Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Video 1 of two this week


Debra said...

okay where is the vid????? suzi it is gone!!!!

Jillian said...
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Maureen B said...

YaaaaYYYyyy! Wonderful Suzi! Please come to northern Cali in your RV! Suzi is my Guru----- She got it right yet again.

Nina said...

Puppet therapy rox!!!!!

crazierinreallife said...

Oh Suzi- Miss Kitty is so very lucky to have a good friend like you to explain how dangerous wolves can be and how REAL puppy dogs don't act smart, they are kind of dumb but in a really good way!! You and Miss Kitty ROCK!!!

Karen H.

LC said...
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P to the A to the T to the T to the Y said...

Girl you rock!! I love your videos, your art, your personality, all of it. Thanks for inspiring me.


Moonsown said...

Wow, Suzi! Profound and beautiful!



Mariposa said...

All right, chick-a-dee, who's been messing with you this time? Wolf indeed, let's go bite him.

Good message, btw, we need to take responsibility for our reaction to situations that we find hurtful.

Bonafyde said...
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Shonna said...

Suzi, your the best! I love how you handle tough situations in your life. You should forgive, it will help you heal. On a side note, my 2 1/2 year old son was glued to the video while I watched it and said "Mama, I want to play at her house!" -Also, I'm doing my very best to make sure my son will never be a wolf!!! Love you girly!-Shonna

Bonafyde said...

Extremely well put! LMAO at the end...seems despite all the forgiveness and such...... Karma can be a bitch...the wolf seems to have been hit...You can hide but You can`t run from it! LOL

All hail Suzi Blu! now Karma...send her a real Puppy Dog!

nollyposh said...

Oh Suzi Blu X;-) WE love YOU!
Damn wolves...Be gone!!!

Zom said...

I like what you said about puppy dogs not being slick. Boy, is that the truth. When we are honest, who knows what will come out? It isn't always what we want to hear, but I have never trusted 'silver tongued' men.

My partner often says the 'wrong' thing, but his actions are what I try and listen to. They are consistently loving.

I wrote down a good quote the other day:
"Forgiveness is giving up on improving the past." I really like that.

meg said...

everyone has said it so well! i agree with them all. you're the best and im proud of you for handling your situation so well and for teaching us also. you go girl! ;)


Kimbo said...

wolf boys are stinky and stupid, girl kitties are sweet, honest and oh so smart ! and Suzi Kitty is one of the best !

May a man puppy dog come along just when you are ready for him and when he does, man, that will be one lucky dog !!!

love the forgiveness message, and the crushed wolf at the end too !

Iris said...

Irises!! (the flowers at the start)

You're such a strong woman Suzi! I think forgiveness is a big part in not being a victim. When you act like a victim you give power to the person who hurt you because you do not allow yourself to move on. If you forgive them it DOESN'T mean you're not hurt anymore, but it means you take away the power from the person who hurt you.

You are so open and warm and nice. And it's easy to be mean to people who are positive and have a big heart, because their heart is always open. Open to let all the good things in, but also vulnerable to the bad. Please never close your heart Suzi because the positive always outweighs the negative.

You're fabulous!

Nancy said...

Thank you, Suzi Blu. What for? For the videos, the art, the funny comments and for being brave enough to share your life (even the heartaches) with all of us. You are such an inspiration.
Nancy (nanakin1)

Nancy said...

Thank you, Suzi Blu. What for? For the videos, the art, the funny comments and for being brave enough to share your life (even the heartaches) with all of us. You are such an inspiration.
Nancy (nanakin1)

Anonymous said...

Suzi I know you must have been through much pain in your life to be this wise. You're a loving and open person, and that's just it. You LIVE LIFE and your strength shines through, that's why we all think you're amazing.
love and hugs, Jess.

suzi blu said...

Holding a resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die! I heard that in AA. I dont go anymore but I like their sayings.

