Friday, June 27, 2008

Fill Me Up ButtercUp

Its 1 am and dang nab it my back hurts and video is not edited BLEH.
so tomorrow morning i get up and finish finish.

Meet me here round 2pm EST for video then run on over to LIVE CHAT.
how do we chat you ask?
Easy Peasy.

Go to

and sign up for an account. you do not need a webcam to join or chat.
Then when I post my chatroom tomorrow you can join on in in the mayhem.
Someone tell TASCHA we need her, like always, cause you know I suck without her.
Vanessa will be there too, in and out, as tomorrow is HER day and she will be busy
with all her lovely things she need to attend to, but we all will get a chance to
see her and hear her once or thrice.

ok see you kittens tomorrow afternoon.
: *


renelli said...

I hope to be back from my field trip to Ann Arbor by 2:00 pm I wish I could send you a picture along with this comment, I'd attach a painting of a cupcake. I'll send it to your email...
Chat at you tomorrow!

Iris said...

Promise me you'll do one again soon? I'm away this weekend! (leaving in about an hour for my first holiday in like 8 months!)

Have lots and lots of fun!!

Fleuri-anne said...

Looking forward to the video!! Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the chat!! I'm SOOO suuuper bummed out about that because I was really looking forward to it but I now have familystuff to do (arrange funeral etc.). But I'm really hoping that there will be another chat soon that I can fully attend! However, I'm sure you ladies are gonna have a fantastic time and I wish you loaaads of fun, I knowww it'll be great! ;)
Lots of love,

themysticfairy said...

Hi Suzi & All!
Party's on, I have the cutest movie heehee and cake! visit me too!

Chi said...

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!!!

I'm all ready for tonight, can't wait to chat with you all again.

I've even made a party entry =)
If you want to check it out, just click on my name, I only have one ;)


crafty said...

hoping to be able to figure out all this computer jargan as me an computers just don't see eye to eye
will go and start studying now.
hugs maybe I'll have figured it ut by 2pm !!!!!! LOL

KathrynAntyr said...

Oooh I hope I don't miss out on this live tea chat. I keep getting an error when I try to activate my account. Hopefully tech support will be able to help!

If not, here is a quick note to let you know Miss Suzi Blu that I think you are precious. I love your recent video (scary tea time) and I have to agree, I twinge every time I hear scrapper. I also get sick when someone calls me a crafter. I'm learning to get messy with my creating as I tend to be more like the "magazine" style you refer to. I'm getting there. I love your art too. Have fun at the tea paaarty daarling.