Saturday, May 31, 2008

Board Books

Joanne Fabrics has board books in a bin for 1.00.


Board Book
140 lb Watercolor Paper
Watercolor Pencils

Decorative paper

Scrap booking
little cut out animals and things (Jolee's By You)

(or make your own out of card stock)

Puffy Balls (optional)
Photos (optional)

This is an example of a Jolee Embellishment sticker
They are like little paper doll house things, thats how I'd describe them. Some of them are very intricate and for 3.00 worth the price, like this horsey which seems hard to do yourself. Other things though you could totally do. Like this:

They sell small paper punches that make the flower shape. then you put a dot or a sequin in the middle. Much cheaper to make yourself. Or you could draw your own flower shapes and cut them out. Add little stems. viola.


Anonymous said...

Heading to Joann Fabrics now...... Thank you for sharing your "finds". I was also going to head to our local thrift shop to see what kind of finds they have too. Suzi, you are a regular part of my day now. Thanks! You and your blog have inspired me to look outside the box, so to speak, and live creatively.

Moonsown said...

A-boy and I found board books 2 for $1 at the dollar store yesterday! All my gesso is clear, so I have an excuse to go to the art supply store...

fun fun! Can't wait to see how they turn out!

ACK! The bird is climbing my head; he wants to clean my ear with his pointy beak... gotta go!


crafty said...

have tons of board books tht I bought at the local flea market last the problem ...where the hell I have put them !!!!!!!!!!!!
happy weekend here in italy it's a bank holiday weekend
crafty joan in italy

tascha said...

YAY Suzi! I am so happy to see you getting these classes put together! You're doing a great job at it!
Love the little flowers :)

meg said...

1. is there only one kind of gesso?
2. what kind of paint (ie acrylic, tempera?)
3. i aint cuttin out no little flowers LOL. (I'd rather pay the money lol - lazy butt i am - )


suzi blu said...

gesso has something in it like chalk that turns any surface into a workable surface. it come in white black and I've heard clear (but never seen it). Black or white depends on what you prefer. Im using white.

acrylic paints.
tempera paints, (poster paints, kids paints) are a big pain in the ass so dont work with them. they are too transparent and youll never get coverage, they are not archival, they are just not something you should use. ever. UNLESS you are doing free expression painting or journal work and you just want to play without any investment in how it comes out.

*Note - acrylics dry fast. to help blend them you should have GLAZE MEDIUM too. This will go a long way in keeping you from ripping your hair out. although the project I will be showing does shading on the faces using watercolor pencil only, glaze is what you use if you are painting with acrylics and want colors to blend.

and like i said they make hole punchers in the shape of flowers. rather than paying 3 bucks for 10 finished flowers you might want to spend 6 for the tool and make as many as you want.

but yes, i sometimes cut them out completely by hand. hopefully some day ill own all thee dye cut puncher outer thingies Ive ever wanted!

DeeDee said...

Thankyou Suzi, you're a sweetie.

I am so excited about your projects that I am thinking about them more than my own stuff. That seems kind of weird. Maybe I just want to play with something new.

dragondaughters said...

i so wish i lived in america now so i could go to that shop and get a board book! will have to raid my local chairty shops and see what i can come up with!

am quite excited about this project tho, can wait to see what you do with yours!

very excited about kits too, such a great idea!!

you are such an inspiration suzi! no really, with all your ideas..just... you inspire us!

al xxx

Anonymous said...

I went to the Goodwill and found different sized board books for 50 cents each. Cool.

Also, Suzi... do you mix all your acrylics with glaze medium? And what is the difference between glaze and gel?

So so much to learn!

suzi blu said...

what I do is this: Lets say I am shading a face, the cheek, but I dont want it to look like two red circles I want just a little blush. what I do is load an ANGLED brush - one side of the red color, the other side with glaze. this way the edges will blend out softly. glaze extends your paint and thins it out without watering it down.

Im not really knowledgable about gel medium. I do transfers with it. Personally I havent liked it to mix with paints. Im not sure what it is supposed to be used for. Anyone know?

Eveline said...

