Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Interview Love

Post your questions to Niki that you want her to ask mE, and the radio interview will be live Monday May 19th 11 a.m. EST

For BYZNATIA Paint visit my friends art supply shop.
Orders over 25.00 get free stuff!


Moonsown said...

Oooooohy, cooooolie!

Babytreese said...

Awesome!! goes...

Hey Suzi...could you possibly make some of your cool art in the small economy size for us strugglin' Mami's out here who always get outbid on eBay? I mean...make some of your art on smaller canvases...put a price on them - maybe 3x5 or 4x6 size? Thanks so much!

tascha said...

I can't wait to hear it!

Lisa said...

Yay! Can't wait to hear it!

Bonafyde said...

consider my long winded question sent! can`t wait to hear this interview, it should be both enlightening and wild! Congrats on the exposure!

tattooed scarlett said...

i read about y o u
(you were described as
*the fabulous girl*
on the dancing mermaids website)
last night
you were in my dream
i was at some HUGE festival in new orleans
and recognized you in the crowd
& you had an office uPstairs
so we went there
and you showed me some of your drawings
and then
i left
and this hot guy i used to know
was sitting on the couch
soooo i kissed him
thought id let you know
youre in my dreams


ps you can catch me at

Bonafyde said...

round two of my comments cuz I just caught the vid! I think the belly dancing sash could totally have been worn to the pet matched your shirt! Would they have thought you crazy? nah, funky mabey!

luLu is looking fabulous.

I need that byzantium paint...looks so gorgeous! Since you love to experiment I have a new product to gush with you about. Do you like glitter? Do you Like that you can shake on all that glitz and texture? how do you feel about flocked surfaces, velvet flocked about in bright happy colors? What if I told you you could shake on your very own custom flocking by just covering your glue`s design? Check out this cool product by Doodlebug (more scrapbook supplies but who says they are just for scrapbooks?) ;)

I opted for the variety assortment because I loved all the colors....I can just see using this to add dimension to clouds, cats, dogs,trees, patterns on my girls dresses...just everything!

I think Michaels would have it or there are a variety of online suppliers.

Whew, now about your RV Fantastic!!!! If you come to T.O. I am so there!!!! Sign me up for classes! I`m in MTL and I think you would love the bohemian/parisian, cobbled streets vibe over here. Artist Haven! LOL
How weird I was just reading about an entire family that has taken their life on the road travelling cross country in their RV making ends meet by giving consultations, doing shows, teaching, etc...they are pushing a healty lifestyle...but the idea behind it is the be a free, creative spirit! they are doing it and if that`s your dreaam you can make it happen! here`s the link to their site for some inspo that all is possible!

she has 3 blogs so there`s a lot to check out and in the links there are tons of other people RVing it and living free. HTH! :)

turquoise cro said...

O! I can't wait to get my print sweet girly! and I must get some of that byzantia paint, I can't wait to seeeeeeeeee it on my SuziBlu print! That video is soOOOOO cute with the puppies and kitties and paintings, and belly dancing bells and little LuLu looks like she loves her hair cut! I can just seeeeeeee it, a SuziBlu RV painted with some of your paintings traveling across America and up to Tascha land!!! Phew! HOPE your dream comes true, that way our dreams come true too! Taking a workshop with SuziBlu and I'll be sure to take an allergy pill soOOOO I can pet soft lil' Lulu and who is Pooh? Is that a cat? I haven't blogged for a while and I'm out of the loop! Don't worry, it's just a matter of time before YOU are in Artful Blogging!!!Sweet Dreams Sue!

Mandy C said...

ooohhhh Lulu looks like a puppy again!

you would have to come to the uk too suzi!

Debra said...

I think you should wear the sash! I would see you and think "Wow, I wish I could do that". I think it suits you. I go to a flea market and there is an elderly lady (and I mean about late 60's-70's) who dresses up for whatever holiday is coming up. I just think she is a hoot and admire her sense of self. My favorite is when she come decked out for Halloween! She just walks around shopping, but people stop and talk to her and she say's it has alway been positive. Go ahead Suzi, speak the truth, shame the devil, and be yourself!
Looking forward to your RV travels.

blisswarrior said...

I found you and cannot stop watching your creative yumminess...
question...what is the white stuff you use first and what is it for?
can you email me?

