Friday, June 13, 2008

Art work For Party Girl Kit

Here she is what do you think? This will be for the Party Girl kit. You will receive watercolor paper with the outline of this girl already on it. There will be step by step instructions on how to shade her face and apply each layer to get an effect similar to mine. Paints, Collages papers, everything you need will be in the kit. Im sending it off to my partner in crime today.

Prints of this painting will be available tonight!

and so I was coating beeswax on Padre and my mom liked how it was coming out and I said - this is the most fun EVER. I could do it all the time. and if you have a voice in your head like that, don't add to it like I know its easy to do. No...ahhhh, but if i do it all the time I wont eat, make $, etc...

Why not? For once entertain the possibility that you can live your life the way you want. It is possible to spend entire days in the forest drinking tea with your cat. It is possible to make your own clothes out of vintage patterns from the 1940's you find on ebay - or to wear bunny slippers to buy groceries. Everything is possible if you open your mind and heart to it. Say yes to what yo want and BLEH to any and all negativity - even if its really neat and dressed up as reality. pay special attention to that.

Easy, yes, from a chica who lives safely at her parents. But whatever your safe haven is - GET THERE NOW. Dont spend one more hour doing things you don't love.

You rent your socks, remember that. You own nothing. The details of your life mean nothing when your dead so never feel bad if you arent materially successful. Dream anyway.

Just for today I will allow myself the luxury of believing that my dreams are possible.


Nancy said...

Suzi, you are the BEST! You grow and share and inspire. Have a great day and enjoy your creative life.
Hugs to you, Pooh, Lulu and your precious parents,
Nancy (Nana, Nanakin)

moonsownsister said...

I love you, Suziblu!

(in a groovy artchick sort of way, not a sicko stalker following you home picking up your used tissues and enshrining them sort of way!)

katy said...

this is the best post! very inspirational.

i cannot wait for the party girl kit to come out. im so getting it. im beyond excited and want to start NOW:)

nollyposh said...

Oh me tooooo... I have soooo much to learn! Am hanging out to learn how to paint FACES (After all that experimenting with the 'board book!') How do YOU do it Suzi??? You make it look soooo easy! Sighhhh... X:-)

crafty said...

ti voglio tanto bene.

thanx for the words of wisdom and advice.
Can't wait to get the kit.
crafty in italy

Carys Haaf said...

Hi Suzi, I love, love , love your work and your blog, such lovely inspiration and talent.
Thanks you cheer my day!
Carys from north Wales, UK


dragondaughters said...

suzi suzi!! you are amazing! and and...3 things.

Frist...your party girl looks GORGEOUS!!! i cant wait to get a kit! gonna be so much fun!am excited! are so inspirational suzi! just you typig things like that makes me so hopefull and happy, let alone your paintings and the things you say on your videos!!! You have affected the lives of so many art goddesses (and gods!) across the world for the better! we love you!

thirdly...i finally bought a hula hoop yesterday!! its really hard but im still gonna practise everyday till i crack it!

hugs to you and lulu and pooh and ur family!!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

ohhhhhh~ she's BACK! hooray for you wonderful friend! you are amazing & i love your spirit! thanks for all you do~ thanks for being you~
LOVE, hugs, & sUnShiNe~

Heather, said...

What a wonderful message that I needed today...surrounded by successful architects and professionals...reading blogs that are written by successful artists...and feeling like a failure...BLEH!
I loved this line:
Say yes to what you want and BLEH to any and all negativity - even if its really neat and dressed up as reality. I think I will put it on my screen saver...thanks, Suzi.

dreamergirl said...

o i really needed this.
thanks hon.


Chi said...

Pretty painting and pretty words =)


Taly said...

Not only can your dream come true but you also help others realize their dreams. I won't elaborate anymore, but you will find out eventually.

Connie said...

You said it girl!!! Love you!

Peace & Love.

Julie Ayotte said...

I love the painting! The kit should be awesome. :)

And yes, you are so very right with what you said. Life is too short to do something that makes you miserable. It's unfortunate that we live in a world that places so much emphasis on material success and does not reward creativity. But we gotta do what we gotta do anyways.

Seeking Simplicity said...

It's Friday and I wanna Party. When will this kit be available????? I can't wait Suzi Blu!!

aprylian said...

I couldn't agree more!

magicaldamselfly said...

I came across your blog and fell in love!
I'd love to hear more about this kit, will it be in your Etsy? Do you have other kits like this?

Fairy blessings,

inge said...

I want one too !!!!

I needed the "BLEH" too ....

Inge ( from Belgium)

sunflowerjess said...

Wow Suzi she is so cute. Your words ring true with all of us so keep up the wonderful work.

Maureen B said...

WOOOYAAAA! Thats what I'm talkin about! Go Suzi- Go Suzi- Go Suzi- Go....

Nina said...

