Friday, May 23, 2008

Viva La Summer SUZICAM

Watch live video from Suzi Blu on

The girl on the right says I LOVE SPAGHETTI.

Cause I have no friends and nowhere to go, suzi, lu, and pooh will be broadcasting live all weekend. HERE
My channel name is suziblutube you might have to sign up first I dont know.

including right now. while im sleeping. I was up late and need more sleep.

Let me know if you can hear sound.


Iris said...

In that sketch, the girl on the right, does she have legwarmers? That is just TOO CUTE. I love wearing legwarmers. Especially when it's slightly too cold to wear a skirt but with legwarmers it's just right *grin*

Elana said...

I signed up for and then I searched for "suziblutube" and "suziblu" and even just "art" but I couldn't find you! Can you post a direct link please? ^_^

KayakChickee said...

I tried too, but no SuziBlu. I'll try again later.

meg said...

wake up BLU! we need a link!


meg said...

oh i found her:


Nebulous said...

:) I signed up and will drop in to see you over the weekend.

katie said...

i can hear sound just fine. your phone sure rings a lot. :)

rose said...

I love cold spaghetti!!
Suzi-let me know if the email I reply back from you was recieved so I know if this malicious computer thing is
interfering with sending out emails to certain people.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

you have me as a friend..
love you, nita ...>

gina said...

i am your friend and many people would love to be you have many supporters and freinds on you tube i wish i had 1/2 the love you have you give so much love thats why im happy you kkep doing all these cool things radio now live tv. cool love ginasart

Julie Ayotte said...

I love that I went to watch and you were sleeping at 8PM. LOL