Monday, July 14, 2008

class love

sometimes when we feel alone we just need to reach out to people and for me it works the best with other women. I LOVE my goddesses. they feed me when Im hungry and hold my head gently when Im tired.

ok. online classes are on and i will stick to it. Registration begins August 1st (my birthday is the 8th must think of something fab for that) and classes will begin the 17th or 18th, whichever is a monday. I have moments of doubt but you know, I just need to focus. I wont make as much art to sell for a few weeks which is scary but its ok. The class is important and will pay for the time Im taking away from making a weekly living now.

its all fear isnt it? what would we do if we knew in our guts that there was nothing to be afraid of?


Eveline said...

Thank you!!

I understand it can be scary sometimes to start a new project, but we won't bite, promise! ;)

(well, Rafa might, but he's a little burito and should be more afraid of you biting him!)

katy said...

sweet! august 1 i will be signing up.

suzi blu said...


Its just about focusing and letting stuff go that is not immediately important. People really want classes and I am getting that, so other stuff must go. Itll be worth it though. and fun. Im creating it so that videos and written lessons can be downloaded at anytime so people do not have to stick to a strict schedule. there will also be a message board so we can chat directly and also a place to post student work. yay! ok now back to work!!

rafa said...

*bights evelines dress off*

Carol B. said...

Dear Suzi, despite your ups and downs, there is definitely a lot right with your world. Your artwork is as gorgeous as ever, you are giving love to a new, fluffy sweetie who needs you, and yet you continue to reach out and help others, such as those of us who need direction in being all our creative spirits can be.
Hugs and kisses to you!
Carol B.

rafa said...


bianca said...

oké no dvd's....?????sorry don't understand it anymore...

Magenta said...

in the midst of fear you show tons of courage and encouragement. I sit before a page of coloured swirls and freeze. What next? Nothing. Why all this fear when we want to create so badly. I don't know who I am except that I want to create, only to freeze when I do. Suzi,in your pain and loneliness you encourage and create, that's amazing. I am so looking forward to the DVD.

I made a girly, Suzi Blu inspired painting from memory of one of Suzi's pieces. I have no imagination to invent my on girls.

Another piece took ages. So lacking in acceptance of my own work, I painted over the background with gold and removed its depth and colours. The girls need a makeover too. Whatever it looks like, I can't leave it alone, accept my limitation and my achievements. Yes, the big Fear demon.

Bonafyde said...

YAY Suzi!!!

Keep your head strong, you are so capable of doing this. Anything worth learning learning can sometimes be a struggle at times ...but think of the rewards and of the great feeling of accomplishment you will feel afterwards! Just keep truckin' and it will work out.

Count me on the 1st!

Heather, said...

A birthday on 8/8/08...a special one indeedy!xo

Shirl said...

Suzi, I will be so thrilled if I can be in your class. I have one queston.... Will you tell us how to download the videos... I have tried to download videos before and have not been able to do it. computer geek Im not!!! lol

Im so excted to see you work in real time!!! Your art is wonderful and you are so uplifting! I love your ability to just be yourself!!! You will do a great job on this class!!! I have already learned a lot from just watching you!!!

Suzy Crancer said...

love your blog, your art and your dog!

suzi blu said...

This is what Im working on - ive started a network on when you become a member Ill give you a password and youll have access to videos and pdf files plus a message board and place to show your work in progress. I am debating about how long the class should be. the deal is that on the day you get your password all information is available to you, all video and pdf lessons. it is up to you how slow or fast you want to go through things. I am debating whether or not the class should be 2 or 3 months long. most people are doing 3 months. Either way you can join at anytime during the time the class runs and watch videos at any time day or night so its at your convenience. ooh i always have trouble spelling that word.

Angela just named her son nox. what the fuck is it with her and names that end in X?

Im going to test out the video upload and make sure everything is easy and I know everything before I take one penny of registration money, so this is my priority. Even my dear commission this week said she will give me a month to work on it she wants me to focus on the class!

ok more later.

suzi blu said...

Angelina, I mean.

crafty said...

atta gal
joan in italy

mistie said...