"we rent our sox" Great reminder, Sue:-) Your girl looks fantabulous!!!

*~Niki~* said...

Yay! How fantastic :D

Shonna said...

Great post Suzi! I can't wait for the kits!!

Robin Westphal said...

Thanks Suzi, I needed that reminder! And, the great thing is it is so true. I think I will make art in all my spare time this w/e. Take care :)))

crazierinreallife said...

amen sista

rose said...

Can't wait for the kits!
By the way , ya think you could get your Dad to share his meatball recipe? I wanna move in too!!

Iris said...

I used to have a Good Job(TM). Was earning quite a decent amount of money, probably on my way to a higher paying Better Job(TM). Then I got the opportunity to work with my boyfriend (now fiance) full time on our own company. I work longer hours and get paid about as much as people on minimum wage. But I am free free free!

Sure, life isn't always perfect but you sure as hell control your own destiny. You have the power to live a positive life and you deserve to live the life you want to, not the life you think you ought to.

redpearl said...

What do we think? We love her! I want a print for myself and then I want to make my own. I can't wait.

I am so tired of my job, Suzi. But I feel stuck in it, you know? I wish so much I could work my way into being a full time creative person, artist, shopkeeper, etc. That is my dream. I need to make a dream board I guess and keep it in front of me.

I was thinking tonight, there isn't a single person I could tell this to in my life who would take me seriously and be supportive. That's why I am so thankful for you and other artists I have met online.

You are needed and loved much.

suzi blu said...

Red Pearl,

and this comes from the bottom of my heart, its hard to imagine yourself living your dream life when those around you do not support you emotionally. If this is true, seriously, start taking steps to make these people not important in your life. You do NOT need their permission for anything at all. ever. not their permission and not their support either. Dont show them what youre doing, if they ask, then tell them but keep it brief. dont leave yourself open to attack because those that do not let themselves be creative are threatened by those who do.

Take yourself seriously. Use me and the rest of the chicas here as a training ground until you are stronger.

and keep reminding yourself - it does not help me or the rest of the world if Red Pearl stays small and in her little corner. I want Red Pearls as big as they come. I want them loud and dancing down the street, in bright sequin hats. I want them as big and bright as they come.

I support you.
I take you seriously.

ironbru said...

Awesome post Suzi,

I work with seniors and they always say things like "you only live once" and "No one will remember you for the job you had but for the person you are."
You go girl! Live your life for YOU
There is nothing wrong with wanting to be with your family .that is what makes the best kind of family - the people that are there for you. Truly there for you.

We love you Suzi!!

Adriana Whitney said...

I love your party girl!! I just sold today on Etsy a party girl that I made.
Your dad reminds me so much to my dad, they way he walks, talks and even when he was cooking.
Does he has Italian heritage? because my dad's father was from Italy.

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

I think each and every one of us take what we need from your blog and your beautiful work. In fact, I took your words to heart and decided to cut back my hours at work so I can paint more. So what if I don't have the latest "things" that the world says are so important. I never had them before, so why bother now. :). But what I do have now is more time to do what I love. Which is more important than any "thing" I could buy. Suzi, you are truly an inspiration to us aspiring and somewhat-established artists who long to do this full time. Thank You and keep up your beautiful work!

Bonafyde said...

I needed this today. and your comment to Red Pearl touched a cord in me too, I tend to have negative unartistic (so they claim) people around me. TX Suzi!!!

Lisa said...

Getting away from negative people is the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves! It's not unnatural to hear them in our heads for a little while after they're gone, either, but if we can just shake it off and think good thoughts pretty soon we'll be flying high again.

Thank you Suzi for your beautiful advice to all of us. Your party girl is sooooo pretty!

rafael said...

oooh pretty
looks yummy

Gia said...

Great kit Suzi. So far I've tried the woodburning, started art journaling, and just bought board books for me and my kitty cats to make. All because of you!

Love what you wrote. You make me more determined. Hugs to you!

rafael said...

i was going to write a cool comment
but then i saw suzi blus comment.....and my comment died

rafael said...

you rock
the end

Sherry/Cherie said...

Sometimes it is just as simple as this "you don't own your socks"...what an absolutely brilliant philosophy of life. Thanks for the reminder!!!

Lyn said...

Love the kit!!!!Keep believing and let us know when we can buy them.

nollyposh said...

BeAUTiful REsponse to RedPearl Suzi... and THat's why WE luv ya X:-)

anitrasart said...

Redpearl sometimes even when you can stay home and work on your creative side you still have people who act as if what you are doing is not important. My husband constantly reminds me that I work for nothing.I am so glad you spoke your true feelings. Suzi I have to tell you my eyes filled when I read your response thank you so much for all you do and say! You are so loved your spirit is lifting me up each visit! Suzi I love your party girl too. Can you please tell us where and how to order prints of your art and also where will the Party girl kit be sold?

