Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mail Taking its Time

This is one of a few letters I've received about prints taking time to reach their new homes:

Sorry, Suzi, but I threw out the packaging before I got this email asking for the date. I don't know what the problem was, but I was surprised it took a whole week to get to Ohio. Maybe tell the others to wait a bit more, because I had something mailed to me from California a while ago that took a little over two weeks to get to me that usually only takes about three or four days.
Thanks again,


Nina said...

Well, I guess this is a good way to notify folks. I'm selling a ton of stuff because I'm moving and yes, the post office is totally unpredictable. So is UPS and FedEx. Reality check.........

Victorian Lady said...

Tell me about it! I do costume parties for kids and it took a WHOLE WEEK for my invitations to travel a whole 30 minutes away!!! I had to make a whole other set and then drive up and deliver them myself! I think they are slowing down partly because of the whole gas thing, but that is crazy!

Iris said...

Well I don't know if the flooding that started a few weeks ago in the Mid-West would have anything to do with slowing things up? Doesn't make much sense if a package was traveling from NJ to OH though but sometimes those things take crazy routes. I had a package a few weeks ago go from California to Kansas to Chicago and then trucked to me in SE Iowa. Didn't make much sense to me since they had to fly over where I live to get to Chicago but whetevs. lol.

blendedcolors said...

we've been having the same problems, but of course we live on an air force base in germany. but things that normally take 1.5 - 2 wks now take 3 or so

bLu eYd YoGi said...

it takes WEEKS from Canada~

altermyworld said...

(shaking me head) It takes weeks and weeks to get anything into Canada.
I would think i had died and gone to heaven if something was here in one week.
EVEN within Canada

moonsownsister said...

I think the flooding is impacting shipping. Airports & roads are all botched. Fires, too, are messing things up. Down here in South Florida, things are wonky due to heavy storms; lots of re-routing of people and packages.

rafael said...

mail sucks

Ellen Lyn said...

I have heard that the private carriers are waiting until their delivery trucks are completely full to the brim before moving them--due to fuel costs. I wouldn't think that USPS would be allowed this luxury since it is a gov't agency but who knows!

magicaldamselfly said...

My daughter lives in the midwest and has talked to the postal service and they said it is still a huge mess up there what with all the flooding going on so mail in very slow.
Guess it takes longer to canoe it in rather than driving,,,,lol. jk

Hugs to all,

changapeluda said...

Even mailing things to my G. from Nipomo to San Francisco takes way longer....

i blame the gas prices
and the floodingz
and the wildfires
and not for no reaston it's called snail mail

which is why i love the internet.
except gah! i wish more people would comment on my blog like they do on yours

i see you got HUNDRED(s)

thatz becuz you give out sooo much love on your blog - you deserve to get soooo much back. for real

& i shouldn't bitch about not getting comments cuz the one's
i do get are pretty cool
(there's this one chick from Russia whose comments are so phonetically
anyway i'm done rambling