Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dutchie Love

Dutchie Love On eBay

It is a really sunny day and my pictures came out a bit strange. Just too bright in spots.


dreamergirl said...

OMG i looooove it!!!
You rock!!

nollyposh said...

Well what do you know...They ArE magic! I think l love "Dutchies too now!!! Luv Vicki (from AussyLand) (PS) Say "Hi" to your dad for me X:-)

dreamergirl said...

i couldn't resist, i had to put the video on my blog. i'm two months away from moving to a country where i left my heart. and i've been struggling a bit with longing to be in finland and still loving certain dutch things. this video was just what i needed :)


Iris said...

It looks so fabulous!! I'm definitely going to bid although I have a sneaking suspicion it's gonna go for a lot more than I can afford!

*dutchie kisses*

martinhaa said...

love your work...


nanakin1 said...

The show about the loggers is called Ax Men (I think).
Love you and your stuffed dog, too,
Nancy (nanakin1, Nana, etc.)
P.S. Pooh was so cute watching the bird at the window.

SisterJulia said...


I felt really rubbish today and came over just to be cheered up by your blog!
Your video made me happy today.
Your dad has a cheerful voice too.

Big kiss

cuteartworld said...

Aww she rocks and is a work of ART! I love her. May she fly away over seas to the highest bidder!lol Love the fresco flakes too thanks for sharing your media with us. And OH what a video I loved it and so did lil Jewels too!

Deborah said...

The artwork and video are stellar! YAY Suz!!!!

Eveline said...

LOVE the video, LOVE the painting. I have to tell my sweetie how lucky he is to touch a Dutchie every day. ;)

(Is it bad of me to say that your brother reminds me a bit of Jack Osbourne? *LOL*)

artistikitty said...

Beautiful Dutchie painting Suzi and beautiful Dutchi women too! Love seeing Pooh adn the little bird...I just adore Pooh. Hugs to Pooh!

Kelly Snelling said...

suzi blu you never fail to make me smile. the bush cutting is hilarious. the little dog, the gestures. just a scream. and your latest painting is marvelous! happy, happy!

kittyism said...

Very pretty painting. I love the flakes in the hair... Dutchie magic!

Your dad and your brother crack me up. Your brother actually reminds me of my brother... only less southern.

Hugs to you and that handsome Poo!


Iris said...

Wow the painting looks awesome! And you've got some gorgeous Dutchie readers, too. I can't get myself to create art like you do (I get too caught up on making it look "real") but I love watching your process. Lots of love to you, Miss Suzi Blu.


Connie said...

I don't know what is more beautiful--the real Dutchies or the painted one!!

Peace & Love.

Diane said...

Suzi, Whoever wins that Dutchie painting is going to be one lucky bidder. She is gorgeous. I love the way you used the Fresco Flakes in her hair. I'm going to try some of those.
I think that little bird was just taunting Mr. Pooh. lol.
The Dutchie girls are beautiful. Your family is so cute.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

She's Exquistely Lovely Suzi!
Just like all the Dutchie
Ladies and Yourself!

Enjoyed the video. Your Dad
was so cute protecting your
brother and making sure he
didn't cut himself.

My Dad was a Logger.

Is the bird going to be in
one of your paintings with

I like that quote at the end
of the video!

God Bless You and Your Family!!!

Jabargus said...

Dutchie girl is adorable as are the Dutchie ladies! I loved a Dutchie boy once many years ago. Ah, pure, sweet and loyal Dutchie love. What country is next Miss Blu? b/c I've loved too many from far away lands ;)

Robin Westphal said...

Those Dutchies are lovely ladies! I love the wee birdy too! Too much fun!

Shonna said...

Great painting! Love the chipboard letters!! Dutch women sure are beautiful! I'm glad we got to see some of them!

Daffie Online said...
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purplecat said...

It came out a real treat! I love it.
What background did you paint on? is it wood what kind?, and what paints did you use?

Good to see you happy back with your family, I went back home after a broken relationship and at the time it was the best thing I ever did, my life turned around for the better!

jackie said...