Eveline said...

Redpearl: I am very lucky to have a very very supportive boyfriend, but my parents and sisters think I am wasting my time with my Etsy shop and my 'playing' with paint. They don't understand how I can be so enthusiastic about something that has not made me any money to speak of. And on the other hand, they think I ask too much money for my work... I can't win with them!
But I love painting, and I love my shop and all the things I have listed there.

You can start your shop today if you want. You don't have to list tons at once (I'd recommend you spread your listings!) but you can start with just one item today and tell yourself that You Are A Shop Keeper. Don't listen to the negative voices, do what you love doing! And who knows where that one listing today will take you....

crafty said...

Hi gals,
thanx to you all for being there for each other, suzi definatley has some kind of magic that she manages to cast over us all....I think it's called sharing nad honesty.

LISA, I would love to quote what you have written here on the comments but I can't get in touch to ask your permission.

SUZI I have quoted one thing that you have said that really struck me.

OTHERS I have also sai da ggod word about you too on by blog
suzi and gals
crafty in italy

Annika said...

Our Wonderful wonderful Suziblu!
It is amazing how you touch us the way you do.

You share with us your inspiring soul.
Lulu, Pooh and parents of gold.

It`s like watching all the beautiful stars shine.
Your heart sparkle like the worlds shrine.

My biggest wish of all Suziblu,
is that all of your dreams will soon come true.

Painting love from Norway ;)

redpearl said...

Suzi, thank you for your response. Your words are as sweet as honey. I often struggle with making myself a priority but I'm working on it.

I appreciate ALL OF YOU so much!

Nerd Bunny said...

Thanks again for a brilliant post. I know I'm really just a quiet lurker type here, (just a little shy really), but all your posts and work are so inspiring to me. I come to your blog to feel warmth and support that I do not find elsewhere in my life. Your positive words help to counteract the negative voice in my head and in my home. Thank you.
NB x

rafael said...


renelli said...

Hi Suzi,
How do I buy the kit for The Party Girl? What do I have to do, send you a check, or is it for sale at a site?

My offer still stands to come and teach here in Michigan. I have a place to do the workshop which holds up to 20 people. You just set the price and put the word out. Love you...
Edie Simons

Paulette said...


Diane said...

Suzi, I am so glad to hear that your putting your videos back up. My all time favorite is juicy, juicy. (did I spell that right?). I've probably watched it 50x. Thank for putting them back up.

mistie said...

Hey Suzi

You're my inspiration! Such beautiful work and such a beautiful soul! I've been a teaching artist for a while now, but haven't had time for the personal stuff -- then I found your videos and blog. Thanks so very much for sharing your delightfulness. What a treasure and a gift. And yes! Michigan is a great place, come teach here!

suzi blu said...

Kits are not available yet, I just sent them off to Liz who owns Art Cellar and she will add the materials to the kits. Like Words and Music me and Liz. I couldnt make any of this possible if I didnt know someone with an awesome art supply company.

Today Im using ALCHEMY paint and its wonderful if youve never tried it.

sMacThoughts said...

I swear you are my source of inspiration and a boost to remind myself of the only truly important things in life. You remind me how to have ENJOYMENT. What a word, I'm looking at it right now, and because of you, it has a new meaning.

artistikitty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
artistikitty said...

You say that the kit will have step by step instructions....a DVD or what? I am probably asking the me "slow", I know. Can't wait for the debut of the kit. It's going to be a feeding frenzy, you know!? Keep on keeping on Suzi.

suzi blu said...

Kits will NOT have a dvd in them, but Still Photos and written instructions. When they are ready I will post samples of all. Photos are clear and show exactly what Im doing.
I think it came out great.

kel said...

Suzi I'm so happy for you. You are making your dreams come true and encouraging others as you go along.

Thank you a million times for the gentle reminder that life should be what we want it to be.

Donna said...

You continue to inspire me! =) Great words, Suzi! I love your party girl and I can't WAIT until the kit comes available!

You know, it took me WAY too long - many years - to reach a point of living my life the way I wanted it to be. I was always afraid or didn't believe in my own dreams or whatever...just excuses now. I feel now like I felt when I was about 10 years old - confident, joyful, fearless ~ I believe in myself. In fact, my 10 year old self is my Muse! =) I will NEVER go back to what I was like before! Never, ever, ever!!

You look good in your video - I hope you are feeling better and safe now that you are home. We ALL need to feel safe.

Hugs! Donna

SisterJulia said...

Such huge congratulations on the progress you are making with the kits!

I think Party Girl is adorable.

I look forward to buying for a couple of young chikkas in my life, and them learning more about you.

Hugs hunny

Jane said...

through your kits you will teach so many more people than you could ever reach through the traditional teaching venues, plus more people will have access to your wonderfulness. You are making so many people's lives richer with your art and teaching!