. My minidach, Ruby, and I listen to tapes by the Dalai Lama when we nap.

Welshcake said...

Oh Suzi she is so adorable!

I've always had rescue cats, a rescue animal is the most loving and rewarding pet anyone could wish for.

I think it's great that you've taken this slowly and taken your time, but ee! I can't help hoping you adopt her! <333333

Eveline said...

So good to hear that you looked into it beyond the 'she's so cute' stage. I hope the meeting will go smoothly and that she will become a new addition to your family.

GottaBeKD said...

i love her! and holly golightly may be one of THE best names ever! I mean, any audrey reference is awesoome, isn't it? :)

I hope it all goes well and you are soon home snugglin' and being inspired by your furry little lovebug. dogs are the best. ok, cats are too... (we have 2 of each, i mean we all need a buddy, right?! :P

happy happy joy joy! paint something with a red maple leaf today - it's canada day!!!

hugs and peace and ahve a safe trip

xo's k

dreamergirl said...

She's so lucky to have you!!


KayakChickee said...

I hope the adoption goes through smoothly if it was meant to be. I'm sure you will introduce her in a video at that time.

Connie said...

I rescued my dog also...and she came from a neglectful, rough background...she is the most loving, sweetest, awesome dog that ever existed!!! I'm sure your little sweetie will be just the same!! Good luck Suzi. I'm sending you strong doggie vibes your way--Nyla (my doggie) is too!!!

Peace & Love.

Nina said...

How anyone could neglect, not to mention abuse an animal is beyond me. Wish we could send those kind of folks to mars.

OTOH, when hearts connect (be they human or animal or vegetable), it's a thing of beauty.......like art!

suzi blu said...


ooh sitting and listening to starlight music with my pupp!

I looked on amazon but could only find:

Follow Your North Star by Martha Beck.

: (

Bonafyde said...

I really hope it works out for you, sounds like you both could really need ech other!

P to the A to the T to the T to the Y said...

Thats amazing. You are such a sweet soul. I hope she is able to have you as her new mommy:)

Shonna said...

I really agree with the others who said this was meant to be! I'm so very happy for you; this is a match made in heaven! I was also wondering about the kits...

Anonymous said...

Suzi, the complete title of the audio book is Steering by Starlight: Find Your Right Life, No Matter What by Martha Beck (she's a life coach who writes a column for O magazine and she's led a very interesting life herself). I also enjoy Jennifer Louden's work and have some of her books, inc. the Organizing Your Life. She has a blog or newsletter on Amazon.com.too. I already put the David Sedaris book in my cart for you but haven't sent it yet. If you would rather have a music CD or a different CD just add them to your wish list.

suzi blu said...

Nanakin youre such a sweetheart! I found the book and its only in downloadable form as an audio. Im really interested in hearing it tho so thank you for pointing it out!

The Kits:
I have given all my work to Darling Liz and she is putting the kits together. They should be ready for presale by the end of the week. I think.

Jenni Jones said...

Oh Suzi,
She is adorable! She needs your love, and whatever you give her she will return tenfold.
I have 3 furry babies and they all love snuggles and give me so much happiness and love.
The sun will shine brighter once you have miss holly to share your days (and nights).
I have to say though, the adoption system in your country is very strict, which is a good thing. Here is Australia, we just go and pick out a precious pooch, pay a nominal fee and take it home.
I cant wait to see you together, and to see your smile reach your eyes again Suzi.

Theresa said...

Suzi I'm so glad things are looking up! You are just the person this dog needs as a mommy!

I give you a lot of credit for jumping through hoops to adopt a dog rather then just going out and buying one.

I'm sending you good wishes that all works out with the home visit!

renelli said...

Hi Suzi,
You mentioned that you have to drive to another state to pick up Holly. If it just happens to be in Bloomfield, Michigan(near me)I'd love to meet you. I know all will work out for you!

Edie Simons

Anonymous said...

Poor Puppy! God I don't know how ANYBODY could hurt or neglect an animal like that and thinks it's okay. What the hell is wrong with people. They better let you have her!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Suzi I hope hope hope hope hope you get her!!!! I can't wait to hear!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! I am so happy for you. I am more happy for her though. I know that you are going to be great for her. I cannot wait to hear more.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! I am so happy for you. I am more happy for her though. I know that you are going to be great for her. I cannot wait to hear more.

Anonymous said...

That's utterly amazing.
I think not only does the snuggle pup need you, but anything that wants to cuddle 24/7 - treats you like a GODDESS.

Love love love circle.

Good luck <3

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Hi Suzi,

I've never left a comment before but I have to say this because I am a big dog lover -- I'm so glad that little dog has found you and I hope that you get her. Dogs truly are the best creatures in the world. I know I love mine - A Cairn Terrier (a ToTo dog) named Kali Mazoo Michigan.

Also -- I hope it OK that I have a link to your wonderful blog on my blog. AND I'm also reading Wicked and am loving it so far. I'm on about page 40.

Anyway -- You and your possible new doggie are in my thoughts! I'm sending puppy love your way! :)


rafael said...

dogs are a hoot! i cant stop munchin on my pup!!!the old one...not so much....hed bite me head clean offf!!!! and hes just a pomeranian!!!! a big one tho...meh

mccabe said...

you all need each other.

my little delilah kitty was a stray and abused. (we think-her collar was all chewed up like she had to free herself from being tied up) she was skinny and skittish but with a little tlc she is now a pretty happy cat. it IS a true gift to take an animal that has been mistreated and treat them like a princess.

it is also extremely healing.

i am so happy for you suzi.
what a lucky pup.

mccabe x

cuteartworld said...

