Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Art in CALI!

Oh My God.
This guy made a comment on my channel page on you tube - so I check out his video - he just put it up so it hasn't had time to get flagged yet. He poops and paints with it! Real Poop - he shows his butt he shows the process...and threes when he lost me. I couldn't hang for the dipping the paint brush in it part. OH MY GOD. and me, of all people. to be like the 2nd person to view it. why me god? why?

I have a little fever i had to stop painting for the video. I'm still itching and its still raw as hell. the soap helps but didn't quite make it disappear like it said it would. shh I am a gullible girl.

I was good with Lu's poo's today, up until now. I forget about the 730 poop and let her run free and wasnt paying attention. she ran up to me and I took her into my arms and made her dance to IM SO EXCITED by the Pointer Sisters, then I go in for the big kiss and YA THERES THAT FAMILIAR SCENT ON HER BREATH. Which really only is bad bad after shes swallowed it and burps. I felt bad tho that I missed it.

yes I know, way too much poop reference in this post. I apologize.


Moonsown said...


Sorry about the fever, soulsis. Be better all quick, 'kay?

Moonsown said...

Freud needs a new category:
ANAL EXPRESSIVE instead of retentive, 'cause that guy's obviously not holding anything back!

What gets me is that he'd think you'd want to see it....

maybe he just likes the power of making you want to spew? Bleh.

suze said...

Shi**y post today!
Hope you feel better. I'm having a bad day too, all day headache and $106.speeding ticket. Could have gotten another painting.

Scott said...

I hate to say it, but the fever might be from the ivy... which means you might need to go to the clinic and get a corticosteroid shot.


LuLu said...

Oh boy! I can just imagine the guy while he is making his video... Poops! I mean Oooops! Running out of paint soon... At least he is not discussing his color palette !!! About 15 years ago, I read an article about Chuck Berry in Spy (I think that was the magazine) They were talking about his intimate life and his sexual preferences, very particular... Since then, my husband always referred to him as Chuck Roll... Take care of yourself, Suzi! LuLu

suzi blu said...

Lu - chuck roll...I am naive eh? I dont get it. Tell me!!

Robyn said...

Most dogs will do that given the chance so Lulu isn't unusual. Nothing to worry about except when she breathes on you.

I love your angel picture. Wish I could afford to buy one but the bidding gets way out of my league very fast. All the better for you though. I will just look on your blog.

Lady North said...

Suzi: sorry hear that you are still suffering the itchies.
Check out this site and see if any of these will help like good ol fashioned oatmeal or lavender or peppermint essential oils.
Healing Blessings sent your way