Sunday, May 25, 2008

Suzi Survey Questions

If you were to take an online class with me, what would you like to learn? Be specific.

Also, how many of my goddess babies are Dutchies?
What time do my dutchies want art cam to begin?

6 hours of sleep. Tascha is killing me. Shes like a canadian ferret on a triple expresso with her energy. How does her bf keep up! I must start chats earlier so we have a chance to wear her out. Im going to buy more trivia games this week cause that was fun. very fun. there are many games we can play. today though I have to work work. Im running out of commissions so I need to make stuff for eBay. Suzi gotta keep eating!

be back later


Anonymous said...

here's one! (sam_89 on stickam)
I have to share the computer so can't allways be there at a certain time, but i think something between 8 and 9 pm is fine (between 2 and 3 pm in the states?).
I don't know, really, just listen to the other dutchies ;)
c ya

Chi said...

*waves* Another Dutchie here (chi_gurl)! I have to work and study first, so anytime between 9 and midnight - that's between 3 and 6 pm for you suzi - would be fine for me. Any later than that and I'm going sleepy again, cauz I have to get up at 6 (urgh, I hate early mornings).

As for the online class. I'd like to learn more about techniques, I especially loved your vid about layers. And some more info about tools would be nice too. Like what kind of an effect you'll get when using something like beeswax for example. I'm a newbie so I'll be gratefull for any tips =)

Hope to see everyone again later today! Huggles Chi.

krissy said...

I'd like to learn more about how you paint your faces. They always look so peaceful and happy!

Fleuri-anne said...

I'm a Dutchie too! (fleurianne)! Ehmmm anywhere between 7 and 11 pm (or 12) is perfect for me! So that would be between 1 and 5 or 6 pm for you I guess! I'll have to be in bed around midnight as well just like chi, cause unfortunately we have more exams coming up, yukgh!! I'm sooo looking forward to the chat though, it'll be great! I think it's soooo awesome that you're doing this for the dutchies Suzi, you're a sweety!!!

The online class, I'd looove to learn more on how to make a nice face, for example, I really struggle with the shading and the eyes! Also, layering and messyness, cuz it can be so hard to let go! And maybe something on how to pick a 'theme' for a certain painting including the use of colour etc. That would be sooo great!

I'm looking forward to the dutchies chat!! See you later!

kittyism said...

Hi, Suzi. An online class is such an excellent idea! I would really like to learn about adding more depth to my work. My stuff seems kind of flat and graphic, even when I try to work with layers, and I feel it needs that depth and... life, you know? Thanks for asking.


PJH said...

Im not a Dutchie but the times Crushed and chi listed will work for me as well. I have a slightly sick pup so I am up super early and cant always keep my eyes open by midnight. I painted with you yesterday--LOVED IT! I will learn from anything you want to show. I know you were dealing with the camera on your Mac but I guess a closer look while you are working is all I could ask for. That way maybe I can see when/where you are scraping off beeswax or how you shade the face of your beautiful ladies!

Your a Goddess! Hope to see ya later.

Diane said...

If I took an online class with you I'd like to learn how to shade faces and layering tecniques also how to give a painting a vintage look.
P.S. I have really enjoyed you're online Memorial Day weekend Suzi marathon.

crafty said...

ciao .....waving to everyone from Italy. I agree with the DUTCHIES we're on the same time so that would work fine for me too. I believe we are 6 hours ahead of you my dear

materials. the 3 w's here, WHEN, WHAT , WHERE to use them.

drawing and painting/ shading face faces

sealing technqiues on finished paintings.

ciao crafty joan in italy

ps oh and how to be as mad as a ahtter like our suzi !!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I see the other dutchies prefer it a little bit later, which also works for me.

the online class; as fleur said, I would also like to learn about picking a theme and the messyness.

looking forward to it!

tascha said...

What is a Dutchie???? Here I go, Outta the loop again :(

crafty said...

Tascha, a Dutchie is a Dutch person Fom Holland the Netherlands.

pass the dutchie to the right-hand side.....from a song here is talking about a joint to smoke.

So please don't get the two mixed up and try and smoke one of our dutch firends ...okey dokey. !!!

no offence to our dutch friends I love Holland and her people

onwingslikethese said...

I also would love to learn how you shade faces. Another thing I would be interested in is if you would walk us through the creation process; from ideas and sketches to the actual painting.

Iris said...

I'm a Dutchie too! I don't live there anymore though. I think on weekdays it'd be great to do your chats around 2pm EST. That would be 7 in the UK or 8 in Holland (and the rest of Western Europe) which is nice for people who have to come home from work and have dinner.

