Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Help protect artist's rights

send your legislatures your response to the orphan bill. will take you 2 minutes!



Maureen B said...

I just did it,your right it went pretty quick. Thanks Suzi! I did lots of protesting and volunteering in my day and it never changed anything, but it cannot hurt to try... this is just like that bill requiring car insurance- the only people benefiting are the insurance companies. In this case it would be the copyright registry companies. I guess if this passes we need to start our own registry company! An artists co-op.

LC said...
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LindyLou said...

Yes, the site was easy to use.
When I contacted my representatives I got an email from Senator Russell Feingold acknowledging my email. This is a much more effective time to choose which candidates to vote for in the future. When a representative pays attention to a constituent and considers that person's viewpoint gives a person a more reliable indication of how they will perform in an office they run for in the future. Somehow the presidential primaries have been more about hearing candidates tell voters whatever they think it will take to get them elected.
Thank you for posting about the orphan legislation