*happy dance with you*
All the techinical stuff can feel overwhelming, but what a guru of art and technology you are. I think any class by you will be a blast and I will learn so much. Looking forward to it.

gwen said...

I can't wait for your class
I know you will be a great teacher 'cause you already are!

We are all going to be online Art Goddesses!!


nanakin1 said...

Hi, Suzi! It's me again. Whatever you decide to do on the class is fine with me -- I know I'll enjoy it and be inspired regardless of the format. Thanks for showing me a different way to express myself through art. I ordered one of the Party Girl kits and can't wait to get it.

Hugs to all,
nanakin1 (Nancy, Nana)

nollyposh said...

Don't forget to "Call out" if you need computer tech answers/help... (Although l'm illiterate like that... l'm still a learnin' how to blog!) People like Tascha and Nikki seem clever like that though... 'Cause THAT's what we're all ultimately here for afteral isn't it? It's not ALL about the aRt... It's about the lOvE and sUpPoRt too Suzi Blu-zi X:-)

crazierinreallife said...

it is all fear Suzi and it is all perfectly normal. It is so hard and scary to work through the fear. it is something that i struggle with. i have yet to do it. so b/c of that i have a lot of regret for what i was to afraid to do. take our strength and it will all be wonderful

DeeDee said...

What would I do if there was nothing to be afraid of? a truly numinous question.

Lorianne said...

The best thing to do with fear is to look it straight in the face, talk to it and before you know it, it's gone :)

Good luck with your new projects Suzi!

Jess said...

Hello Lovey!!! So glad you decided to do the class... You are an inspiration to a lot of people... I talk about your work all the time... My boyfriend has even started asking me, "So what new with Suzu Blu?"... love you and can't wait for the class...


Babytreese said...

Woo hoo!! August 1st...I'm in! You will be THE BEST teacher Ms. Blu cuz you have been teaching and motivating us for so-o-o long! I knew you were a Leo! August 13th is my b-day! Woo hoo!! Leo goddesses rule! I am so looking forward to this class!

Sandy..... said...

Oh~! I'm super excited! I plan on joining, too but I have to admiit, I'm one of the technically challenged as well.

I've often wanted to join the online chats as well but dont have a "camera" and can't grasp the concept that I don't need one to see and chat with you and others.

But I'm going to dive in anyway! Woo Hoo! I will learn so much with beautiful Suzi Blu... oh Suzi Blu, I love you, and if you knew me, you'd love me, too! (I'm singining...hear me?)

ROFLMA!! I'm such a dork - who would think i'll be 39 tomorrow!

rafa said...

its better that way. and the chats

Cindy said...

Suzi, my dear, you can do this. It will be way worth the growth, because you will come out the other end a Super Teacher! I think the Ning idea sounds great. I love Ning. I don't know if I can sign up August 1st, but I'll sign up as soon as I can. I ordered my Party Girl Art Kit and cannot wait for it to get here! I want to make Suzi Blu Art!

Julie Ayotte said...

Fear sucks!

Yay on the classes being back on! Of course, we would have supported whatever you had to do--but I am excited for it. :)

They will be wonderful I am sure! No fear.

Iris said...

I'm not sure if it was mentioned somewhere else or maybe in one of the chats, but how much will the registration be for your class? I can't wait! Well I will have to wait a little bit since I will be out of town that weekend (Lollapalooza \m/ \m/ WHOO!) but I'll be signing up that Tuesday when I get back.


suzi blu said...


You can start signing up August 1st and its 50.00 but the class wont begin until august 17th (if thats a monday). When you sign up you will get a list of supplies that you might need and ideas of how to make the class more enjoyable. The class will either be 2 or 3 months long (any suggestions?) and will be 50.00. you can join the class at anytime during its run because all materials will be available for download the first day, so you can play catch up if you come in late. or hurry on ahead if youre antsy.

oh my its 1:30 am. I did a radio show that I should have advertised today but i was so nervous I forgot. Arly was fantastic at making me forget it was a show though and it was just like girls talking. Hopefully we can all hear it again at her website. Im not sure i must find out.

<3 <3 <3

Iris said...