Oh and by the way, with regards to what you said in that radio art talk show about what poopie means in Dutch, it means something like 'cutie' so I think it's a very appropriate name for Pooh!

Shonna said...

Please do an online class!!! I would love to learn how you layer, what mediums you use (glaze etc.) to get the shabby looks of your backgrounds. And also how you shade your girlies faces. I totally missed the chat last night and would love to chat with the Dutchie's even though I'm in the States.

Iris said...

Oh and as for what I'd like to learn.. I'd echo what most people have already said. Faces (and stuff like how to achieve different facial expressions through the eyes and mouth) and how to shade the faces.

And also the 'messiness' like someone mentioned. I feel so anal usually because I want everything to look perfect and I'd like to know more about how to just LET GO and be messy and stuff. OK that's all very abstract lol but yeah how to be messy? *grin*

Anonymous said...

Another dutchie here! I'm with Fleuri-anne on the time, between 7 and 12 pm would be great (1-6 pm for you). You're really sweet for doing this for us dutchies!

I would love to learn how to get a good skintone. And the eyes! How do you get them to look alive and how do you get that good white sparkle in them? And I'd like to learn more about messyness, layers and shading.

I'm looking forward to the online classes!


Nancy said...

Want to learn how you shade faces, too! I'm signed up to take a class from Paulette this summer (taking organic dimensions now) but want to learn from you as well. I'm still trying to find my own style so I'm learning from everyone. Suzi, I would sign up in a heartbeat and I know you would fill your classes in record time. You are so generous to share your techniques on You Tube for free but in an online class you could go into more detail and take specific questions.
Hugs to you, pooh, and lulu,

tranquilchaos said...

an online class would be most excellent! i would enjoy more on layering, too, as well as learning about coloring the entire canvas, not just the stuff i've sketched. (i.e. if i paint my background first, i lose my sketch marks. if i paint the sketch areas first, i have trouble with the rest of the white canvas.)

thanks to you and tascha for hosting last night. was so much good fun!


Eveline said...

Here's another one! But I'm in the UK, so I'm a whole hour closer to you! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm in England so I'm an hour behind the Dutchies :o) The times everyone has said would be good for me too.
I've watched for a little while this weekend but missed all the chats because I was too sleepy. It sounds like you had a lot of fun! :o)

Online classes, I'd like to learn more about backgrounds and making my figures look like part of the painting instead of looking like they have been stuck on afterwards. I'm not very good at it.
I've worked on a computer for years so the whole layers things scares the pants off me, so something to overcome fear of messing up would be good.

KayakChickee said...

Last night's chick chat was fun! But I have a hard time staying up that late; so earlier would be fine. My ancestors were Dutchies and I live in Holland, Michigan. So I guess I'm a transplanted Dutchie. Anyway, I love your weekly videos and I'm good with those.

suzi blu said...

Pass the dutchie on the left hand side - WHAT SONG IS THAT i keep singing that line in my head but I cant get to the rest of it!!

Lisa said...

I would love to learn about shading faces and also about layout. My pieces always seem to be out of balance.

tascha said...

Here in canada a dutchie is a kind of donut! With raisins! Can some other Canadians back me up on this?

CallMeNiner said...

Musical Youth are the ones that single pass the dutchie.

Anna said...

I just wanted to say hello! I found your videos and blog about a week ago thru Dancing Mermaid's blog, and now I'm peeking in each day for inspiration. Thank you for being here!

kittyism said...

Now I'm going to have that song in my head all day... that one and "Unconditional Love." How funny.

suzi blu said...


and of cOurse Jason knows the name of the band

douhnuts with raisons tash! you crazy Canadians!!

crafty said...

Suzi, after I wrote the reply to Tascha I then started singing it and realized that I'd got my left and right in a mucky fuddle !!!!!

If I remember correctly the song was back in the 80's by a group called MUSCIAL YOUTH.
apparantly I think there was talk that although the song dutchie was slang for marijuana some said it was a cooking pot from the west indies.......

gotta get this song out of my head.

Anna Denise said...

Another Dutchie here :-) Between 3 and 6 pm for you is good for me too.

Anonymous said...

I need a beginers type lesson but all of the previous suggestions sound good and i would def. wtach them all. Did i read something about you making up kits to sell? I hope so and soon!!!! I think they could also poss. tie into a lesson at least for us beginers Thanks suzi hope to see you lulu and pooh again today. Hugs val

CallMeNiner said...

