Monday, May 19, 2008

Live Radio Show

Listen to my radio interview!


Here is my latest commission. Inspired by Ashley G.
it doesnt have beeswax or mica yet.

Wendy Crumbley Art=

Ashley G Art - Ashley G


Judy said...

Suzi.. listening to you now.. your honesty is very inspiring.. Great interview. You are YOU and that's what we love. Judy

Sarai said...

I'm listening to you right now Suzi, you are so genuine and funny. Ily<3

tascha said...

YAY! Suzi you did a GREAT job in the interview! Loved listening to it! I love you TOO! <3<3<3

kelly said...

Great interview Suzi, I hope all of your dreams come true!!

Kitty Sparrow said...

Hi Suzi:
I really appreciated your comment about procrastination, dealing with the fear first, which then frees us to do what we really love.
Thank you for taking the time to do the interview - it was great hearing you talk about your art (which in every artist's heart is their "first love")
Love & lots of inspiration,

*~Niki~* said...
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*~Niki~* said...

Thank you Suzi for a wonderful interview I had so much fun. And thank you to everyone who listened in and joined in in the chat room it was awesome. If you missed it you can catch it in the archives at blog talk radio. xxx

Lisa said...

Thank goodness for archives. I had to miss it! On my way to listen now.

Fleuri-anne said...

Suzi, I absolutely loved listening to you, you´re so inspiring!! Hahaha your mum told you 'poo-poo' means handsome in Dutch??? Cuz I'm dutch and it doesn't really mean anything actually, or if it would really have to mean something, I guess it's the same as in English, a bit of childish way of saying poop! Haha!
You made me have a big grin on my face all night, and that's quite a lot seeing as I'm in the middle of my exams and I'm going absolutely crazy at the moment!!

renee b said...

I loved your talk. When you talked about painting on wood I thought that you might like this art. She lives in Toronto. I thought you might appreciate this artists use of wood in her art. It is not mixed media, but it is still really inspiring. I interviewed her for my dissertation and she is wonderful, inspiring woman. Her name is Lauralee K. Harris and her site is:

Christine Drevo said...

Hi Sue,

Great interview!!! Have you ever thought of playing 20 questions? Meaning having readers come up with questions?

I think it would be a lot of fun!

Diane said...

I heard your interview. You were fantastic! Being so honest and telling it like it is, I think, is the thing people like most about you....well, not to mention your awesome artwork. Also, your latest painting is too too cute.

Anonymous said...

Hiya! That was a great interview:)
You were both nervous starting out but soon got into the "flow"
Hey, I even heard her mention someone from Nova Scotia was listening in. It wasn't me, so I guess you have at least two fans from this corner of the world! Imagine that:)
Love your AshleyG inspired piece.
Cheers, Shelagh

Nancy said...

Had to work so I listened to the interview when I got home. Loved it, of course:), all Suzi -- no bull!!! The new painting is lovely.
Nana (Nancy, Nanakin1)

Kianma Art Gallery said...

hey suzi, just listened to your interview,it was great.

Art-de-Mia said...

Suzi...your interview was awesome. Thanks for sharing with us. Your lastest commission is my favorite piece so far! Love it!

Deborah said...


I missed your interview today, BUT I got to listen to it tonite. YAY! It was great.

Love the new painting, too. :D

mccabe said...

lovely painting.
i like that she has a bob. :)

loved your interview this morning-
(it was morning for me)

i have been sick for 2 weeks now
and YOU have been such a spirit lifter
during this time!
(a friend sent me a link to you)

i have watched all of you videos-
they make me oh so happy and INSPIRED.

hope i am not scaring you-
crazy silly stalker fan girl.
tee hee.

thank you for
being you suzi blu,
you have breathed new life
into my creative world,
you have no idea!

mccabe xx

ps i am in california in a cottage by the sea. come do a workshop here. i am serious!

Carol said...

Suzi, thank you for your interview. Your honesty and encouragement are so inspiring. I absolutely ADORE your new painting. Please tell me you filmed it. If not, please film the process with a similar work. You are so loved!

Annabelle said...

Hey Suzi,
Loved your interview at lunch and had my hubby serve me lunch at the computer desk...hehe!Had fun listening to it and learned some more.Thanks a bunch and all the best to come your way. You're an angel!
p.s.Luv the new painting

Annabelle said...

Just had to say one more thing....luv the owl in the new painting! They are my fav birds!!!!Luv to collect them and have one that is wearing a scholar's cap and has sparkly eyes.

Anonymous said...

I just listened to the interview - I was NOT disappointed! I love that you are so real with no pretenses, Suzi. And I think you're right, it's one of the biggest things that attracts people to you apart from your art.

Your latest commission is one of my favorites. I love all the dreamy ocean colors!


nollyposh said...

Suzi, Suzi, Suzi X:-)
FABULOUS interview and l loved the bit about artists being more honest and not afraid to share of themselves because that's why we LOVE YOU! Thanks for being so brave X:-)

P to the A to the T to the T to the Y said...

Love, love your paintings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonafyde said...

Loved the interview, loved the real honesty and gems of insight it contained. I loved that you clearly stated that you too are just in the midst of always finding yourself and figuring it all out, so honest and so relative to all artists I think. A spirit like yours cannot be contained and can only rise, congrats on the exposure!

Love the new comission, the frog prince tugs at my heartstrings, so cute!

Eveline said...

Listening to your interview now, and loving it! I'm Dutch too and 'poepie' can be a term of endearment ('wat ben je toch een poepie', 'you are such a cutie/sweetie') but yes, it is just poo. ;)

RAWVOLTA said...

great interview! You're honest and totally open! love it!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this interview! It's so inspiring and I feel much more positive about my work now. I loved it when you said something like, just sit down and make bad art, brilliant!x :)

Nessa said...

great interview!! i really love your blog

Sama said...

Great interview! You are so inspiring, I loved listening to you and I might just listen one more time. Great!