Suzi, I enjoyed this video immensely! I think your "Dutchie Love" piece is my very favorite so far! It's wonderful to see you being so creative in spite of all that you've endured!
I also enjoyed seeing the lovely Dutch girls - they're beautiful!

crafty said...

greyt painting,
greyt video,
beautiful Dutchies
The Suzi Blu family as mad as hatters !!!

crafty in italy

muchlove...Merissa said...

Suzi! My mom introduced me to your art a few days ago and I am an instant fan of YOU and your art! Oh, and love Lulu, Pooey, and your dad is awesome too..haha. I enjoy your videos and get a good laugh and inspiration at the same time! You absolutely ROCK!!!

keijukainen said...

very nice painting that Dutchie turned out. I love living here, but my heart is sold in scandinavia.
very nice girl you made.

candiecooper said...

Loved it! Beautiful painting! I've got some friends from Holland here in China and they really are magical people as is the country itself. Your Pop and bro crack me up. Another great video, Suzi!

mistie said...

I love that you said your little stuffed dog looked like "It" lol :) too true. Your family, your art and your spirit are a delight to behold. Such a beauty in the painting and such beauties in the photos. Thanks so much for sharing so freely with us.

~ Maggie Crawford ~ said...

i love poo & the birdie....

my husband is a dutchie

Angela said...

ohw girl this is sooooo sweet I love the painting!
Big Dutchie Knuffels (hugs) and kusjes (kisses)
have a great day dear!

Anna Denise said...

Yay! I love her, she's very pretty!!!!! Tha hat kicks ass, I need me one of those!

dragondaughters said...

wow Suzi! loved ur Dutchie! shes so pretty, the fresco flakes worked sooooooo well in her hair!!

ur Dads voice sounds really similar to yours. Hes cool.

Pooh looked so cute with the birdie.

al xxx

cuteartworld said...

Suzi I started my Dutchie. I uploaded a sketch this morning to my blog. I need some advice from you all. I am sitting, so let it fly! YAY Boo Hoo
Please be honest! Laughing is okay too!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

beautiful painting! your dad & brother? are too funny! you guys crack me up! did you see the painting i did of u yet??? stop by & see how much i love you~

Julie Ayotte said...

BEAUTIFUL Dutchies! Your painting and the real ones. :) Also, great & funny video. Your family is hilarious.

Lisa said...

Real pretty, Suzi. What kind of bird was Pooh watching? That was a cute scene. :)

sunflowerjess said...

Oh the Dutchie is so pretty Suzi nice work glad to see a new video, yay! Keep them coming we're waiting
Hugs ~jess

Jenni Jones said...

Hi Suzi,
I need some magic in my life, and a dutchie would be perfect.
I love your family. I can see why you are so special, your whole family is so hilariously fabulous! I love your Dad's laugh, he makes me laugh too. And your painting!!!!! So very magical.
It is so nice to see you smiling again Suzi..... you ROCK!
Are you going to paint an Aussie?

Angela said...

I love you Suzi! I wish I could teach with you.

Fleuri-anne said...

Suziiii I loooove the video!! The painting is soooo pretty and she definitely looks like a real dutchie!! Thank you so much for all the sweet dutchie love Suzi, I'm sure it made all of us dutchies feel verrrry special and loved!! Hahaha your family looks sooo cool, your father cranks me up everytime, wonderful humour!
Dikke kus, (Big kiss)

expframe said...

i love you work , you are very inspirational.....thank you

Sama said...

Oh, wonderful!
Your dad is just so cool!

Chi said...

We Dutchies get spoiled.
Thank you sue =)


Babytreese said...


Oh and I got my beautiful Suzi Blu original in the mail! She's a real beauty!! Thanks so much!

Ishthya said...

Very beautiful Suzi! I love the dutchie :D Great work.
Did you get my email with pictures? Ofcourse it's totally fine if you didn't want to use them, but I was just wondering because my emails have a habit of not showing up...


rosafabulousa said...

hello suzi. i finally made myself a blog.
your dutchie is wonderful, i love it.
you really should fly over one day.

love, roos.

suzi blu said...

ishthyab- No I did not receive Dutchie pictures from you! I would have used every dutchie picture sent to me!!

I still want pictures for my scrapbook and Im making a dutchie 'section' so please send again.