Monday, May 05, 2008

Poison IVY IS NOT love

Good Morning From My Face Is All Fucked Up Land!
fishboy sAys he'll kiss me like this but I doubt it.

POISON IVY FACTS I bet u did not know:
a) its not contagious. when you have the blisters the fluid inside the blisters is not made of the same stuff that gave you the poison to begin with. its an entirely different substance and will not spread if you itch it and open it. HOW POISON IVY WORKS is that, if you are a sensitive fuck like I am, you breeze by a leaf and casually catch it on your sleeve. Since you have no clue and have lived in garden apartments in north jersey your whole life where there is more concrete and guys named Tony than anything looking like a greeny red looking plant from hell, you have no idea what to avoid if and when you come into contact with said beast. SO you dont know to wash upper forearm where the plant touched and instead oh you just go through your day, holding your arm, rubbing it against here and there, getting the plants oil all under and over and here and there. That is how poison ivy spreads. the day you get it.

or if you have a dog. a messy little dog who eats poop and needs a haircut and she rolls around in poison ivy than comes and sleeps on your pillow (my rash is exactly the position in which I sleep at night, all over the right cheek and down that side of my neck, right were I have contact with my squishy pillow of love). so you can get PI that way. Animals are immune. The fuckers.

The thing that confuses people is the blisters do not appear all at once - therefore it seems as though it is spreading. Ive spent all day researching this so dont question me I KNOW what Im talking about. at about the 3rd day all comes out thats gonna come out that had contact with the plants oils and that is it. then youre stuck with what you got and you itch.

hot showers ARE NOT good for PI and will make you want to itch them with a razor.

Im not showing close up shots cause its gross. Its below my eye and and ugh just ugh. so here is a happy painting instead.

Here is a wood burned box Im going to put up on ebay tonight.
It says To Love Oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance - oscar wilde


crafty said...

It doesn't matter what the outside Suzi looks like and what the PI has done...........the most important thing is you are still our Suzi on the inside and that's what counts
crafty joan in Italy

Nina said...

Your sense of humor and caustic commentary are the Sue we love, and I am very gad to see you back to your old self again. I guess I forgot to mention all the PI we have in VA.........VA is not for lovers who like to do it in the great outdoors:-)

tascha said...

(((hugs to you Suzi)))
Are you SURE the rash isn't from aliens?
They are sneaky little bastards!

Hope you feel better soon!
LOVE The box and painting~!!!!

Lisa said...

I almost warned you about the hot showers. The summer that I had it EVERYWHERE ON MY BODY! I took a long hot shower before I realized it. Yes, razors...I would have been tempted.

I love the box. Wood-burning looks so cool! Oooh there is a great link to some beautiful wood-burned furniture I'll have to send you. I'm on my son's laptop right now so I don't have it.

Hope the itching goes away soon.

Taly said...

Hopefully, you'll be feeling better pretty soon. You still look 18 :)

Greetings and well wishes from Dublin.

Meg said...

{{{Sue}}} Oh gosh, that sounds bloody uncomfortable! Reminds me of eczema. Ugh. Hope you're all better soon. Got any cornflour? It rocks. You're doing some beautiful work despite those fucking itches! ;o)

Peggy Houston, TX said...

Hugs and Kisses Suziblu - I wish we could take the pain away for you... thinking good thoughts and relief for you very soon. Peggy

Chelsea said...

oh suz, I'm super sorry to hear about the PI...yuck yuck. Hopefully it goes away soon, so you don't try to scratch your pretty face off. :)

a simple offering said...

those little fuckers! lol

oh suziblu, i'm so sorry. my husband is super sensitive and can pick it up just thinking about it.

north jersey and tony's, i've been watching the fucking soprano's for the last 2 weeks. never thought i'd fucking like the fuckers but started fucking watching it on fucking a & e. had to catch the fuck up so rented fucking dvd's! FUCK they say "fuck" a lot! fuck. i had no fucking idea!

man, i need to go scrub my fucking mind!

Mandy C said...

i so need a box like this.... i need to know i am loved :-(

you are wonderful and inspirational suzi... rock on girl