Monday, June 16, 2008


Fleuri-anne said...

Oooh Suzi, they took lulu?? This is unbelievable... I cried my eyes out while watching your vid. I don't even know what to say to you, I wish I could do something for you, anything... Just know that we are here for you, and we all love you so much and just because we know you trough the internet doesn't mean we're not 'real' or true or genuine friends of yours. I feel so sorry for you about everything, about lulu the most, your ex-roommate is a coldhearted bitch. We know she won't break you, you'll get trough this, with our help if that's what it takes! Stay strong, we love you, we are here for you, at any moment, any time... Jees, still sobbing, gotta go dry my eyes, I can only hope and wish you are doing ok, keep us updated dear Suzi, I wish you all the strenght in the world!
Lots of love, kisses and hugs
from one of your little dutchies,

Kelly said...


My heart breaks for you! I couldn't believe it that she had them take Lulu! And while we have seen you as this strong woman, you are hurting inside and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know if I can do anything...


moonsownsister said...

D*MN IT!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, this is what small claims court is about. Deep breath ... she can't possibly want the dog so much as she wants to feel that she's scored one on you.

Get your receipts together. Get your vet documentation copies NOW before she goes back to the vet & tries to claim them... have them FAX copies to you!

We are so sorry you are going through this.


Nancy and Atticus

Victoria said...

I am heartbroken for you, Suzi. I will keep you and Lulu in my prayers. Hopefully you both will be reunited soon. Hang in there!!!

dreamergirl said...
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tascha said...

OH MY GOD!!! Where is that dog?????!!!!!!!
NO NO NO!!!! This can't be happening!!!!

Nina said...

Small claims court right away, Sue. Or whatever Animal Control says is the next step. Interesting that you're reading "Wicked". Remember how the Wicked Witch got Toto away from Dorothy, and look what happened to the witch!!

You've got a lot of support. She's got her bitterness and nobody. BELIEVE that you'll get Lulu back, and that she's just spending time in a kennel........she'll be OK.

Stacie said...

Wow, Suzi Blu...I am so sorry. About a month ago I stumbled upon your You Tube videos and have watched them all. I saw how much you love Lulu, and as I have a little dog in my life too, I can only imagine how hard this must be!

From watching all your videos (many more than once) I feel like I've come to know you, and I think you are awesome! A true, honest, loving person and an amazing artist.

For years, I have been struggling to find a way to express myself that really works for me. I've always written. But your videos have inspired me to keep an art journal and to paint. And these two things have improved my life more than I can say. I tell everyone I know how cool Suzi Blu is! And you are!

You are not pathetic, you are real! That's what makes you so cool. You don't paint a perfect picture of yourself or you life. You give a glimpse of it all and that's what makes me love you.

So, just know you have more supporters than you even know. And I too have some of my best relationships online.

I'll keep you and Lulu in my thoughts and prayers...

Forever a fan and faithful reader/watcher, Stacie

Paulette Insall said...

Oh no Suzi!!! You dear sweet thing you!!! My heart goes out to you sweetie! I'll keep you and and Lulu in my prayers. And yes, get your receipts together now like Nancy said...I know you're hurting and it's gonna be hard, but you gotta. Much love to you hon and lotsa big hugs!!! You're a strong woman and you WILL get through this. I pray that somehow you are able to get little Lulu back because she sooooo belongs with her Momma. :D


Anonymous said...

so sorry Suzi! Love you and know it will all work out the RIGHT way!

Elana said...

A taste of her own medicine would be to spam her YouTube account. Of course we can be a little cleverer and pithier than her half-retarded accusation-slinging. We should be on her ass like Anonymous on Scientology. I got the ball rolling ( but I've reloaded the page and I see others are starting to follow suit. Take screenshots in case she deletes them all or whatever.


Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for you, Suzi. She is a vindictive user and you are lucky to be away from her. It's people like her that make the rest of us hesitate to even try to make friends online but we really are your friends. Please be careful and take care of yourself.
Nancy (Nanakin)

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, Suzi!
I'm so sorry you are going through this. Stay strong, fight her as hard as you can and remember you are loved.
We all know how much Lulu means to you and I hope with all my heart you can get her back. I really do.

*huge hugs*

Tammy said...

Ex-roommate, I know you'll read this. Give Suzi her dog back. Stop lowering yourself to Satan's level. Creep.