I am so happy for you Suzi! I can not wait to see her in your paintings. She is the color of vanilla Cashmere! I bet she is soft and cuddly!

Jonna said...

We have 3 rescue pup's currently but have had more. One was mistreated and has a broken rib to prove it, she was considered "shy". This dog would lay down her life for us....I've been around dogs all my life and from what I can tell she was "shy" because of the abuse that someone was doling out to her. We also have two that we've raised from babies. The rescue dogs just seem to know that you've saved them from a bad situation and are very loving...sometimes annoyingly so...:) And they are usually already house trained...which is a plus...with 5 dogs (we've been up to 7 before) and 8 cats all living under one roof we've never had much trouble introducing new critters into the mix. You just have to keep an eye on them to make sure they all get along.

nollyposh said...

ooo Rafael you little wise thing you X:-) Suzi Blu has PuPpY LoVe! X:-)Vicki xox

sMacThoughts said...

So this sounds like 'it'!!! Oh gosh, so exciting. I can't wait to see her in the new videos!

Di said...

I think it's a perfect match. Seriously. You need her and she really, really needs you. x

Chi said...

Yay for Holly!
And yay for the kits!


Amber said...

You are such a loving person. I am sooooooo happy that you found such a loving dog. You both need each other. and, I want to thank you so much for sharing your beautiful girls, journals, art, and life with us. You are such a special person. I wish you love and blessings and peace.

boneman said...

chicken lightly skillet grilled (low heat) in butter sauce. Don't forget to let it cool for a while, and you've a friend for life.

Gni Gni was also hurt by her last owner, a fact that did not escape me. When she first offered her to me, I said no (we had sven dogs at that time) but, I noticed everytime I went over to visit (I was interested in striking up an affair, I reckon....) but Jessica (the dog's name) was kind'a shy around the girl.

Later, down to only four dogs, the gal called me and said if I didn't take her, she was going to the pound.
I took her, and after I got her home, I noted that she was sore, would whine(I call it scream/whine) when I would try to pick her up.
The lady called and wanted 'Jessica' back, but, I told her, I was sorry. Princess Gninski was my dog now.
Very mad she got at me, and hasn't ever called me back.

Now....does Gni Gni like me? Good question.
Let's just see, eh?
On my blog below the Odalisque (Sevenlamps taught me some art history and I posted the Ingres pic)(heck, you'll like it. She's on blue with a beautiful blue curtain behind her)
(well, if you like blue, that is)

anyway, under that there's a silly watermelon (of course, you knew that watermelons love the summer, too, didn't you?) and just under that is a picture of Gni Gni getting a scratch.
Gni Gni loves a scratch.

Anyway, looks like your own family has gotten bigger, eh? Cool looking pup.
Probably a good painting there, if'n you're up for it.

Which is a good time to ask....ewvery once and a while, you make a beautiful model yourself, like at the tea party in particular.
(Sometimes folks want to not be painted, and I even yak with an Alaskan artist that takes photos of the mountains around her...really cool landscapes-I asked her if I could paint some of them, she said she was going to paint them and asked that I not.....and I don't.....even though they are so beautiful mountains and she doesn't really paint landscapes so much as nudes....I still respect the artist)

where was I?
Oh yeah...like at the tea party, you laid down on that spread and wow. You must know how wonderful that looks, right?
Anyway...I won't paint anything till I hear from y'all, because, who knows....maybe you want to do that particular painting and after all, it's your pictures, eh?

Well, many happys to you, gal. See ya!

boneman said...

talk about 'yakky'.

doulanana said...

Talk about God closingadoor and opening a window!!

you should nameher 'Etoile"(That's star in French)

kel said...

Suzi I'm HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY for you and for Holly girl. You are going to be so in love with each other. I'm so excited for you both, I have tears of joy in my eyes.

Many Many great wishes for you and Holly

Kelly Jeanette

DinDin said...

She is adorable!! >:3
Wondering when u etsy will have updates on prints? I missed the party girl one. :( Also just starting to watch your youtube videos and happily creating journal pages~~
Take Care xoxo

suzi blu said...

Well DinDin (cute name!) I have a stack of prints right here before me that I am going to paint and sparkle today and wrap them up warmly in their little plastic sleeves, then I can list them on etsy. I am also going to work on Sleepin with The Fishies today and doing sketches for the Dancing Mafia (hee).

Anonymous said...

I do so hope you can keep her. looks like you were made for eachother.x

Diane Duda said...

i'm so happy that you found each other! :)


Fleuri-anne said...

Oooh Suzi, she's so cute!!! You 2 would make a perfect match, I feel it! Indeed, maybe it was all destiny indeed... Oh and my grandfathers funeral was so beautiful, everything was absolutely perfect, the whole day was so nice and it couldn't have gone better. I'm so happy for him, he's in a better place now, he's with my grandmother again, they are the most perfect couple I tell you ;) Thanks everyone for the support and Suzi, you too!!
Love you lots,

kathy mc said...

I hope the 2 of you have many wonderful years together. she's a doll.

Rianne said...

Go for it!
We've two of these little not-wanted-anymore doggies in our house for 2 years now.
And they have changed!
From shy, tiny, listening, calm and so on puppies into two little monsters!
Yes we did it!
And oh how lucky we are!
Go for it!

Anonymous said...

She is SO sweet! I used to have a dog from a shelter when I lived in NJ. Her name was Mulan and she was a Lhasa Apso...WHAT party girl kits!