I worked in a record store for 5 years during college in the early 90's. That's the secret to my musical knowledge. ;)

Julie Ayotte said...

I'd love it if you taught an online class! Things I'd like to see in said online class are things everyone else is mentioning: shading faces, backgrounds, layers, being messy, how you build a painting step by step, etc. etc. I'd also be interested in knowing how you prepare the wood for painting. I've never painted on wood before, but I really love the effect of the wood burner so I would love to try working with it.

renee b said...

I concur about the donut thing with Tascha. We generally purchase them at the sacred temple of "Tim Hortons" which is basically a mainstream coffee shop chain like Starbucks. They are not my favorite donuts however. I am more down with the maple glazed donuts in true Canadian fashion.

crafty said...

OMG.....I should never have opened my big mouth !!!!!!!!!!!!
hope everyone is singing along !!!!

crafty joan in italy

Joyful Artist said...

Hi Suzi,
Totally missed all the week-end live fun. Is any of it recorded so it can be watched now by those of us that missed it?

You are a Messy/Let Go's what I had said on my first post to you.....and how you had clicked in me a new idea of art freedom...I'm a very picky-perfect-non messy artist..think its because of working in such tight small places....which is about to change..going from a small apt to a large house. I'm about to move from California to Florida.. so I'll be on your time line started way early for me on your live chat.

I agree with all other posts....layers, tools, techniques, shading, woodburning...everything!

Yay! Classes are sooooo's what brought me to YouTube in the first place... looking at videos of other artists and what they's how I found you Suzi! You are by far the most fun and best teacher.... so BRING ON SUZIBLU CLASSES!!!!!!!!

I had not replaced my beloved doggy for 12 years now and your little pooh helped me also.. I now want a doggie again...Florida will give me the space again for everyting new. Yay for all the new fun!
Joyful Artist

Joyful Artist said...

Hi Suzi,
Totally missed all the week-end live fun. Is any of it recorded so it can be watched now by those of us that missed it?

You are a Messy/Let Go's what I had said on my first post to you.....and how you had clicked in me a new idea of art freedom. I'm a very picky-perfect-non messy artist ..think its because of working in such tight small places ....which is about to change am going from a small apt to a large house. I'm about to move from California to Florida. I'll be on your time line started way early for me on your live chat.

I agree with all other posts- layers, tools, techniques, shading, woodburning. Everything!

Yay! Classes are sooooo's what brought me to YouTube in the first place... looking at videos of other artists and what they do's how I found you Suzi! You are by far the most fun and best teacher.... so BRING ON SUZIBLU CLASSES!!!!!!!!
Joyful Artist

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hahaha that song is now playing over and over again in my head, thanks alot lol.

So now we dutchies are donuts with raisins right? :P

Joyful Artist said...

Hi Suzi,
Sorry posted sooo new to blogging.I have no idea how to delete a post I made.
Joyful Artist

Linda said...

Suzi I can see at least 2 classes to do:
1. layering - how to build an image up so that it's complete and full at the end

2. details - how to get the finer details right like on the face such as shading and even details you put on dresses etc. Basically how to add that pizazz after getting the layering from class one in place.

Can't wait to do a class :-)

She Believes said...

Suzi I am so bummed I keep missing all these chats!! But I would love love love an online class with you. I want to make messy!!
I seem to be stuck inside the lines-- LOL!!

She Believes said...

Suzi I am so bummed I keep missing all these chats!! But I would love love love an online class with you. I want to make messy!!
I seem to be stuck inside the lines-- LOL!!

crafty said...

there are videos of them on you tube singing this song

crazierinreallife said...

face faces faces for me. I would also really love to learn more about adding depth to a piece

Eveline said...

I hope you'll be back tonight. It's nearly 10 pm here in the UK, almost 11 pm in Holland. Just thought I'd say. ;)

And I LOVE the Musical Youth song. I was too young to understand what it was about when it came out, but I always thought the youngest one was such a cutie. One of them died in a gang related fight, I can't remember which one....

Of course now I can't stop singing the song either.....

tranquilchaos said...

i FINALLY got pass the dutchie outta' my head. then livin' la vida loca came on the radio. drat!

nollyposh said...

