Saturday, June 28, 2008

add me to your friends list.
We will be live from 2:00 -4:00 pm EST


dreamergirl said...

that's 8pm dutchie time, right?

perhaps i'll join in on the fun :)

dreamergirl said...

ok found a time converter. 8pm dutchie time it is :)

tot straks!

crafty said...

I'm jinxed I tried signing up last time in May and I never rec the confirmation e-mail.
Now it's doing it again, I'm not rec any confirmation emails to activate my account !!!!!!!!!! any ideas ????

dreamergirl said...

Have you checked your spam? 'cause i just signed up and received an confirmation email right away.

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

For some reason stickam won't accept my email address. I guess I'll have to figure that one out and catch you all at the next tea party.

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello~very nice video!!!!!~

Enjoy your day!

Scrappin'DivaDork said...

I'll be there!!!! so....... excited to get to 'talk" with you miss blu

you make me smile and inspire me to be better!!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Suzi Blu You are so Beautiful!

You make me laugh and make me
cry and sometimes the tears just
start bubbling up inside and my eyes
glisten like diamonds.

There is so many treasures inside of you Suzi Blu and I love how you show people they are filled with treasures too!

What a lovely party your having!

I watched Alice in Wonderland
the other day. When I walked to
the video store to return it for
my dd I had a lovely adventure
walking amougst the wildflowers.

Today I picked some Rabbitfoot
Clover or Harefoot clover is
another name. It has two other
names, but off the top of my Hat I can't remember at the moment what they are.

When I was a child could hardly wait to go to sleep and start dreaming. For years I had the same dream over and over. My dreams would start out with me falling into a spiral of black and white, swirling downward until I reached the bottom and I would end up in this beautiful dream. Before I woke up I would be flying above our home with that same feeling you get when your on a roller coaster or when you are swinging high on a swing and as you come down your tummy does flip flops.

Happy Unbirthday To You!

God Bless Your Creative Life
and Jesus Bless You TOo!!!

Valaine said...

You have the coolest parents, you are so blessed that they support your creative spirit.

I'm mesmerized watching you teach about gold, and I'm nodding as you talk about not liking "scrappin" - I don't either. When I first moved here I had this neighbor come by and the first thing she said to me was that she was going to take me to her church to scrapbook on Wednesdays. Ummm... I never went, I actually hid from her from that point on :) I wonder what it would've been like though? But scrapbooking and church combined sounded a little overwhelming to me.

I never got into all that scrapbooking stuff. Especially when it became popular and I don't always like to do what everyone else is doing - but I do love the paper and accessories they have available. I totally agree about the anal part of it. I reject straight edges and corners. I like your idea of merging the two. Sounds interesting to try.

Thank you for giving yourself even when your heart is heavy. You inspire me to give also.

Eveline said...

Did I miss it?

Luna said...

Thank you for all you share with your adoring public. :-)
I am raising my teacup to you this afternoon!

What fun the mad tea parties are!

I adore your youtube videos and find them so inspiring. Honestly, no one gets this old lady more in touch with her inner child than do you suzi blu!

Luna xoxo

renelli said...

I totally missed it! I was off on an art quest... actually ArtQuest America to be exact. They were having a yard and warehouse sale today in Green Lake Michigan. I drove there in a rain storm, could barly see the road. I did get some great H20 irredecent paints, true pigments, Great tape, and some metal stands.
Was you live chat recorded so it cold be viewed by those of us who missed it?

The money is flying to you now...

Annabelle said...

I totally agree with Luna. I am 51 but when I visit your blog I feel like a young girl all over again. I get to explore my land of dreams. Whenever the question of how old is too old to play, I just think back to the Twilight movie of the old folks getting another chance to live their youth. I guess you’re never too old and that’s what keeps one young at heart. Thanks Blu and Thanks Luna for showing others like you out there that it’s okay to play once in a while and put all of the worries aside for just a little time.

rafael said...
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rafael said...


boneman said...

This is my Gni Gni, the sweetheart of the house....and the only girl.
She runs a tight ship, though....even the largest dog, Max, gives way when she asks.
(yes, food treats, too)

Or, another picture is on my tailcast photos at #4 and #5 (with Tug and Porque (one of two cats) snoozing nearby)

Here I was playing around the youtube today and totally missed the fact that it wasn't Magic that was having the party....
By the time I stopped by Vanessa's (?) well, it was late.
Now? Very late.

OK, only just after midnight, but, what the hey....sometimes I get into this internetting stuff.
But, I try to hit the hay early enough to not wake up at the crack of noon, y'know?

Anyway, I keep trying to keep up, and that counts for something, I'm sure.

It's been nice 'meeting' with you. I liked your paintings and videos.
It's like hearing you talk about your art makes it easier to find a focus in my own.
Well, helps me find my own focus in my paintings, y'know?

'Course, sometimes I can't help trying to make folks laugh some.

Laughing is a good thing, I think....
How about you?

boneman said...

Don't you like laughing sometimes?

This is more like me than I could have ever planned. It is the first of many shadow avatars I made for blogging.
It's also about my favorite.

Whatcha think?

Sherry/Cherie said...

What a dreamy party you had at Vanessa's...I'm still partying...with so many pre and post parties to attend I think it's going to a weekend long event!