Suzi, you'll be in my prayers.

katy said...

i am just totally amazed. it is one thing to think someone owes you money whatever. it is another to have a living being suffer because you think you have an issue with someone. if she felt like you owed her money she should have taken you to court. i find her a sad an pathetic excuse of a human who would rather a dog suffer in a cage to be vindictive and mean. its obvious that lulu is suzi's dog. what a cold heartless bitch. get all the records together and take her to court. when you are in court try to be calm and assertive. i know that pooh has kidney disease (my cat has heart disease and asthma) and i hope he continues to do well too.

mccabe said...


lulu is yours.
that goes without explanation.

i am sending you all kinds of love
and a wish that there may be a change of
heart so lulu can return.

i am so sorry sweetie.

mccabe xoxo

MizKatie said...

oooh, suzi.

Anna Denise said...

How incredibly mean. I can't believe anyone would do that - even if you believe someone owes you money. You try to settle it in a polite way and if that doesn't work you go to court for it, you don't take something the other person loves away just to hurt them. It's childish and mean.

I'm sorry you have to go through all this Suzy. Know that we all care for you, you have our support. You're not alone. We love you. You're very strong and from what I know from your videos you've been through a lot. You're strong and after everything you manage to touch people through your radiance and through your art. You will get through this, too.

Big hug and keep us updated. I hope Lulu will come home soon.

Shonna said...

I am so sorry you are going through this right now. I read the things she said on you-tube and I couldn't help but think how immature she was to make comments like she did. Unfortunately, her doing this to you doesn't surprise me. She has to live with this in her pathetic soul. You have more friends than you think you do. We are all here for you and like someone else said; we are real people! Don't ever change your trusting ways...not everyone is that immature and vindictive. I appreciate your honesty on your blog. You have so much going for you and you are so strong; you will be fine. The only good thing about struggling in life is when you come out the other side like the phoenix from the flame...just remember that. You will get through this stronger, wiser and more beautiful than ever...

mystele said...

suzi, the truth always comes to light one way or another. maybe not when we want it to, but it will surface. you hang in there.

krissy said...

I'm so sorry Suzi. I can't believe something so terrible can happen to such an amazing person. Keep us updated.

Shell said...

Suzi, I just saw a vid and left a comment for you just a minute ago. I wanted to say again to keep your head up. The actions we do always come back to us. You will get justice for what happened thru the courts or divine justice.
I will keep you and Lulu in my thoughts. Though we never met, you are surely part of my life as if had met in the flesh.
Hugs& kisses,

krissy said...

I'm so sorry Suzi. I can't believe something so terrible can happen to such an amazing person. Keep us updated.

Sharon said...

I'm sorry I just don't understand how someone can legally have a pet removed from someone's home (especially if that someone lives in another state). I don't understand how animal control can walk into your home and remove an animal that is not being abused. With all the abuse there is going on, it seems to me like there are other needs that can be served besides taking animals from loving individuals.

And, as much as it's easy to trash the person who initiated this action, it puts us on her level. It's better for those of us who care about Suzi and Lulu to not feed into that negativity.

I hope the universe sends you the help you deserve.

Paulette said...

Some people can't stand it, when others step outta their comfort zone, and take risks....because they don't have the guts to do so for themselves..and, in turn...are miserable beings...that try to make life just as ugly, for others. Misery loves company.

Karma, will bite her in the tail!

Keep on keepin', my friend..paint some sunshine!

I shall pray for Lulu's safe return.

Mean people suck!

Sheree Rensel said...

I wish there was some way for you to give her my telephone number. I WILL buy the dog from her (and give it back to YOU!) This is beyond awful. That is just too cruel and mean. My divorce wasn't this nasty (and it wasn't very pretty!) However,taking your little Lulu is such a low blow. That girl is going to have such horrific karma now! This is beyond sad and unbelievable.
Cry until you are dry. I am sitting here crying with you.

Fleuri-anne said...

Oooh this is sooo unfair and SO wrong, that bitch is selling Suzi's art on ebay... Can't we do something about that? Spam her or get in contact with ebay security or something like that? There must be something right?!?!

Larke Jewell said...

I cry with you. I am so sorry that someone's ego has to try and destroy the pure happiness of another human. I agree with Fleuri-anne comments, though we all connect with you via the internet, we carry you in our hearts like only true friends do. Keep your head up and your eyes ahead. We are all here for you, it's what us girlie goddesses do!
Sending you fairy kisses and wishes, with lot's of positive sparkles to make you day.

Julie Ayotte said...

