Saturday, May 17, 2008

In Pain But Inspired

It hurts. it does. I'm incapacitated. Nothing I can do today but lie here and make notes for the dvd. Sorry If I freaked you out last night. I do have a penchant for anything that makes me feel like Im sliding into warm milk but I don't do scary drugs so no worries! ha. Just a sleeping pill once in awhile and just one. I am in the process of getting health insurance so I am on top of this period pain nightmare. Test show the cyst is not a dangerous one and I need to only lower my estrogen. Birth control pills are one way but I'd like to go the holistic route so I need to do research. There are other ways to lower estrogen with diet and exercise, herbs perhaps. Taking birth control over 40 I dont think is a good thing.

mmm bananas and honey.

so KITTENS! Guess what. Oh my its so clear. Well so, I have, er, 3? 4? more commissions to do and then I am free to make my how to DVD. With some pondering this morning I have decided also to create art meditations. Gentle guided visualizations to help ease you into the creative process. The bigger picture too will have me leading art meditation sessions - one on one and in groups. Which has me looking up right now how to make lavender eye pillows (so great to warm and put on your eyes before you lay down. you should never lie down without one). What Im planning on doing is take art therapy exercises and tweak them to make them more spiritual (i.e. connecting with our higher selves and turning art making into a sacred act) and more mixed media (not just crayon drawings in your journal which is what most art therapy is).

I just had an idea for an exercise too that I like. Something with matisse colored paper cut outs.


anni said...

Go Suzi . . . . . I love the ideas!


Moonsown said...

Lovely ideas, Suz!

It'd be a good day for watching DVD's, yes? Like Amelie again? Or Under the Tuscan Sun? Something with lots of tactile images, lots of color and light/dark ... and something you've seen before, so you can slip into sleep and not worry that you're missing something...

Or surfing

I'm just joining up with the spiritual art group at our local Unitarian congregation. Pretty hip!

Hey, any of you other art goddesses ever notice a correlation between hormones & creativity? I always have a LOT more creative energy, both verbal and visual, just before my period comes and slams me into bed... some of my best stuff, my more creative stuff, the things that happen when art floooows instead of being "work", happens in that peak building-to-flow part of my cycle. Weird, or something you experience too?

I can't wait to see what you're doing after you have your health recovery time. Wish I were there to run to Starbucks for you!

Hugs, warm cozies, and stuff,


turquoise cro said...

My friend and I are trying to grow lavender but it is not going so well soOOOOO we are supposed to venture out deep into the countryside later this month for some lavender that's ready to grow thanks to someone who knows what they are doing! I can't wait to seeeeeeeeee all his plants! LOVE all your inspiration today!!! Let's all meditate! mmmmmmmm love and prayers, Cinda (((Sue SuziBlu))))feel better vibes <3333

TheMagicBartender said...
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P'tit Boo said...

Suzi, these are fantastic ideas !!!
Then when I graduate, we can have a whole weekend of drama therapy and art therapy !!! :)

changapeluda said...

i get a lil thrill when you call me


changapeluda said...

and oh yeah,
i gotta mr mojo rising feel from these last coupla posts....

wow man,
you wanna know something crazy my mom used to make me; to ease the crampies from hell?

a sugar cube with some drops of peppermint extract
dripped on it....

Apple said...

those are some great ideas...

Olivia said...


Consider "bio-identical hormones", good for "estrogen-dominance". See in search engines...they might be something to consider! Namaste, Olivia

Beth said...

A DVD made by you !! OH OH....I'd buy more than one, that's for sure !!!

have you tried the heating pads made out of rice for your pain ?

they are the BEST !!!

feel better soon you poor thing !

kel said...

I love all of your Ideas. there are so many of my women friends that would love it also.
keep up with the great ideas.

hope you feel better soon,

Lyn said...

yes...yes...let's do something on matisse (my favorite)!!!!

Lorianne said...

Sweetie whatever you do, do not eat soy products! The fermented kind like Tempeh is safe, but soy is loaded with estrogen! The bean has been genetically modified in so many ways.

If you go veggie, stay away from the tofu and soy milk.

I wish I knew more about lowering estrogen, but that's all I can contribute.

Sending you healing wishes, that you may feel better soon!

Lorianne said...

P.S.- what made my menstrual pain and flow diminish incredibly (I get hellish cramps every month as well), was a raw food diet. It's pretty hardcore, but that's the only thing that actually worked naturally.

Angela said...

ohohohoho! Try this. No really, do it.

Its naaatural.

For cramps. I swear by it. I used to get debilitating cramps.

I drink Ensures (which is like slim fast). I drink as much as I can as close to the start of my period as I can get it. So like the day before and the day of.