Keeping yourself angry or hurt because of what someone did to you keeps you attached to them, which is what they want. Thats where they get off - since they are unable to have true intimacy this is as intimate as they can get. and i you think about it when we hurt someone (or animal) that is vulnerable, it is really ourselves we are hurting. SEE we are all mirrors for each other and if someone has a quality that you do not have or are afraid to express then you will feel challenged by that person. Like if you dont have a leg, people with legs are going to really piss you off and you might feel envious and wish them a fall or something, so that they feel as miserable as you. Same with vulnerability - those that cannot be themselves and open and completely vulnerable with those in their lives will be envious of those that are and will therefore try to corrupt that openness. HA. But it doesnt work or you dont have to let it work. yOu, my dears, have all the power.

Never be secretive never shrink because someone else tries to make you feel small and unimportant, never feel used. You just go on to the next person. OH MY YOU ARE STANDING IN MY WAY! Although our first reaction may to say ohhh I shall never trust again you just keep on keepin on but a bit wiser. You trust people who first earn your trust. Which has been my lesson. Although I can love everyone, boys are going to have to show me from the start and continue on so because they tend to be weird.

My roommate often asks me why I put it all out there all the time I mean, I set myself up to be attacked if I tell all my secrets from the start. And the wolves in my life think I tell my secrets only to them. but no, I tell everyone. I have no secrets. and its for no other reason than to save my life. I honestly do not want to live if I have to create a persona for you to like me. Right? How wholesome it feels to know that I like who I am and stay consistent throughout each day.

Ok, LuLu gets her 1st haircut today! I hope they let me shoot video.

bLu eYd YoGi said...

did u delete my comment? who needs a wolf anyway? really~ if you are LOOKING for something, it's always seems to be running from you. I am learning this RIGHT NOW~ the hard way~ but, i THINK i've got it now! the more you THINK you want, need, desire, something, someone~ whatever~ the further away it gets! when you are happy in the moment, and accept your life & the situation for what IS ~ new, wonderful thigs will come!
oh SuziBEE~ you seem to have a wonderful, magical, fun-filled, fairy tale life! poop on the wolf~ i'm sorry you were hurt & i KNOW what a SUPER-strong woman you are! you will be STRONGER & smarter now~ you are AMAAAAAAAZING & I love you for being you & for being such a WONDERFUL person with an amazing spirit!
LoVe, PeAcE & SuNsHiNe~
p.s. did u see the painting tess did of me? OMG!!! it made me cry!? (it's on my blog if u didn't)
p.p.s. i am setting a GOAL for myself!? how crazy!!! i AM going to finish a painting today!!!~
(i am SUCH a procrastinator & trying to MAKE myself do things :)

Lisa said...

You are the only person who could have made me laugh out loud today. I'm having a poopy, feel-sorry-for-myself, I'm a talentless hack and I want to throw away all my art supplies, kind of day. Thanks for making me smile. THanks for always turning things around and making a wonderful lesson of it. Thanks for reminding me that stupid people can't help being stupid. I really needed to be reminded of that because I've got some really stupid people to forgive. Love you Sue!

Flassie's Fil'a said...


GottaBeKD said...

evil wolf.
love the newest stuff & I LOVE that magazine! I went and got it...

GottaBeKD said...

um, and come to Ottawa Canada (1 hour north of watertown ny... relax) you and lulu can park here anytime!

Debra said...

Hmmm why do I feel like I came in at the end of a story? Something about a wolf, a dog, and a kitty. Yes I get that all this is metaphoric for "something" that has happened. I cannot comment since I am unaware of the whole matter. I am happy though to see you are back in good spirt and that the P.I. seems to have cleared up.
Love the paintings.

Pippa said...

It was STELLAN wasn't it?! What a WOLF!

Alfredo said...

Hey Suzi! I love your blog! love your videos too, I guess a wolf broke miss kitty's heart, don't worry u r bright and smart, i'm sure you'll find someone as smart and bright as you in the horizon. Beautiful paintings, exellent interview, u rock girl, i'm proud to say that i know you in person! although i have to say that you looked different this morning when you visited the post office, must have been the black sweatshirt, it's just not you... bright pastel colors is the real you (modest personal opinion from a new fan of yours), keep up the good work, next time u stop by the post office... may i get an autograph? Alfredo.