Oh, Suzi. I am so very sorry this happened to you. Know that a billion people online love and care about you and feel like we know you. We are *ALL* appreciative of the inspiration and encouragment you have given us; of what you have given of yourself. That is worth more than all the money in the world. Truly. Our hearts are with you!

Take her to court, get Lulu back. It's pretty obvious that Lulu is your dog--no matter if she forked over the initial money to buy her or not. Use your videos as evidence if you have to--they show how much time you put into caring for Lulu and how that dog acts like you are her mother.

Good luck! Stay strong. This will work out how it's supposed to and Lulu needs to be with you and not with someone who clearly does not care for the dog's well-being.

Sama said...

Ooh Suzi I'm so sorry for you! How unbelivable mean of her! Come on, there are a lot of easier ways to get money if that's whats she wants than taking the dog!

My heart goes out to you and take her to court, they have to give you Lulu back, they have to!
You'll win this one Suzi!!

Connie said...

Dearest Suzi, I'm so sorry. I can't stop crying. Poor you. Poor Lulu. All the suffering she is spreading in the world--and why? over what? You are so strong Suzi, you spread strength to hundreds of women on the internet everyday just simply by your words and by being your truest self. That is greater than friendship--that is pure love. You are surrounded by love, my friend, let it be your greatest strength.

Peace & Love. Peace & Love.

Christine Drevo said...

Hi Sue, I can't believe someone can be so vindictive and take away your beloved LuLu. Now it's time to be strong and fight for LuLu in small claims court. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Carys Haaf said...

Oohhh, I wish I could come over and give you a hug!
So sorry you're going through this, what a nasty person. Things are sure to get better, dont worry.
Lots of love, hugs
Carys x x

Anonymous said...

I'm crying now Suzi. I'm sorry this has happened to you. You've changed the lives of people with your personality and wise words and that is something VERY special. Many people will be rooting for you.x

purplecat said...

Suzi, sending you a {{{big hug}}}
some times life is a bitch but its how you deal with it that matters, you are a wonderful person, such an inspiration to many, dont give in , you will be stronger xx

anni said...

She is showing her true colors. And you have always shown your true colors. You are an artist, an inspiration, a real person to all of us online. We are real people.
I was happy that you got out of the situation in Virginia.
I hope you get LuLu back. I can tell you really love her. I can see that her loss is the only thing that got you to strike back. It is like the mama bear syndrom, we take crap, but let anyone touch our children!!!!

Suzi, paint and paint and paint and paint. Then go to court and get LuLu back. If things don't work out, forgive, and give it to God.
We all love you and will support you.
I actually bought a camcorder and recorded my artwork!! I am going to post it!! This is all because of you and your inspiration! Take care Suzi.
I'm glad you are with your wonderful family.


Diane said...

Suzi, You've got to fight fire with fire. I agree with the others. If you want LuLu back you may have to fight for her. Go to that pathetic YouTube site of hers and take pictures of some of the things she's saying. You might need it in court. Get all of your receipts together too.
I know you can get your puppy back. Don't let her have the last word on this. You need to be strong. You have the support of all your friends here.
P.S. You need to contact Ebay with the item numbers and let them know that she is selling stolen artwork.

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

My heart is just sick. I want so bad for this all to work out in your favor. I'll be thinking positive thoughts and sending them your way. Keep the faith and take special care.

bLu eYd YoGi said...