Oh Damn! I forgot the radio show! I'm hoping they will have it available to listen to again later.

Can't wait to see what all the class will entail.

(Iowa love)

sMacThoughts said...

I will be on vacation when you start. Hmm...I bet you could get even more 'students' by selling the class on dvd for those who missed the online version. Hope you'd consider this, too.

I'm also glad that you ARE going to do the class. The thing I think so many people are so drawn to about you, Suzi is your willingness to just try; to just 'start' art. You've taught us all that, and have led us by example. It's not about being perfect, and neither is the class thing. We have faith in you...and not to be perfect, but to be helpful and to share with us. That's all anyone is expecting. You have nothing to fear, I am certain!

Debra said...

How much will htis cost? I have to know if I can afford to sign up. I thought the DVD idea was good for someone like me who does not have a computer in her craft room. I have a TV w/DVD player which would be easier. Could you offer both?

Debra said...

Sorry I missed the posting, thanks. Be seeing you

dragondaughters said...

yay! go you suzi! thats so exciting! well done for beating the fear back, you did good girly!

im so glad ur going to make it so you can download the classes at any time, i have to do exams in the middle of august! so after they are finish i shall treat myself and paint for hours with suzi blu!

thank you suzi!

al xxx

Eveline said...

It might be an idea to do a DVD anyway, with the videos you created for the classes (and maybe a little bonus or something). That way people who can't take the class for whatever reason can buy the DVD and those who did do the course can buy the DVD too. That way you can reach more people!

Iris said...

Suzi I think the class will be AMAZING and you will rise to the challenge even if it seems scary. And it's a journey of discovery for all of us. I think teaching and being taught is a two way communication.

Jess said...

Is that a new radio show you've done? I loved the last one it was sooo inspiring!xx

Rosie Morgan said...

This is my first post but I've been watching your videos on Youtube. You are a very gifted artist and a natural teacher. The classes sound a great idea and I'm really looking forward to the kick off in August (my birthday is on the 4th - its a good month!) Just received one of your prints today(Magic) and its sooo beautiful. Thanks again.

Fleuri-anne said...

Ooh Suz, this sounds wonderful, I can't wait, great plans!!
Dutchie love,

kathy mc said...

Sign me up. I'm so excited!

Lola V said...

Suzi you are amazing!
I love you and your art and your videos and animals and everything!
I want to take your class and get one of your kits.
My daughters (ages 14 & 16) are artists and we sit at the dining table and DO ART together on Saturdays.
I show them your videos and art and they love you too.
Thank you!!!

Creaturas said...

You do a great job. I like it a lot. I do classes too and I can tell you: it is fantastic!! I am sure this experience is gone to be very good. I will sign in in august!!! Lots of love and admiration from Bilbao (Spain)

Creaturas said...

Hola from Bilbao, Spain!!

Nice to meet you. I like your work very much, and your videos too. I also like the way you present the journaling thing. There is nothing about art journaling in Spain (as far as I know)can you bealieve it? Do you know about somebody interested in this stuff aronun here?

I will try to buy one of your prints or art originals. I am trying to get in etsy to set up a shop there too, but -for any reason- I cannot. It is driving me mad.

I would like very much to follow your classes. For this I have allredy signed up in

Well...what else...?? I dont know:
love and kisses!!!

Creaturas said...

Hola desde Bilbao (Spain)!!

I like very much your work and your videos. I also like very much the way you present the journaling thing. There is nothing about art journaling in Spain -as far as I now. Do you know about somebody?

I hope you find my arti things interesting. I am working a lot latlely, after my last exibition. I am doing a style shift back to may wonderful Chagall!! and I think this is under your influence -and many other things, of course. I have refresh the deepnes of my arti roots!!
Well, I am looking forward augost!!
Nice to meet you,

I have already my Ning account.

Creaturas said...

Sorry to left so many messages!!!
I thought it was a failure in the system and they were not arriving!!!!!

D. Marcela Rodríguez Gómez said...

Hola desde México, me encantaría participar de Tus clases ya que eres uan inspiración. Estaré atenta el 1 de Aogosto for the SIGNING UP.