Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dutchie LOVE coming soon!

Video tomorrow afternoon, dutchie painting up on auction early monday - dutchie time!
* Give me dutchie phrases, please. and their translation. pretty dutchy fairy words.


Eveline said...


The Dutch soccer team just lost their chance of being in the European Cup final, so we could do with some loooove. ;)

crafty said...

like the look of the colour scheme
joan in italy

DeeDee said...

It looks great. I hope you are having a lovely, nourishing time at your parents'.

tascha said...

This one looks AWESOME!

CarrieEllen ArtStudio said...

It Looks like a fun one!!!!!
I hope you week is good!

mistie said...

oh, she is lovely! Love those big eyes and the braids fo' sho'.
Also, a girl can never go wrong with pink. Hope you are doing well. {hugs} all around.

rafael said...

cool! im twitching in excitement already!

Diane said...

That dutchie painting is just sooo cute! I'm not a dutchie but I love chocolates and I wear crocs. Can I get in on the bidding?

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

Wow, she's beautiful. I love the colors.

katy said...

Na regen komt zonneschijn
>After the rain, the sun will shine<

Connie said...

I love all the gold sparklelies!!! Twinkle twinkle little suzi!

Peace & Love.

mystele said...

lookin' great suzi! can't wait for the doin' ok?

nollyposh said...

Sighhhh, Spent a beeeautiful day yesterday at my Grandparents combined 90th Was sooo lovely to take some time out to emerse myself in my families wisdom, among my elders... Hoping you are finding the same kind of peace and love Suzi with your folks X:-) Luv Vicki x

cuteartworld said...

The Dutchie is looking really terrific! I love the little braids! And ooh that hat is so beautiful in color! I hope you will make prints on her too!

Heather, said...

I don't have ANY dutchie phrases for you, but I love the way her feet are giving her that little coy pose! XO

Bonafyde said...
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Flassie's Fil'a said...

She's adorable, sweet and cute!

God Bless and Keeping
You in Prayer Suzi!!!

Bonafyde said...

Oh my that looks fabulous I cannot wait to see the video!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

ok~ my painting of you is UP babe! go have a peek & lemme know what u think~
p.s. dutchie is amazing!

Daffie Online said...

She's the cutest!!

dreamergirl said...

I'm with eveline, we could do with some love after we lost the game. Let's see...dutchie words & phrases.

fee - fairy
klompen - wooden shoes
magisch - magic
liefde - love
mooi - beautiful
meisje - girl
voetbal - soccer :p
schattig - lovely, cute

lachen is gezond - laughing is healthy

can't think of anything else. But if there are words or phrases you want translated, let me know!

love love love dutchie girl btw!!

Fleuri-anne said...

Ooh MY Suzi, the Dutchie girl is soooo beautiful, I looove her!! Haha and I agree with eveline and dreamergirl, I think all of us dutchies are a little upset after we got our asses kicked in football/soccer last night so we can indeed use some love!

Ehmmm I'm trying to think of more dutch words but I can't really think of more than dreamergirl already did...

Well here are some chliché ones, things Holland is really famous for:

cheese - kaas
tulips - tulpen
windmills - windmolens

andd I'll throw in some other ones:

chocolate - chocola
elegance - elegantie
grace - gratie
a heart of gold - een hart van goud
naughty - ondeugend
sweet - lief
loving - liefdevol
pure - puur
soft - zacht
kind - aardig

Anddd that's about all I can think of for now, I hope it's of use to you dear Suzi, I can't wait for the vid and the painting!!

Iris said...

She looks amazing!!!

I'm trying to think of Dutch stuff to teach you but I can't think of anything! Mostly people just ask me for swear words *giggle*

Iris said...

OOH I just thought of it!! I am pretty sure all Dutchies will agree with me on this one:


It doesn't really have a literal translation into English because it's a very Dutch concept, but the dictionary translates it as 'cozy'. It's meant to describe a certain mood of a situation that is nice, amicable, and just.. gezellig!

This is the first Dutch word I taught my boyfriend and after having been to Holland he now knows what it means!

Some examples of where it's used:
-If you're with a bunch of your girlfriends, sipping wine and having girly talks. That's gezellig.
-If you walk into a small cafe and it's got character and a nice atmosphere, you could describe it as gezellig.

OK I'm done promoting this word now, but seriously, it's the BEST Dutch word ever!!

dreamergirl said...

o i agree with iris. Gezellig is the best Dutch word!!!!

Ishthya said...

She's lovely Suzi!

Hmm some more dutchie words...

Art - Kunst
Hugs - Knuffels
Cats - Katten
Sparkles/Glitter - Glitters
Moon - Maan
Sun - Zon
Dream - Droom
Holland/The Netherlands - Nederland
Butterfly - Vlinder
Stars - Sterren
I love you - Ik hou van jou
Greetings - Groetjes
Laughing - Lachen
Magical Creature - Magisch Wezen
Dancing - Dansen
Talking - Praten
Kisses - Kusjes

Well I could go on forever, but for now I'll leave it with this ;-)

Dikke kus! (Big kis)

Chi said...

She looks so purty. I'm especially amazed by the white shirt and her eyes. My white things never look like that...

Some Dutch:
Ik vind je lief - I find you nice/sweet (I think you are nice/sweet)
Door vriendschap wordt vreugde verdubbeld en verdriet gedeeld - Through friendship joy is doubled and grieve is shared

Hope this helps! Lots of words are already covered so I gave you two phrases =)


Eveline said...

How about the 'Loesje' (an organisation that puts posters with phrases everywhere they can, they're brilliant!) classic:

Niet het vallen is falen, maar het weigeren om op te staan:

To fall down is not to fail, but refusing to get up is.

moonsownsister said...

Suz, is that glitter paint, or are you using the flakes for texture?

She's AWESOME, and I can't wait for the video!

Luv and hugs,


LuLu said...

Bonjour Suzi! Love it all! Love the fact that you opened your closet to let everything out! Takes a lot of courage!!! I bet your art flows much better now... Grrrreat latest paintings!!! Go for it, nothing will stop you now! LuLu xxx

cuteartworld said...

I did a Witchie Creation! She is not Wicked Suzi I posted a picture of Jewels my lil one on my blog this morning. She tells us she is a "Princess" Maybe you might like to paint "Princess Jewels" you are welcome to use her picture should you feel inspired!

Iris said...

Eveline: You know what my favourite Loesje is?

Ik ben toch al perfect - I am already perfect anyway.


Iris said...

Argh I got it wrong! It was this:

"Resolutions -

I am already perfect anyway"

I just love the irony but also that there's a truth in it.

Meredith said...

This I LOVE! So cool!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

morning darlin'! i painted you! it's on my blog now~ lookie look!can't wait to see your video this aft!

rafael said...

i wish i was dutch...all that chocolate to my reach i could explode!

rafael said...

suzi shud do a collection of paintings of girls from different countries...itl be like a miss universe pageant