you are strong. she is weak. you are true. she is fake. you are genuine. she is a bitch! really. i can't imagine how difficult this is~ but, try, NOT to give her your power! she WANTS to make you mad! she LIVES to see you cry!!! she BREATHES to make your life miserable~ DON"T GIVE HER YOUR POWER!!! stand strong sister! you WILL get thru this! you WILL be ok ~ so will LuLu~
~~~BIG HUG!!!~~~
as for your art...go to the auction page & at the very bottom there is a link that says "report this item"~
you gotta do that! a.s.a.p.
i would not even contact her~ that is what she wants. do it all legally~ do some yoga~ do some BREATHING~ gather your strength!
i love you!

Chi said...

Just wanted to let you know that you have my love and support. I can see that you have a good aura around you. You are a good person, a huge inspiration and so strong because you keep going and concentrate on the good stuff in life. Never change who you are.

Lots of love and huggles,

P.S. I've reported that it's stolen on ebay too.

dragondaughters said...

suzi, we all love you. all of us are sending you are love...

crafty said...

Suzi dear,
don't know what to say but it hurts to see you hurting.
crafty in italy

Christine Drevo said...

Hi Sue, I can't believe someone can be so vindictive and take away your beloved LuLu. Now it's time to be strong and fight for LuLu in small claims court. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Eveline said...

Can't believe she took Lulu!!

I had some shitty roommates in my life, one who bullied me every single day and made me hide in my room only to come out while she was out, but as far as stealing they only took some cash and my bike, which fair enough at that time was pretty important to me, but to have someone go from Virgini to New Jersey to take someone's dog.... Wow...

I think in all the videos you've done I've only seen ONE where you went out looking for 'the monster', and Lulu was in her room with her. In a doggy bed, not cuddling up with her or anything. I know videos are only a small part of your life but if Lulu was truly 'her dog' we would not have seen so much of her in your videos...

Please stay strong. Know you are loved, LOVED, by many people. You have inspired me and so many others to do art and keep an art journal, not to mention those you have made custom work for. You have inspired and changed lives. Remember that.

Take good care of yourself. You can pull through this. And if you want to make some more 'Chris' videos, hey, if it helps make you feel better, why not.

(Oh, and I live with my fiance at his parents house. I know how difficult it is to live under 'parents' roof when you are an adult with your own life and your own needs. I don't have a 'real' job, I just sell some bits and pieces on Etsy, which does not provide a steady income, but I love what I do, and that's a first in my life.)

Anonymous said...

Oh heart was breaking while watching this and I was crying right along with you. I cannot believe she did this to you. I just cannot believe it. How mean-spirited your ex-roommate is.

I hope there is some way that you can get Lulu back! How horrible for you and for Lulu!!!

I am praying for you and sending a great big hug to you. Please stay strong.

~ Donna

pumog said...

Oh dear! That's really tough. Life is really throwing you a shitty curve at the moment. Hang in there... keep painting, even just for your own sanity even if you don't post anything... thank goodness you have a loving family around you....

Alex said...

I've just listened on Youtube what happened to you.
It is absolutely horrible!
I feel apalled and upset(to say the least).
My wife(who loves your art lessons a lot) feels the same way.
What that girl did to you and your life is unpardonable!
She is not just mean, she is EVIL.
I hope to God she will get her comeuppance some day. It just isn't right.
Take care of yourself,our hearts are with you.

crafty said...

Probably a dumb question here, but I don't know how the American legal system works , but is there any chance we could help buy LULU back for Suzi.
I'm all up for giving any small donations to help Suzi out her.
just an idea but maybe a silly one, but it's the thought that counts

joan in italy

scrowlscrowl said...

Look at what jealousy does to people. We think this happens only in Africa; but is is everywhere. REALLY!! At least that's what I think...

I can't believe your room-mate did that to you. She was your friend; wasn't she? What she did is just so EVIL!! (I'm trying my witchcraft on her right now...;)

If I could I would have bought all your pic's on eBay and sent them back to you.

"Sometimes life is just not beautiful! It can be really hard to handle at times... and when you try to remind yourself that at times like this, things can only get better; even when you know it so well; you just can't believe it.
You are trying so hard not to lose faith, but it seems that the day times will get better has delayed!
It is like sadness has blindfolded you; and you have to struggle to see clearly.
But then... as you struggle, you start seeing glimpses of beauty... and that is TRUE BEAUTY!!!

(This is what I wrote in my art journal yesterday... I think I wrote it for you)

I'm on your side :D

mistie said...

Oh my gosh. I cried when I saw your video. I'm so sorry for your pain,ladygirl. Mean people suck, there is no denying it - but your spirit still shines through. Karma is a magical thing and your world is full of all the goodness and light that are in you. Your roomie is so jealous of that.

