Sunday, May 04, 2008

I just woke up

I have poison ivy poison SOMETHING on my FACE. holy fuck it itches. Here are commissions I've been doing. Golly I love Bed Cam! the little box Im going to put up on ebay . I will post better pictures later when I get my ass out of bed. (hard to do).

(yes I know the writing is backwards. get a life).

Do you know about this MIXED MEDIA RADIO SHOW?

Tascha is on this weeks episode!
Yay Tascha!!
Just listening to Tascha's voice makes me feel better.


LuLu said...

Hey Suzi! Don`t worry! Even with poison ivy on your face and coming out of bed you're looking good! You made me laugh this morning! Your last paintings are just amazing, love your art! Come and visit once in a while! LuLu

tascha said...

YAY for paintings!!! WOO HOO! They look YUMMY as usual!
Have you been rolling around in the poison ivy bushes again???
That radio show was about a month ago...where have you been Suzi???? I'm happy you like it. I was a bit nervous and not quite myself.
HUGS to you!!! Hope your itchy cheek feels good soon!

MMB said...

wow your up early today! me too, except I've been up all night painting... super awesome link! I loved listening to Tascha- as usual, you have supplied just the thing I needed to hear this morning. Thank you so much. Should we make this a new routine- breakfast with suzi? anyone? xoxoxoxoxo

tascha said...

PS that horse, or is it a unicorn? LOOKS FANTASTIC! Horses are very hard to draw and yours looks amazing!!!!

Lisa said...

Gosh, you even look pretty with poison ivy on your face. Love all your new tops. (sheesh, what a girly thing to say, huh?) The paintings are wonderful and fun.

I hadn't heard of that talk show. I'm going to check it out. I love me some Tascha art!

Diane said...

jello332Hope your poison ivy itch goes away soon. I know there's some good over the counter stuff for that.
P.S. All 4 of your recent commissions are just charming!

suze said...

Yes, Love Tascha, Love you and love,love,love my painting!! Thanks Suzi!!! Can't wait to get it.
Try some Benedryl for your itch or some hydrocortizone. Works for me.
xo suze:)

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Hello Suzi!
Love all the paintings and Tascha!
Both of you have soothing voices.

Came by to let you know that every illustator, photographer & artist needs to know about Orpahn Works Act 2008! It will effect every unregistered piece of art from paintings to family photos that has ever been posted on the internet.
I have a link up at the top of my blog to Brenda Pinnicks blog post about the information.

Feel better!!!

Connie said...

Sounds silly but if you dab liquid milk of magnesium on your poison ivy it totally relieves the itch! Feels like pure heaven--you'll want to bathe in this stuff-trust me.

On another note--your work looks fabulous!

Stellan said...

I'll kiss your poison ivy away...wait a minute...then I'll get poison ivy on face...oh well.

Angela said...

oh no, poisonsomething!

that's okay, you're still gorgeous.

great paintings, as usual. but you know that :)

Anonymous said...

I advise you to take Stellan's cure!

*~Niki~* said...

Thanks for promoting my radio show Suzi. I'm really looking forward to interviewing you soon. I'll be in touch :D XXX

P.S Hope you feel better soon!

Tequitia said...

Love the new paintings! They are really nice.

Shelly said...

were you and LuLu out rolling around where you shouldn't have been! how aweful.....hopefully it will clear up soon!
I can't get over how great you look for your age!
as for Tascha....where can we hear there some where on the internet I can go to catch her radio show?

a simple offering said...

love the art always! your face is still beautiful. i hope you are getting better but since i already saw later posts i know things get worse.

i'm trying to catch up. i have been sick and dealing with family crap so i missed hampton va and so much. hope you were able to go to vendor's night.

a simple offering said...

oh, congrats on the radio show!!!