Friday, May 23, 2008

Express Yourself LIVE

no we are here
join up and become my friend and you can enter the chat


changapeluda said...

WHaT are you doin???
I seeeee you!
I am like a fish on a bicyle right now and i think i just saw you
Crrrrrusssh someone's head
like a PEAnut....
awwwww, you're all smiling and i'm eating macaroni salad & salsa

is it true?
are webcams only 19 bux??

i'm a get one

Paulette said...

Hey girl..glad I slid on over to Stickam!..and dusted off...(totally rigged up)..the ole' web cam. That thing is ancient!

I have been inspired to get a new one, AND a mic. I am livin' large, eh? lol!

Much love, my friend..


Anonymous said...

darn! I missed you by seconds!
I just came home from being out to play with my friends and there is suzi Live! for a second and you were gone... boo hoo

Your painting I have is wonderful my friends never notice my messy house any more. they head straight for Suzi Blu 's beautiful girl!!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty fun last night. It was good to see people's faces. Hope you do this again some time soon!