Sunday, June 29, 2008

Widget Love

New Print Love Today!


Alex Iskold said...

Hey there!

Thanks for loving our widgets. We love you back, especially because you are blu ;0

If you'd like a crisper version of our logo, its this:

and the direct link to widget page is:


Elana said...

I was so sad that I missed your tea party yesterday (I had to work)... there was only one way to console myself... by buying a bunch of your prints. ^_^ I have the RSS feed to your Etsy shop in my reader and I snapped up four prints today from my work computer. ^_^ Now I feel better!

rafael said...

whats a widget?

Shonna said...

Yeah!! I finally got a Suzi Blu print!! love you Suz!!!-Shonna

VivaciousVooVee said...

Hey Suzi Blu!
Love the new picture.
This is Rachel from Texas.
We spoke several weeks ago through email about painting. I want to thank you because you and your videos have inspired me greatly. I love the variety of things you urge us to do. So, I started a blogspot, and now I'm successfully doing art as well as other things that make me happy to be me. WOOHOO!

rafael said...