Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Screw the scanner

Pictures come out much better for me with the digital camera, the scanner looks blurry? Perhaps because the wood is too big to fit inside so the top is open some. so here is a brighter pics of the mermaid. I will put her up for auction tonight.

Off to make a puppet show bout a kitty kat and a wolf. Pictures later!

Oh and its sunny again! And I have a red dress on!!!!


tascha said...

Three cheers for sunshine and red dresses!!!

mercury said...

yep... that can cause blurry :o)

you can try covering it with a dark fabric (blanket, towel, whatever...) to keep the light out.

can't wait for the puppet show! is it based on actual events? ;o)

meg said...

layyyydeeee in reeeeeeed....

(im singing haha)
(block your ears)

suze said...

Also loving all your red head goddesses!