Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Paper Lantern Episode 1

This is what I am invisioning with my scrapbook pages. Might take a few weeks to finish but I like the idea.

Mixed Media Art Kits still available!


The artist I mentioned is Anahata Katkin


gwen said...

Awww! Holly looks so HAPPY!!!
I love her fluffy tail, so CUTE!!
I think I'm in love already.

What a cool idea, to make scrapbook pages into a lantern.
I want to be in your pool right now. The heat has been unbearable for the past 2 days.

Seeking Simplicity said...

Love the video and the idea about the Chinese Lantern. I have several lanterns that I bought from Ebay.. but I never thought about making one myself.

Holly is adorable... fluffy like a snowball.

Can you jot down the name of the author of those two collage books? I've looked on Amazon and can't find them. Help!!!

Oh... I received my print of little miss USA.. I love her so much. She looks just like my niece Audrey.....

Have a super week!!

Angela D from Ohio

Patti said...

Suzi....Holly is adorable. My aunt had a pekinese years ago. I loved her little smushed face.

Love all your videos....glad to see your feeling better and happy.

I plan on taking your class next month...can't wait.

I want to be one of your Goddesses!! You have inspired me so much with your videos!!

Love patti

Seeking Simplicity said...

Thanks Suze for providing the link to Anahata's website. The book you were showing in your video looked very interesting.


sMacThoughts said...

You both are beauties! So great to see a new video!

Bonafyde said...

Amazing how a whim can just lead you from one fabulous idea to an even more fabulous idea...from scrapbook to paper lantern....love it!!! I cannot wait to see it all done and hanging in your abode.

Holly looks so content and very serene....its so great to see you ladies together.

Magenta said...

Holly exploring with tail wagging, looks a happy and contented fluff to me. Her private space looks cozy. That pool looks so inviting.

I'm with you on the scrapbook lantern.

Suzi, if those are chunkies, mine are 7 times chunky and I am not allowed in a bathing suit near a pool. Oh! emotional eating has ruined me.

Anahata Katkin is great and there are more like her, each with a unique something about their work.

I was so needing to her you video today, I look forward to you particular creative uniqueness Your videos help me finish the day better than it started.

Dani said...

Why don't you jump with your clothes on into the pool if it's so hot....i hate to buy swimmingsuit aswell...need one myself but don't want too...look stupid in it anyway....Cool video again ;)

Have a great day/evening

X Dani

dragondaughters said...

hehehe rafa is gonna be so happy that he's on the lattern your making!

holly looks so adorable!

al xxx

nollyposh said...

OOOooo me too, me toooo! I'm makin a lantern... and Holly looks so happy X:-) Happy Holly X:-)

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love you, Suzi Blu! It's so nice to see you happy and OUTSIDE even if it's hot. We all need that fresh air. I'm making a lantern on Thursday.

Holly looks so happy too. Love the part where she's exploring the Jersey Jungle in your back yard (we have one too and I'd never change it -- i like the wild).

Oh, your b'day is 08/08/08 --a special one that won't happen again for 100 years. You must know by now how I like to buy little presents for friends so make sure to add to your wish list so I can send you a b'day present.

Hugs to you, Pooh, and Holly,

Iris said...

Who needs a swimming suit, go skinny dipping!!! I know what you mean though about the unflattering light.. when I look in the mirror in the morning I quite like what I see but go into a changing room and I look fat and pasty in the mirror blegh. You know I love those bikinis that have kind of boxing shorts as the bottom piece. They're quite flattering if you have thighs (which most of us do anyway)

I love your little setup outside at the table and by the side of the pool! It's so free and fun. I can have a vicarious summer through your videos, right?

(Dutchie) Iris

kelly Jeanette said...

Great video Suzi! I just bought my kit and can't wait to get it and play and have fun.

I'm so happy for you and Holly Sweetie Pie munchkin face baby girl. You both look so amazing pool side. I just love water. I don't know what it is maybe because I'm a Pisces but water so speaks to my soul,especially when it 500 degrees outside.

love you Suzi, I excited about the online classes.

Daydreamer :) said...

I love lanterns... this is a great idea, Suzi! Makes me want to visit Martha's Vineyard for the Illumination Festival.

Daydreamer :)

Diana Cornielle said...

Hi Suzi, you and Holly look great! I just want to say that I went to Ananhata's website but can't seem to find the book. I wanted to get it but can't find it. Did you get it at amazon. I tried there, too.Can you give me the direct link to getting the book,please....pretty please???? lol. Have a nice day and please do jump in that pool! who cares if you have a bathing suit or not, just jump in there! Lol!

