Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wood Burning

Its a bit orange because this is what I get when I take a photo indoors at night. Its really pink. Ill take a better photo today out in the sunlight. Id like to make prints from this but it might be too big. I LOVE PAINTING BIGGER its just easier. You can add more detail and you have room, you know? this is 18 X 24 which is the perffect size.


turquoise cro said...

O! Be careful and don't drop any chocolates, they would be bad for Lulu!!! I wish I was there soOOO I could chew one of those juicy chocolates! Becky will be soOOOOoo happy when she seeeeees her painting of her 2 sweet gals!! They are Beauty Full and your painting of them is Beauty Full!!!Bravo!!!Sue, Suzi Blu! Thanks for the Wood Burning class! My brother used to have one of those back in the day!

Deirdra Doan said...

awe suzi bluezie, they are so sweet! And your video is so sweet. You really make my those eyes with that cool paint!

Lorianne said...

My eyes poped right out when I saw those gorgeous boxes, you're one lucky girl! The painting is incredible, and the one you made well, do I need to say it was incredible too? You must know that already :)

Zom said...

The doggie looks fantastic.

Bonafyde said...

Fantabulous (is that even a word...LOL...well i do declare it to be one now!) Vid! i love the wood burning tutorial...I`ve been interesting in trying it out and this really answered a lot of questions I had...Thanks ever so much!

the painting turned out Fantabulous too, love how the dog turned out, too cute.

Actually you were cute too, and that`s you tired! What your secret Dahhling! really you must share. ;)

Absinth chocoaltes....mmmmmm...intriguing....

Chelsea said...

my favorite thing is LuLu giving you the really annoyed look when you were making noise opening the chocolate--hehe (my dog does that too!)

Anna Denise said...

Wow those chocolates look great! And the wood burning looks beaaaaaautiful!

(Oh, btw, Geneva is in Switserland :-) )

dee said...

Hey Suzi, the chocolates are not from Germany, they are Swiss!! Here everything is labelled in German, French and Italian, thought I told you. I think you may want to put away the absinthe one (I had included that coz its traditional swiss/french) but am not sure I did the right thing anymore. Didn't mean to scare ya, peace....dee.

Pippa said...

I think that's my new favourite painting! It's lovely! And you've done a great job on the dog! And you've captured those girlies beautifully. Well done Suzi! Hurrah!

Eveline said...

I can't believe I never noticed that you woodburn, until I heard your radio interview.. How weird is that?

Anonymous said...

Suzi you've painted the ultimate in the most prettiest faces I've ever seen!! Now I'm off to the shops to buy some chocolate.mmm yum.

crafty said...

bella, bella, bella, sei grande cara mia.

crafty in italy

Nina said...

Hey, I thought absinthe was illegal! Maybe it's only illegal in a bottle, but not in chocolate:-) LOL!! REminds me of a certain kind of brownies........

And it turned out as a shitzu, NOT a woodchuck after all - YAY!! And those girls really are gifts from did a terrific job capturing them.

"Sleep, that knits up the raveled sleeve of care". It really does, doesn't it?

Manon Doyle said...

Hi Suzi,
Love your work and your videos!!!
I do wood burnt whimsical pet portraits so it was fun to see you do a wood burning. great job!


Jabargus said...

Suzi, Suzi, Suzi,

I must say that is the most gorgeous painting I have ever seen from you! YAY! Happy Mother's Day to me!(OK, I'm a bit biased) Is it "print worthy"? I'd love a few for the Grandma's. You're the best, the bomb, the Shih Tzu's meow! Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3, Becky

Iris said...

Those little girls are gorgeous!

I love Carole King. I'm gonna put her CD on now.

Kim Mailhot said...

Suzy, that painting is so so so lovely ! You really captured the spirit and beauty of those two little girls !
Thanks for the woodburning tips ! I gotta try that ! 40%off coupon at Michaels, here we come !
Now, get some sleep, will ya ! Gotta keep up your sweet energy for all the masterpeices you will create. A girl can't live on chocolate alone.. or can she ? Wouldn't that be great ?

Elana said...

I LOVE the way those faces turned out! Please consider making a print of this one (while I start rubbing my pennies together hoping for more pennies...!)

Selenja said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Selenja said...

wow I was too quick with sending the post, so I deleted it
Here what I said:

Suzi, I really enjoy reading your blog and now I woul like to know, is it possible to order one painting and how much woul that cost. I would like to surprise my sister (biologist, into frogs - that sounds so princess-like, doesn't it?) for her 30th birthday. Please contact me, or send me some info on my mail.

suze said...

YUM! Swiss chocolate is the BEST!
Love the new painting. Can't you have it reduced down to make prints?

k.k. said...