Hey Suzi X:-)

Online classes YEY! Faces (shading), backgrounds (layers), and mediums used... Just about everything... classes from scratch for me! Found you LIVE in the beginning and then missed out (ie) Couldn't find you when l got back... (All that mucking around with time zones! Sheesh!)xox

mccabe said...

hi suzi**

i would LOVE to take an online class from you. already i have gotten tons of inspiration from your videos alone. you are magic!

i am a self-taught artist and really appreciate your technique demonstrations. any step by step thing you could do would be great. i am also curious about the steps you take to do your paintings. (i know you draw them out in pencil first
and use a variety of materials)

what a great thing to be teaching online! you have so many great things to offer the world-i am so lucky to have found you!

peace and love,
mccabe x

DeeDee said...

Poo, I haven't got a chance here in Australia. Don't imagine we will be having a 5AM chat.

I was able to watch the justintv chat, but couldn't get on. Still, it was nice to be there.

Connie said...

Hi Suzi! I would definitely take an online course with you on the secrets of how you make your cool videos--little nuggets of wisdom on lighting, editing, where you find your music, etc. That would be cool!! Plus, I need to tell you that I listened to your interview on Art Talk Radio today and all I can say is that I love you!!! You are an amazing woman! Keep rockin'! Peace & Love.

Apple said...

I'm upset...I keep missing all the chats. I guess I will catch one later.
I would like to learn how you shade your faces and add depth to your work!! I have tried and I just can't get it right. Thank you!!!

Bonafyde said...

I missed the chat last might too, Boo hoo! :( I being Canadian also concur with Tascha on the Donuts....although I can be somewhat of a trader based on my many many jaunts to starbucks as well....what can I say I swear they put crack in their formula....I dream of getting a Frap at times... lol

Suzi Blu Online classes...I am armed with CC....count me in! Personally I concur with all the suggestions above namely;
-Layers Layers Layers
-Faces...shading, creating a natural looking mouth, the eyes and nose, etc..
_I would like to add SkinTones...I tend to paint a lot of brown/tan girls, being a brown girl myself...and as i often find with all my girls no matter the shade it is tricky to create a natural and contoured/luminous tone. i don`t necessarily strive for portrait /photo realism but I want them to have warmth and depth...KWIM?
-I`d love a video detailing how to finish off a painting with various sealants but notably the Beeswax one...I remember a Vid you did awhile back where you said that you had added an essential oil that gave that particular painting a slight fragrance and of course the healing/mystic properties of the said oil and I have been so intrigued by that technique ever since.
-classes on techniques is always a good thing...loved the recent Vid where you demo`s woodburning...very very cool!

Jessica said...

I'd love it if you showed us how to shade faces and shape eyes. Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Dutchies!! I haven't had one in a long time. I must find some NOW!!

I think they changed the recipe though. The raisins use to be way bigger!
As to the online classes I will be there for sure!! I have one of your paintings Suzi and I just keep staring at it and still can't tell how you get the face shading so smooth and perfect. you cant see where you change color at all. what products you use would be one of the things I would like to know. What you thin paint with and what pencil crayons (watercolor?) you use. Maybe pulling out with the camera so we can see you mix your paints. I need to see it all!!
Love you on the West Coast of Canada!!

Mirjam said...

Hi Suzi,
here's another dutchie. First I'd like to say that I just love your work and videos. You and Tasha were the ones that inspired me to start an art journal and got me drawing and painting. I can't thank you enough for that.

What I would like to learn from you is how you do your faces. I'd like to know what materials you use, beside acrylic paint, and how you blend your colours so beautifully. If possible I'd like to see you do it step by step.
Between 3 and 6 pm your time would be great for me.
I hope you'll make a video of your class aswell, so we can watch it over and over and over again.

Chelsea said...

well, as I said yesterday to ya...I want to learn to make my girls look like they DON'T have fetal alcohol syndrome---because otherwise my wannabe cute little drawings become very sad and look like a public service announcement.

oh, thanks for putting me as a person you adore--I adore you right back! MUAH!


angel said...

Another Dutchie here!! I don't really mind what time you'll be online, as long as it isn't after 10 pm here (if were are 6 hours ahead it would be 4 pm at your place but I think it's more actually).
Online classes would be great! I would love to learn more about mixed media in general, products (hard to find here I think! Any suggestions you dutchies??) I am just messing around with paint, gesso, gel medium, paper and paint and some other embellies at times but it doesn't look like anything I see and what I want it to look like! Maybe a class on how to create your own figurine? I've tried but they are all too specific and detailed!
Big hugs

Anonymous said...

YES please start an online class Suzi!
I would like to learn more about the materials you use. What kind of pencils and ink you use for your words.
When I tried to make a Suzi Blu inspired painting, the materials just blended together and it all became a mess. Maybe you could make a list here on your blogg? Love everything you make and the way you make it. You are a huge inspiration! Lots of Painting Love from Norway ;)

Anonymous said...