Sama said...

lol love the part about Churchill, and it's true too! Though a white puffy and cute Churchill, so cute!

katy said...

holly is so friggin cute. i want to kiss her little noggin. what a sweetie.

i will for sure be taking the online class and i ordered the kit from art cellar too. cannot wait to get started!

Amber said...

I'm happy that you are so so happy. Holly is happy too, I can tell she loves you and loves living with you.

I'm making the lantern along with you..it's such fun.

I just got the print I ordered in the mail yesterday. It Is Gorgeous. I love all the sparkles and her eyes...beautiful.

gypsy soul said...

Suzi, the lanterns are such a fun idea! Holly is precious! Anahata's collage books are indeed wonderful. Unfortunately, she closed her store and stopped selling them back in January (I think), which is why there are no links to her store on the website. She is such a fun, loving teacher and all-around cool person (a lot like you in that regard) that I highly recommend her workshops to anyone, no matter what your level of experience. You'll have a blast!

Julie Ayotte said...

The paper lantern is such a good idea!!! I am not sure how much I want to get into scrapbooking, but I might try a mixed media one of other sorts.

Holly is so cute! I love her swimming through the ivy in your backyard.

eyebeat said...

where's lulu?

Isserley said...

Holly looks so sweet! Love the paper lantern idea.
My cat tiger likes your singing-she watched the rest of the video very closely from that point on-especially the bit at the end with Holly in the Ivy.
You are not chunky chunk by the way-take it from one who knows!

Diane said...

Holly girl is too cute for words. Watching your video makes me think I'd like to have a dog.
I am going to give that lantern a try. I hope there's a pt. 2 on how to assemble it.

Jess said...

Miss SuziBlu... you can do the class for 4 months, 3 months, a year or even a day and I would be there with bells on... do whatever works for you... we all love you and are gonna be there no matter what...

ps.. love Holly!!!

Loni Edwards said...

Hi Suzi! I just wanted to let you know that I love your videos and your creative ideas. I awarded you a blog award on my site.

Peace, Loni


ganesha said...

Songs for Holly...from Lady and the Tramp. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ769enS62M

And for the Duchie'shttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geschq4ekdA

Bathing suit shoppinghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0bfazveAk4



meg said...

hahaha you are so funny sue! that pool is too tempting! i'd be in there fully clothed! holly is so cute and white and cleeeean!! thanks for being you :)


Welshcake said...

I could have given you such a great big hug when you told us that your rip out your pages ;) I can't keep a book to save my life and it made me feel much better. lol, I'm always tearing them up and cutting out pages.

And Holly! She is just the cutest lil' ole thing ever. It's so nice to see your videos with a litle doggie in them again. <333333333333

Jenni Jones said...

HI Suzi,
Holly looks so happy..... almost as happy as you!! I am so glad you got her.
I had my 3 "fur babies" groomed yesterday, and Nicki, the groomer was telling me that one of her clients had a maltese terrier since it was a pup, but now had to give her up as she was going into a nursing home. She asked Nicki if she would find a good home for her, or give her to the RSPCA so they could find a home. NIcki didnt have the heart to tell her that it would be hard to find a home for a 14 year old dog with no teeth, so decided she would take her to join her family. "Cheeky" is now a very happy dog who snuggles in bed at night with nicki and sean, and plays through the day with their border collie Jake!
Another happy ending...
Have a great day, and give Holly a hug for me.

Maureen B said...

sending you a big hug cause I love you- hang in there and tell the bad voices to shut it! they will go away eventually, just keep on keepin on.I have not been around much with my own drama goin on, but I am lurking... mmuuwahhhh! ((((Suzi)))))

Eveline said...

Ganesha, you are such a sweetie, but the Danish live in Denmark and speak Danish, and the Dutch live in Holland and speak Dutch. ;)

ganesha said...

Thank You for the correction Eveline. So for the Dutchies

Lady en de Vagebond - Wat een hond



marianne said...

An award is waiting for you on my blog!
Love >M<

Creaturas said...


suzi blu said...

eyebeat - LuLu was replaced by the most precious expensive dog from the Ming dynasty. Lion Dogs that were worshiped for years! I could love no one as much as I love her. She is my soul mate.

vivian said...

i have been looking for anahata's books as well and haven't found anywhere to order!??

holly is doll!



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