Know that you are loved and thought of even from far away.
Many, Many hugs.

kel said...

Suzi, I don't know what to say other than I love you and will help you in any way I can. I have a little pooch and my heart aches so badly for you.

Things I love about SuziBlu
#1 she is talented beyond belief
#2 she is warm and generous
#3 she makes me laugh
#4 She is a great mother to her Fur babies and her Goddess babies
#5 She is wise and caring
#6 she has an open heart
#7 she is real and puts herself out there for us to see that its ok to be who we are
#8 she is beautiful inside and out
#9 she has a spirit that NO ONE PERSON can ever dull or quite down it will shine thorough every trouble no matter what
#10 she inspires me all the time with her ideas and thoughts

Suzi I could write 20 more things that are GREAT about you and I've never even met you!

You are brilliant, beautiful and loved so much.

Anonymous said...

This is so awful, how can that bitch do all those horrible things to you...And LuLu, dear sweet LuLu, I hope that true court you can get her back. She belongs with you, her loving mommy. This is so unfair. My heart breaks for you. Wish there was something I could do. Know that we all love and support you, you are an amazing woman with a beautiful soul.

Lots of love, hugs and support from your friend Ishthya.

MyBlueDog said...

Hi Suzi, This is all is so sad.. Here is a link I found for pro-bono Law services in VA.. hope it helps... maybe you can submit all your many videos as proof of ownership...
good luck.. Peace, Donna

Kirsty said...

Aw sweetie, I'm so sorry. I really hope that you can get Lulu back. It's so hard to lose a pet in any way but to have one stolen like this is just terrible. Sometimes life is just shitty and people can be cruel.

Why don't you put up a donation button on your site to help raise money for any legal costs? I know I'd throw some cash your way and I'm sure that other people who've enjoyed your videos would too.

Stay strong...

Isserley said...

Hi Suzi, I am so sorry to hear this. I will be thinking of you and I know you have the strength to sort this out,
love Sarah xx

Patti said...

Breathe... you have more strength than you know. Fight it, but don't stoop to her level. You will get LuLu back with calm determination. xx

mmal said...

Remember the Wizard of Oz, who said the measure of one's heart is not by how much they love, but by how much they are loved. Look at your comments here. Our loves are a reflection of the choices we make, and your ex-roommates' choices will come back to haunt her one day. Keep you chin up. Prayers and hugs to you and Lulu

doulanana said...

She is such a straight up bitch...OMG!!!!
I cannot believe that she is selling our stuff. That is so wrong on so many levels. I went to ebay and sent an email to her the"seller" and this is what I put"Why are you selling art that does not belong to you????
This is Suziblu's property and you are stealing and will be reported."
What a terrible p[erson but know that you are surrounded by powerful people who love and support you and we will help you in anyway that we can.

doulanana said...

I meant to say selling "your stuff''...sorry and lots and lots of love is being sent your way!!!

Robin Westphal said...

Sorry Suzi, - big energetic hug your way - stay as positive as you can.

Karen said...

I,m so sorry to hear your sad news about Lulu!
I recently came across your videos, and have found them so inspiring and refreshing. Thankyou Suzi for making me excited about my art again. I hope everything turns out good for you and that you get Lulu back soon.

Olivia said...


I will pray for you and for Lulu, that somehow she will be able to be returned to you. I will pray for you both. And for Pooh, too.

You are not pathetic at all. If anyone has lived any time at all, they have been betrayed, abused, stolen from, taken advantage of, and worse. You are just human. But you are a beautiful, beautiful human with an incredible talent.

I was just watching one of your old videos that you just put up the other day where you said you sucked at everything except painting. I was a little envious because I feel like I suck at everything period. I would love to be good at painting. As it is, I'm not...But you are incredibly talented and you are right, have a wonderful future.

You trusted in the goodness of someone who doesn't know how to be caring or even decent, even when it comes to animals. I know people who use children in this way, too. The world is full of them. But what else is there to do but trust? If we stop trusting, then who are we?

You have bajillions of people who love you online. And who think that the world is a much much brighter and happier place because SuziBlu is in it!! I'm one of them!

Your world is just in your parent's house temporarily. You'll have a home soon. Believe me, a home is somewhere where the people you live with don't criticize you all the time. You belong in a happy home. It will happen.

Again, I will pray for you and Lulu, and Pooh, too. I will pray for a happy ending and some comfort in the meantime. You deserve it.

My life is filled with drama and trauma, which I never write about on my blog or anywhere else. I really feel for you Suzi. Know that you are SO not alone,


Serena said...

Initially, I gave Melissa the benefit of the doubt, thinking that she was lashing out because she was hurting.....not anymore!