Lisa said...

Isn't it funny how our minds work? You not only wore it for us but danced and made it jingle. Have you looked at your stats and how many 1000s of us view this? You would see, like, what....3 or 4 people at the groomers? LOL Perspective is a strange thing. You could totally get away with it anywhere, though, and you'd probably start seeing everyone all over town wearing them. In fact, I think you should do an experiment. Start wearing it and then see how many others start. HA!

I'm sure that nice man will be very happy with your painting, as well as his lucky friend Dana!

On your way up from FLA, you better stop and make art with the GroggyFroggy. We'll make some dolls and stuff. I would so love to make a suziblu doll of one of your little girlies.

Ok...nuff. Love you.

Julie said...

Amazing, inspiring, beautiful! I'm in awe. I'm so glad that I found you through Sarah!

I'm reading the same book. A friend gave it to me after she read it.


bLu eYd YoGi said...

hey SOOZi Boo~ put me on your travel MAP! i'm in BEAUTIFUL British Columbia, Canada, eh?! we are just north of Seattle~ you can camp in my driveway~ we live in the woods~ we'll walk to the creek (&watch out for black bears!)~ and u & i will CREATE like crazy-women in my studio!!!
let me know when to expect you!

Anonymous said...

An interview, whee!
Get your passport in order.
The Revablution HAS to stop in Nova Scotia. The coolest place in Canada. Uh huh.
I can organize some workshop stuff and provide a place to stay. Really.
Lulu is ready for the summer:)
Cheers, Shelagh

ViLMuS said...

Hello Suzi!

I like much your work and your crazy videos... ja!

And i love to the mascots also...

From today these between my Link favorite to see...
(asi my well-known people also visited to you...)

A hug
from Santiago-Chile.


(sorry for my bad inglish....ja!)

Jillian said...

Not an "RV" but an "ART V" :)
Bossy just did a 30+ day tour of the states meeting up w/fellow bloggers and Saturn even gave her different brand new cars to drive!!

Kianma Art Gallery said...

Hi suzi, if your RV can float could you come down under to australia,I would love to meet you and pooh and lu lu,it would be awesome.
your videos are so inspiring and I love soon as I watch one I am anxiously waiting for the next.
any how take care
cheers kim

Danita said...

How come you're not visiting me!??? Get your passport and I'll take you to Mexico!!!!

Beth said...

I love you so much !
I love your videos and your art and I love that Lulu looks like my crack me up, you make my bad days better and I even linked to you today in my post because you are such an inspiration in so many ways !!!!

I even sent the owner of the art studio I attend your website and I'm begging her to love you too so she can contact you and have you come teach !!!

That would be HUGE if you could come to Wisconsin and teach...I would tell all my friends and they would come too and maybe we would all belly dance together !!!!

mccabe said...

you have no idea how you have inspired me since i found your blog a week ago. its like you infused me with a fresh dose of magic! thank you!

do you have a book deal yet?

i can see your stuff getting bigger and bigger.
be ready.

wishing love,
mccabe x

ps i live on the coast in southern would be really cool if you could do a workshop here.

Robin Westphal said...

Hey Suzi, when you are headed to Montreal from Toronto (or vice versa) I live at the halfway point (kingston) beautiful, old, on the lake. I will make you tea and my cats will love to boss around Lulu. My kids will tire out Lulu and she will sleep well the rest of the trip. And we can make some cool paintings as well.

Nebulous said...

(It's Tess from Cardiff in the UK.)

I don't mind waiting for my print! And I hope you're over your poison ivy <3333333

Love all your video's. I check regularly for new ones :)

Sharon said...

Suzi! You inspire me...I made my first art show & tell video today and posted it on my blog. What a hoot!

Love your layering techniques!!!

Have fun ~Sharon

Tequitia said...

Love the painting. Can't wait to hear your interview.

changapeluda said...



I don't give a shit anymore about all the shit that happened today
BECAUSE right here at this moment
i luv you and you make me happy &
smile and laugh and wanna do a hula dance and then we hug and kiss and go have ice cream

the end


Chelsea said...

yeah, you're FINALLY reading it!!!!! trust me, you'll read it a couple more times--it's that of my copies is all marked up and full of happy notes.