Hi suzi!!!!
i love your site and your work and your videos:) i also have a blog here and i heard you like poems so you should check my blog out, because i write all sorts of stuff. if you do, plz. comment to tell me if you like it or not.

Judy said...

Suzi.. love the new vid... the wood burning and painting is awesome... Love the hair (wink).
I assume you wouldn't make a print from a commissioned piece, right. I would not want a print from custom one you did for me being sold, or it wouldn't be special. It's beautiful, just beautiful.. I must try Birch wood and wood burning. But first, I have to learn to draw... that would help. J

Victorian Lady said...

Love it Suzi! Take the painting to Kinko's- their scanner is big and they can email you the file as well as print! That's what I did for my Alice.



Tequitia said...

Love the video and really enjoyed your interview the other day. Also love the painting, too.

suzi blu said...

It's entirely up to the person I do a commission for whether or not prints will be made.I will ask becky. I will see too about kinkos having a scanner I so didnt know they had a big one. I keep taking photographs that dont come out so well so I cant put prints of anything up. So I will find out about that today.

For new commissions I am doing only the size of this painting cause I LOVE the size, its just perfect, more square than rectangular. 18X24 and it is 300.00. Although I cannot make a How To video from every painting I can make sure each commission, from this point forward, gets into a slide show on your dvd. (meaning, with each painting you receive a dvd of that weeks episode PLUS close up pictures of your painting and of the photos you send me showing who its for, like your little girls).

For some people who want a little bit more I will make your painting the weekly video. Next weeks should be interesting because the mom is suppling something she wrote about her daughters and will include their artwork also. It feels so amazing to make it about their little lives you know? at some point at some point I would love to visit a family, take video, and have it a celebration of them as well as a weekly how to thing. It combines my two loves.

About 5 years ago I had the idea for an internet tv show but I didnt have anything to edit on, it was going to be called BLUR. Each week Id interview interesting people that we might never would have the opportunity to meet, just regular people, and show how special they are. I did shoot footage of a model from my figure drawing class. He was 40, severely overweight (its more valuable to learn how to draw skin folds than a lean body sometimes) and lived at home with his mom in the basement where he created the most amazing tiny rail road trains and scenery. Like it took up the whole cellar. It was fascinating. Here is a person most would dismiss as a waste perhaps, not successful when judged against others his age. But his passion was beautiful.

Anyway, perhaps meeting that kind of unusual is not as important as the little ones in our lives and why they are so special. What I love most about you tube is its ability to make us care about strangers. Ordinary people and their ordinary lives. Just because we are not on ABC NBS CBS doesnt mean we are not worth watching right? It is the ultimate reality show.

and speaking of (Im so chatty today, I slept till noon!)there is project runway and there is top chef, there needs to be a visual artists reality show. I would totally watch.

Rose said...

Hi Suzi,
The girls are lovely!
Help!!Because the computer guy installed zonealarm on my computer so each time I click for your email it comes up as msimn.exe is malicious!!!
~I don't think you are malicious..
stupid computer!LOL
Please comment so I can send you info for a commission!
Ciao for now!!!

Heather, said...

That shitzu really transformed from his woodchucky little self! Mwah (that's a kiss)! Love this piece and loved seeing the girls who inspired it!
Thanks for being such an inspiration and advocate for the arts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzi,

I have no idea, really, how I came upon your site or how I saw your videos, but maybe it was fate because I've never felt more creative since I discovered you. You've been a big inspiration to me as of late--so thank you :)

2 things--

1) What video editing software do yo use? I love your videos :)

2) How do you let your non-commissioned work go? I mean, how do you part with it? I don't know that I'd be able to let little pieces of me go. I've always wondered that about artists. I mean, if each piece of art is an original--how do you not want to hold on to it?

Thanks Suzi :)

Monique (from Canada)

suzi blu said...

what is your email and I will write to you.

My computer is an iMac which comes with iMovie. If you at all ever get the chance to switch for PC to MAC do it!

I also dont make anything that is not for sale, fortunately or unfortunately. at first it felt weird to let them go but I kind of like always having something different on my walls. plus the prints come out very well so I can always have a little something of a reminder and can always paint another right? but its also a nice feeling that things Ive made are in someones home. especially these new ones of children who get to grow up looking at such a positive image of themselves. so much bigger than me right? I like that.

rose said...

Rose can reach me at
Thanks again!

changapeluda said...

OMG! Suzi Blue!! You fucking rock my fucken face OFF!

so you made me march right out to my neglected rusty tool shedded cabinet and whaddaya know!

THING-a Ma-BOB! it's got a blue handle. i am stoked.

woo hoo!

Boho Girl said...



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