I don't care whether she paid for Lulu or cared for and loved that little puppy and it was so obvious in your videos that Lulu belonged to you. Love bonded you and Lulu together, not money! My heart is breaking for you and Lulu because I can imagine how emotionally painful it must have been to have little Lulu ripped from your arms. Melissa's vindictive and callous actions have shown no concern for the effect it would have on Lulu either which tells me that SHE is a cold-hearted, cruel woman with no feelings for anyone but herself. Shame on her!

Suzi, is there anyway we can help? I struggle to make ends meet but I would willingly give a small donation towards helping you get Lulu back. I'm sure others would be willing to donate also. You could take it to court and offer to pay the full cost of Lulu to Melissa so that you can have legal ownership.

Hang in there and don't give up,
Love and hugs,
Serena xox

P to the A to the T to the T to the Y said...

I totally feel you. I am going some things right now with my living situation and im on the verge of moving out. I am soo very sorry to hear about Lulu. Its sad how grown women can act like children and be so vindictive and hurt others. CHIN UP!
you will get through this, there always a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!!

Zinnia said...

Dearest Suzi, This is breaking my heart. How can we help? What if we kicked in some donations to buy Lulu back? Is that possible? I'm going to send some money to your PO Box. Wow, that roommate is wrackin' up some nasty karma. Well, we love you and will be here to help you through this traumatic event. I'm going to send extra loving energy to Lulu, too.

Melissa said...

I am teary eyed after watching video.What a B*****!

I would hunt down and kill the person who ever took my furbaby.

Sami(my lab mix) and I, Melissa pray for the both of you.

Get documentation. Animal control shoul;d have gotten ownership name when you licensed her. Contact vet. Aagin your name should be on forms. Get copies of bills and letter from vet. If you went to vet that often they should remember you.

Good luck
Melissa and Sami

nollyposh said...

Oh Dear dear Suzi, I am Sooo sorry to hear all of this... REMEMBER this one thing Suzi if nothing else and that is that although we all reside in cyber world we are all your REAL friends and you have done so much for each and every one of us... You need to let us know how we can help... For instance l'm an ebay novice but could we ALL place complaints about this woman??? And could one of us who lives near to you go and buy LuLu back for you so 'this woman' wouldn't know who it was?? Oh Suzi let US know how we can help you please xox Sending you a "GROUP HUG" from US ALL xxxxxx Luv Vicki x

Scrappin'DivaDork said...

Suzi I'm so sorry and sad for you and lulu!! but you're wrong you are not pathetic you are hurting and real!! and we all love you because of your spirit and all that you represent!

Even through your tears I can still see all your beautiful soul shining through. I'm thinking of you and Lulu and am hoping positive thoughts for things to work out the best for both of you!!

Don't give up!!!

I wish I could hug you!! I'm so sorry...

cartoongoddess said...

I am so sorry you are caught up in this awful, awful mess. Strength and prayers to you. Keep making art. Your talent is a special gift, something you have inside, that will never leave you.

Hang in there.

Hadassah said...

Suzi,i 'm so sad about what's happen...
oday i was listen a man that was saying:"if you want to go to the promise land,where all your dreams will be come true, you most have to pass to in the desert first...:when your victory is close,your enemies will try to sabot your dreams,just to make you suffer ,just to make you loose your hope,that you are somebody especial...Please Suzi, you need to take some legal actions,protect yourself,this woman is sick and evil,she is going to get what she is planting now...Please don't go meet her,if she ask you...don't go!!!!!i'm praying for you BRAVE girl!!!You are not alone!!!
lov uuuuu !!!!!

Long Black Eyelahes said...

Not Lulu! Or your wonderful paintings! I am crying with MooMoo, my lil dog, he and I always watched SuziBlu and Lulu.We can make donations to bring Lulu back where she belongs, money should not stand in the way of LOVE! There is enough of us to help you and Lulu! After all the JOY you bring us!? Let us stand together in this !

CarrieJ said...

You are loved, whether it is someone you can reach out and touch, or just a name on your screen. We all look forward to our doses of Suzi. We are behind you, with support/compassion/admiration.
No one that watches your videos, or experiences your artwork would ever think of Lulu as anyone but yours.
Who else would put up with her poo-poo kisses except her REAL mommy!
We love you! Be strong, be beautiful

-- fé. said...

Oh, Suzi .. how I wish I could give you a hug!
It is a terrible thing that that person did to you, but know you are on the right and that person was very wrong to have hurt you like that at all, so know that karma WILL come and bite her in the butt soon.

Like everyone so far has shown, you really do have a lot of support and lots of friends to love and help you out who know you really are a brilliant, beautiful person, so keep striving ahead -- we all believe in you, always have, always will be.

I wish you continual strength, unconditional love and all the best to and for you -- many hugs and kisses & much love.