I think its the IRON and MAGNESIUM.

And soy milk help.

BAM. Lots happier periods. I don't want to kill myself as badly anymore.


nollyposh said...

Hey Suzi X:-)
Sending you a big "HUG" ...When l decided to opt out of "mainstream" medicine for breast cancer, the first thing l looked at was REGULAR meditation & then diet... Most illness, l have now come to understand, comes from the food we eat (ie) the build up of "pesticides" in our bodies (eat organic whenever you can) and the stress we hold in the cells of ourselves... MOST illness stem from hormonal imbalance (men & women)... When l changed my diet (to vegan), the first thing that happened was of course weight loss (which l needed) & then l lost all the pain that used to occur when l ovulated and when l got my period!!! Surprised me too!(As it was debilitating at times) There is a lot to be said about exploring our hormones to be sure! I have heard of a progesterone cream that is easy to apply topically that helps "balance" & l too (as others have spoken of here) keep away from soy products as there is some medical evidence apparently that says that soy imitates estrogen (& that was particularly not good for me as l had estrogen reliant cancer & an abundance of estrogen) Good luck Hunny (& remember just one step at a time!) x

Joyful Artist said...

Hi Suzi,

Creating art is very spiritual. Creating of any kind .... gardening, music, theater, painting, sewing, woodworking, or in our every day life of making a wonderful dinner... any type of creating gives joy because it connects us to the energy of the Creator of all's why we repeat that energy over and over. While we are in that wave from the Source we are at our highest potential.... Creating connects us to THE CREATOR.

One of the ways I have learned for calming and then drifting into sleep is start listing your blessings. Each of us have been blessed in different ways that we can list. Start with your things: brushes, paints, gesso, bed, food, roof over your head, etc, etc, after that list THOSE THAT BRING YOU JOY: pets, friends, family members, etc. After that list your personal gifts from the Creator that you join in the creating with, (this list would be very personal and I feel quite abundant for everyone) for me it's loving my Mac and camera and capturing the glory of life... and then creating prints, and painting, and gourds, and polyclay, and beads, and, and, and, and. At that point you can enter into such feelings of gratitude and thankfulness for all that you have... that the peace of Spirit will calm you and help you to sleep. No particular order of listing your Thankfulness or Blessings... each of us has our own life and energy we walk in.. so just what ever you feel at that time.

Everything is positive and negative (like an art piece) The cyst is even a blessing if you look at the positive side of what it's bringing you....friends to support you with prayers and made you get Ins....and it's making you slow down... which is a way to heal many levels of ourselves.

I've always worked in many mediums creating art ..however, somehow you clicked in me permission to be messy and free...which is giving me such joy. For that I am so thankful for you! So now I have been adding You to my list of blessings.

You have helped me with your words, energy, and ideas, so I hope that my small suggestions will somehow help you.
With love, Joyful Artist

Bonafyde said...
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Bonafyde said...

Must be that time of the moon everywhere because I`m going through that now too...for the past week I`ve had zero energy just groggy and downright pissy then BAM friday night has me cleaning my house like a woman possessed...I`m talking even giving the walls a rub-down.....yeah. pretty bad. Although the house looks good and I`m feeling much better, like a whole lot of bad energy has been lifted.

Sorry to hear you are in such pain, I`m no expert but I had two girlfriends who both had cysts and went to Homeopaths (SP?) and had great results.
All your ideas sound fantastic to me, I especially love the idea of a DVD series, I`d buy one for sure. Even a series on painting (like a workshop/course) would be so cool!

She Believes said...

I hate to hear that you are in such pain but I really cant add anything more that what joyful artist said- and thank-you to Joyful artist because what you said helped me too!!
Keep dreamin!! and I wish you great health and pain free days to be all that you need and dream about.

bLu eYd YoGi said...

hey SOOOOZ~ i had an ovarian cyst the size of a BASEBALL! when i was at the dr., he explained t ome~ "your ovary is normally the size of the tip of your thumb~ but, YOURS is the size of a BASEBALL!!!" holy shit man! i went home in tears, convinced I had cancer~~~~ no, it's just a "cyclical thing", comes & goes with my period~ (that was back in college)~
now I get breast cysts! OUCH!!! same thing~ thought it was cancer~ nope! hormones, cycles...blah, blah, blah~~~~~~~~
rest well o blu one!

doulanana said...

Hope you feel better soon. I remember you saying that you drink soy milk and soy is very high in estrogen so I thought I'd let you know.......

I would for sure buy a dvd made by you!!!

Patricia J. Mosca said...

I have Recipes for all sorts of natural little
let me know if you need them...also know of a great wholesale place to get the ingredients...
This sounds amazing!!
Artfully Yours,