Friday, May 02, 2008

holy shit it got hot in the attic

so I'm moving as much as I can into my room. YAY LOOK AT THE LIGHT!
better better to paint by and the air is cooler.
you cant be happy in a hot room.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this playlist! Speaking of music can you tell me the name of the artist/song that sings on your "Live Juicy" video something like "you might need my help someday when you get to that fork in the road"??? I've tried to find it but can't?!

suze said...

You got that right. I hate being hot, and everyone around me can't stand it when I am hot....makes me grouchy.
Put on your HAPPY music and dance!
Hope you are feeling better <3 <3

Chelsea said...

Suzi, I'm glad everything is better and happy now. :) yeah!

ok, really, I'm going to bed now, really!


Angel said...

Get a small window air at Lowes for around 100 bucks.

Julie Ayotte said...

Being hot just makes all bad things worse. Hope you're day got at least a little better...

Iris said...

Hope today is better for you than yesterday. And besides it having been a sad day for you, you look very pretty!

I'm jealous of your weather! It's been raining all week here although today it's 21 degrees C for the first time this year!!

Family Blog said...

Suzi - why can't I find your stuff at cafe press???? Elaine

Temple Woman said...

Hello Miss SuzAY~

okay, i'm gonna toot my own horn, kay? (but it has to do w/ ppl. loving U too).

over @ the SARK (author) freeforums board, i shared my discovery of You & your lovely Energy. Eye came across youyouYOU while looking @ sabrIna warD Harrison's videOs on YouTube.

ANYway; manee many Women there duG You SO highLy!!!

they have come to see you here, on youtubey, mySpace etc....

warm, sisTerrry, squishy Hugs
{if you're oPen to them rite now}:
A SisTer Travelling Artist,

a simple offering said...

tell me about it! my space is in the "sunroom." why? i hate the sun. the sun is hot. the sun is bright. it gives me headaches. i have to close my eyes in the sun because it hurts me. i say "sun, burn and die!"

i really just want a moonroom.