Robyn said...


Nerd Bunny said...

Daer Suzi,
All the times you are there for me in my computer, now I want to be there for you... I would be so heartbroken without my dog. I wish there was something I could say or do to make it all easier. I have so much respect for you and I'm sending huge warm hugs from where I am. Hang in there Suzi Blu, things will get better and I am hoping with all my heart that you get your Lulu back. Thank you for sharing with us.
Love and Light,
NB x

rockronie said...

oh my god. that is really shitty for her to do all these. Just wanna give you millions of support and hopefully you can make the case not just getting the money back but more importantly to get Lulu back. Hopefully the judge can see how much Lulu means to you than a terrible person who's going to sell her. Support Support and lots of love to you~~~ xxx

Hélène Deroubaix said...

dear Suzi
you know you're an amazing being.
beautiful, crazy,giving and so people end up envying your success,your friendship,your beauty and everything that is so unique about you.

it's of course heartbreaking to see your video though I don't know you neither am I your friend.
but I love how you keep your positive lights on in spite of all the deep emotions you're under.

cry and bite a bit.
I mean I'm against violence but there are peaceful ways to defend oneself and not let people take advantage like this of our so called naivety that is in fact pure genuine honest loving kindness.

You know who your friends are,you are loved,I hope you'll get your dog back.
I send you lots of positive energy and bright Light, may you feel better pretty soon!

do take care of you.

Anonymous said...

I cried watching you Suzi.....and I got so mad. Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you. I send you lots of strenght and love. Big hug from A

Melissa said...

She is a pathetic excuse for a human being. It breaks my heart to see you so sad.

Babi Sugarman said...

Dear Suzi,
I'm really, really sorry to hear what happened to you and little LULU. I'm here from Canada wishing that all the good energy and things you have done to people like me, come back to you quickly. We love you and watching you suffer makes life very unfare. But, good things are on your way. Just watch!

Shelly Atkinson said...

Shame on your ex roommate for having Lulu taken away by animal mean and's one thing to attack you...but a helpless animal that is loved by you and cared is so sad to view pictures of Lulu on your website knowing that I won't see her anymore....izzy and I will miss whatever you can to get her back! we will even sign a petition.......or send emails to the place that has her......see what you can find out to get her back! We can all email in and complain .......


Anonymous said...

This is so vindictive and so ugly of her. To use a poor dog to 'get back' at you is so utterly pathetic.
I just cried my eyes out watching you pour your heart out here. This is so heart-wrenching and I'm amazed at the cruely of some people in this world.
We've all gotten to know Lulu and she's such a happy dog and she loves you so much. I'm completely angered at this horrible, horrible, horribly human being.
I wish there was something I could do, I feel helpless :(
I'm so sorry Suzi....

julochka said...

oh, suzi--what a horrible, awful story. what is wrong with people? how could she do that to the innocent little dog and even more importantly, how could she do that to you? it's even worse that she's selling your things on eBay. there's got to be legal action you can take against her for that.

my heart goes out to you. you are such a positive and creative person--encouraging people everywhere to embrace their inner seems incomprehensible that someone could be so cruel to you.

just remember that in when the witch took toto from dorothy, she got what was coming to her!! and dorothy got toto back.

Amber said...

I am so sorry that they took Lulu. My heart bleeds for you. You are in my prayers. I just want you to know that internet friends are real friends, I've met and made many friends here. I feel like you are a friend. You are very insightful....and very talented. Stay strong. Lean on us, your friends. We will help you get through this mess.

Danita said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this Suzi!!!! I couldn't believe what I was reading and listening... she went way too far.. and taking Lulu from you is just the worse thing ever. What people is capable of doing just for envy!!!! I know that taking Lulu away from you is horrible... but remember that she can take lulu, she can take your journals or your paintings.. but your talent and your charm she cannot take it away from you.
Big hugs,

Shamama24 said...

Dear Suzi Stand tall in your light, dear one. The brighter we allow ourselves to be, the more we shine, the greater our contrast to those whose tools & weapons are jealousy and other shadowy stuff. Remember all the videos where you encouraged and showed us all how to play , to laugh , to dare to have fun, to make a mess and to love our original selves?? Since November I have been keeping an art journal in what may be one of the toughest years of my life -- and you know what - you inspired me and you're absolutely right - we all make a difference by daring to be ourselves, by daring to shine. You're a one woman movement, suziblu!!! Of course some folks will be envious and try to knock you down- it is only a reactionary display of weakness. No one can take away your magic or all you have put out into the world. Your beauty is your wide open vulnerability --your trust and innocence-- I love you and send you great rainbows that swirl and wrap you in warm colors.