What I would like to learn from an internet course:
Process from sketching to beeswax - what comes first, second, third,

Also more about where you get inspiration and ideas and how you develop them and get them on canvas. That's where I get stuck, just coming up with ideas about things to paint.

And.... I would like to see weekly prompts for those of us who struggle with getting started - either a technique or a word or an object. Kinda like you did with your playshop videos but it doesn'[t always have to be a video, even just a couple of words in a post once a week.

I want a lot, huh? Hey you asked!

Anonymous said...

and yet another Dutchie!
thought to me Dutchies are a little crazy...times are also perfect for me.
And would also love to learn how you get the shades and colors of the faces so neat and cute.

Lisa said...

I had never heard the song, but I was playing it and my 19yo came in and started singing along. LOL Mom's always the last to know.

Shelly Atkinson said...

can't back you up Tascha...never heard of a donut called that....hehehehe

sparkle said...

OOOHHHHH! Suzi, I would love to take and online class with you, I want to sign up and give you moola right now!

I love the layering and texture in your painting and would love to learn more about how to work this sparkly rich color texture goodness into my own art.

You are such an inspiration, thank you for sharing your artistic soul with the world!

Long Black Eyelahes said...

Hi Suzi, oh yes, please do an online class! Definately your cute faces and layers, the backgrounds remind me of a yummy cake, how in the world do you get that depth? But i am asking for those ADORABLE animals that you paint, kitties, birdies, etc. Please, please, please! Angelica

Babytreese said...

I would like to learn in steps how to use the gesso properly with the water soluable oil pastels - layering...and the best material to use with them - paper and wood. I would like you to slowly and in steps teach us these things. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

re: ONLINE CLASSES: i vote for journal basics and beyond. start at the beginning for all of those newbies and work your way up to more challenging projects? would love to start fresh and new. xooxxoxo my two cents worth.
xoxoxox wendy from WA

Annabelle said...

I would luv to learn right from the start! Please let me know when you do.
And Tascha, I do know the donut you speak about.Timmys sells them and they are my hubby's fav.

Evelyn Aviles-Bermudez said...

Someone please tell me what a dutchie is. Suzie, I love the shading and highlights you put into your faces. It makes the subject come alive. I'd like to see more of that.

Di said...

Hi Suzi - I'm also in the UK. Those later times are ok but would you be able to make a video and perhaps a private blog for those that may not be able to make the chat/video live? Just a thought! Thanks

Suzi C said...

Yay! Is it open to people who live on the butt end of the world *Australia*???? I love your backgrounds and how you make your text blend in with it and not make it look seperate (LIKE I KEEP DOING - SHEESH!) .... can we learn that too please?

Sama said...

Not a dutchie but a swedie here! I would love to be able to join the chats on a more reasonable time for me, and around 3 pm EST sounds like a nice alternative!

For the online class, I would love to learn how you make the backgrounds and the shading of the faces (noses especially, I hate the way mine turn out...).

kraftyscraps said...

I would love to take an online class. I'm on the west coast, in southern California, but love the times the dutchies are suggesting since late mornings/early afternoon is perfect for me. I like the suggestion of a private blog or forum even better. It can be rough making it to these things sometimes since I have my two kiddos with me practically 24/7.

I love learning techniques from your weekly videos. So for an online class I would want something more in depth such as your process, how you found your own artistic voice or how we can do that.

DazzleDreamer said...

Layering, layering and more (yes) LAYERING! You are the queen OF LAYERING and I DO love it SSSssooo!
Colour, texture and....layering!
What more could we ask for? Your girls are the colour and shape of HAPPY, what we all need more of.
Just found you last week---can you believe it? Can't wait for your class. Go to it, Suzi girl!
Thanx for all ~DazzleDreamer
Oh, yes. One last word...LAYERING!

pumog said...


I'm in UK and work 9-5 so for me evenings/w/es would be best...

And I SUPER WANT TO LEARN IMAGE TRANSFERS! I've been getting so frustrated about them, all I get is blurry mush when I try!!! But really I'd like to learn everything, it's all great. Thanks!


Hey girl Ive been stalking your video's and blog for awhile now and Please Please let me know when the online class is ready for sign up. I will do all of them and just know Im going to learn heaps. I live in an isolated from everything place in Western Australia and love online classes. When I first saw your videos i thought ok this girl is seriously nuts and then i thought she is seriously smart LOL your totally addictive and heaps of fun to watch and listen too...yea join me up in your fan club lol. smiles Michelle