I'm going to a car boot sale tomorrow (in fact, in about 6 hours. I reallyyy should get some sleep) and I will keep my eye out for these books, and any embellishments I can find.
I love car booties, especially when I'm looking for something specific.

Moonsown said...

RE: Gels

soft gels are used for collage or similar uses; they're thinner than heavy body acrylics so can make them more liquid if mixed.

the heavier gels are used for textured effects, like impasto techniques (if you don't know the term impasto, check out a closeup of Van Gogh's Sunflowers painting and look at all the texture). Some artists like to mix with heavy gels to get their acrylics to a texture closer to oils.

Glazing mediums thin the acrylics, as you may have done with water, but more nicely and maintains a slower drying time. If you dilute your acrylics with water to thin them, they dry faster, and you can lose coverage. Sometimes you might want that, sometimes not. Aside from making them dry more slowly, you can also put a nice wash over a painting. Say, for example, I've painted this nice mermaid scene, but I don't think the colors are working together. You can take a puddle of glazing liquid and put a dab of some color you want to use to unify the painting, mix it all up until it's well blended, and using a big brush stroke it all over your dry painting. Ta-da! I just did this with a watercolor I did of a fairy.... I fixed the watercolor paint with a spray fixitive, then mixed up a glaze with a teeny bit of olive green and raw umber, and brushe over the whole thing. It toned down the reds that I used in a couple of places, and made them work with the whole picture instead of jumping out like sore thumbs... more unity for the whole pic, y'know?

You can also buy a liquid "retarder" for acrylics, that makes them stay wet longer. I've got some of that, but haven't really used it yet.

Golden Acrylics has a pretty good descriptive page on their mediums, with samples you can see:

Dick Blick usually has pretty good prices on Golden stuff ... but be forewarned, even the good prices aren't cheap! Liquitex also makes glazes which are supposed to be pretty good ... I haven't used them, so can't testify.

Moonsown said...

RE: clear gesso

That's what I've been using; it's handy if you want to paint on a colored ground and still have that show through. For example, I've used it on acid-free cardstock. I've been using Liquitex. It's pretty good.

Moonsown said...

Duuuuhy.... how many times can I say "pretty good" in two posts? I'll be more specific: the clear gesso is kind of gritty and holds the brush strokes; if you don't want the brush strokes you can use some fine sandpaper on your surface after it's dry.


DeeDee said...

What are puffy balls???

bLu eYd YoGi said...

c'mon SUE! i paint you~ you paint me!?!?! c'mon! c'mon!

Eveline said...

Dragondaughters: You're in the UK, right? I went to a car boot sale this morning and got 4 boardbooks for 50p! Bargain!

Anonymous said...

RE: Car boot sale?

Is that where they park cars and sell stuff out of the trunk?

RE: Trip to Joann's.

Ok, I can never go to Joann's unaccompanied again. It is like crack to me. I went to pick up a few little doodads like Suzi told us and ended up spending $50. But it is really neat stuff!

meg said...

"Ok, I can never go to Joann's unaccompanied again. It is like crack to me. I went to pick up a few little doodads like Suzi told us and ended up spending $50. But it is really neat stuff! "

LOLOL RedPearl!

kel said...

Suzi I love it!! I need little home work projects like this so I have a reason to create with papers and paints.

I can't wait for the kit!!!

Thank you for sharing your talent Suzi, you are so much appreciated.

Eveline said...

Redpearl: yes it is! I suppose it's like a garage sale where people sell all their old (and sometimes brand new!) stuff they no longer need, but at a car boot sale everyone drives their car up to a field somewhere and sells it from their car boot. (Usually they do set up a table though..;) )
It's highly addictive!

pumog said...

I've got two board books : Find no.1 totally unbelievable:

All about SEURAT!!!!! Yes, the impressionist painter!!!!! There must be some Very Intelligent Toddlers out there... kind of scary.

The other? Reassuringly babylike: "Maisie's favourite clothes" with no words or story at all. Total cost? £2. Staggeringly high compared to all you people who found bags full at 50p (grrrr) but still... not bad considering all the Seurat prints ;-)