I drink cups of tea said...

Suzi, I have never commented on your blog but have read for many months. I cried with on with this video. What a black soul your ex roomie must have. To toy with the life of a fur child.

Sending you my love and support and healing vibes.

renée bédard said...

Take her for everything she is worth Suzi. And get her for emotional distress on top of it all.

You have the videos to back up your claims about training her and her being with you day in and day out. Use them if you need to. They are documentation. Youtube videos has been used in court cases before in the U.S.

Fight it Suzi. Fight for Lulu, she needs you.

We are all supporting you. Take our strength and use it to give you that extra boost to keep going. We are real friends. Our hearts break for you, but we know that you are strong enough to get through this and keep on making beautiful art.

P.S. I hope your cat is doing okay. I found out today my dog is having kidney and bladder problems, so I know the stress you feel. Best wishes. renee b.

Laura Mendoza said...

Oh Suzi, I read your blog faithfullly.
I was so sorry that your evil roommate is being so stinky.
I have been married, for 10 years but before I was married, I had many, many, crazy roommates and I feel your pain.
You make me laugh, all the time. I love our videos.
I love art and work part time for several craft manufacturers, creating art for them and your work and videos is so inspiring to me.
Tonight, you made me cry, so I want you to know that I am sending good thoughts to you and wishing you all the best in your new adventures.
You are an amazing person.

Take care my sweet internet friend.

renelli said...

Suzi, would you please send me your mailing address? I have something I'd like to send you.

you can email me first if you want to.

Anonymous said...


Can you give us an update as to what is going on with Lulu? Are you tring to get her back? Have you talked to your ex-roommate?


Anonymous said...

You go Suzigirl!!
I suggest nobody post a comment to the ex-room mate and just completely ignore her. she is thriving on comments and her answers are always lame and childish anyways.
keep being you, nothing can change that.
we love you Suzi!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I cannot get over this. Yesterday I made a painting for you, and was going to send it to you but I didn't think you would give me your address, so I covered it up.
I am so distraught about this. Is there anything we can do to get Lulu back for you. I hate when animals are in cages all day long. Could we help raise money for you. If what your roommate wants is money, lets raise money. I don't know. Let me, us know what is going on so we can help.
Take care

Angela said...

dear suzi,
like I just mailed you, I am soooo sorry for all of this! I can't believe she's doing such evil things! I feel so sad and heartbroken for you and I am sending you lots of love and strength and hugs this way! Keep your head up girl, she's not worth the tears and the energy and the anger, focus on LuLu!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry suzi... i'm praying for you. my hubby is in the air force , deployed to iraq right now for 7mths... and his favorite thing to tell me all the time, is PEOPLE WILL LET YOU DOWN. you cant rely on people....
i'm praying suzi

*~Niki~* said...

Suzi, I am so sorry she took Lulu away from you, that is so cruel. We are right behind you supporting you all the way.
Love and hugs

L'il dog foo said...

I'm a "NewBlu" and have been following your videos for about 3 weeks. Since all the words of sympathy and advice have been said, I drew you a pictorial affirmation (the first time I have ever tried drawing - EVER!) I would like to send the scan to you, but don't know where. Do you have an email address?

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry about Lulu, Suzi. I've been so busy this week I haven't been by so I missed the video and everything that's been going on.

Lots of love to you. Keep painting and meditating. That's where we find peace. xoxoxoxox

cookievf said...

All of my love to you, dear suzi! Lean on us and know that we are really and truely here for you!

You've given US so much and now it's our turn to give back. Continue to be yourself because THAT is the best revenge.

Like so many others, I've seen the ugly side of people and have been hurt in many ways over my lifetime yet I am an extremely positive and bubbly person. All of my life I've said that being strong and staying true to myself will always be the best revenge. They didn't WIN... I did! And so can you - we'll do it together!

Praying tonight for your furbaby and for you, my sweet friend.

Hugs and love from CT,
- Vicki xo

Magenta said...

For some reason I missed out on what happened. Couldn't see signs of LuLu and Pooh and I felt panic. Something to do with your roomy in Virginia I take it. OMG! She took LuLu....I can't believe it. That is heartless. I miss LuLu, she reminds me so much of my little dog I had for 12 years.
I am so sorry Suzi.

bianca said...

omg i missed this but i found it kind da strange because i missed lulu on your video's...this is so mean can't believe this.....hope she will come back to you!!!