Saturday, May 24, 2008

This is thee deal
Go to and the name of the all chick channel tonight is suzishmoo
I will make it friends only so youll have to sign up for an account (takes 2 seconds) and add me as a friend to get into my room. No boys allowed except for Rafa. and perhaps jared if we get lonely but basically, just us with tits. being stupid. make sure tascha knows. go and email her and MAKE HER COME BY.

It'lss almost 10 now EST I am thinking 11:30
I know its late. I cant stay up till 3 tonight. i dont think : D

I will have daytime chats for my HOLLAND friends : )

I have to get catfood now.



Eveline said...

Oohhhhh, so happy to hear you'll have daytime chat for us Dutchies!! Will be sure to make that one!

Off to bed now. 'Night!

Maureen B said...

please post a link- cant find- i am search challenged :(

Anonymous said...

Great that you'll have a daytime chat for us! I didn't make it last night, I was so tired it was midnight over here.

*runs off to go and sign up at suzishmoo*


crafty said...

that would be absolutely greyt...........hopefully a sunday as most of us would be at home.

Hi to all the other euro Suzi blu lovers.
ciao crafty in italy

katie said...

aw! i missed it. i'll have to catch it next time.

mercury said...

Dammit! I fell asleep waiting for the party last night...

I think I'm gonna cry :o(

angel said...

whoohoo that would be great, as I am in bed already when you are chatting! I've missed every single one!!!!
ps I got a puppy!!!! He's 5 weeks old now! We can go and pick him up in 2 weeks!

Fleuri-anne said...

Oooh it's soo great that you'll do daytime chats for us dutchies!!
Can't wait!!

suzi blu said...

What time would be best for my dutchies? day and time?