Saturday, May 31, 2008

Board Books

Joanne Fabrics has board books in a bin for 1.00.


Board Book
140 lb Watercolor Paper
Watercolor Pencils

Decorative paper

Scrap booking
little cut out animals and things (Jolee's By You)

(or make your own out of card stock)

Puffy Balls (optional)
Photos (optional)

This is an example of a Jolee Embellishment sticker
They are like little paper doll house things, thats how I'd describe them. Some of them are very intricate and for 3.00 worth the price, like this horsey which seems hard to do yourself. Other things though you could totally do. Like this:

They sell small paper punches that make the flower shape. then you put a dot or a sequin in the middle. Much cheaper to make yourself. Or you could draw your own flower shapes and cut them out. Add little stems. viola.

Friday, May 30, 2008

So What Do You Think?

Painting for the kit is finished! I took close up photos of the process, step by step as I used each new medium to create a new layer. Im writing out the instructions now - going through my notes off the top of my head I dont even know how many layers there are there are so many. I dig it. It came out pretty. Im going to have prints available for sale as well of it, and of the others I create. Get your juices wanting to make layers with me. And this kit is totally doable. Everything is shown in a straightforward simple manner. Just stick with it take your time and you can have an elegantly shaded face and a build up of layers you are happy with.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Paper Stories

Now make sure you all sign up for the Art Cellar's newsletter and you'll be the first to know when Suzi Blu kits are available, plus all of their great sales. (This is where I get my stuff from).

Im waiting for more gallactica since I used it all. its the prettiest Glitter Paint in THE WORLD. so refined. when I get more Ill do a video.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fabulous Wendy

You see this? This is what I mean. This is my friend Wendy's work. Shes incredible. She needs to be painting dogs full time, dont you think the world needs that? She captures eyes so profoundly. that little remorseful look they give. as soon as Im ahead in life and have a penny or two together she will paint lulu.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Suzi Creates Online Class!

After a fabulous and overwhelming response to the question Do You Want Suzi To Teach You How To Make Beautiful Girls In Shabby Backgrounds...the work to create an online class BEGINS! Here Suzi is hard at work copying down all the replies from her goddess babies as to what are the things she should focus on teaching. OH AND IT WILL BE GRAND. Especially for Suzi's Dutchies (tiny women who wear wooden shoes and eat chocolate and speak in fairy language) as they are on an island too far away to come over and have tea in person, so an online party is just what they need. OH THE LITTLE DUTCHIES NEED LOVE! and suzi lives to give it to them.

Im thinking all will be ready by July 1st, so no signing up until then. Let me get my shit together.

Puffins and Cleavage

The best cereal EVER! and the best bird too.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Suzi Survey Questions

If you were to take an online class with me, what would you like to learn? Be specific.

Also, how many of my goddess babies are Dutchies?
What time do my dutchies want art cam to begin?

6 hours of sleep. Tascha is killing me. Shes like a canadian ferret on a triple expresso with her energy. How does her bf keep up! I must start chats earlier so we have a chance to wear her out. Im going to buy more trivia games this week cause that was fun. very fun. there are many games we can play. today though I have to work work. Im running out of commissions so I need to make stuff for eBay. Suzi gotta keep eating!

be back later

Saturday, May 24, 2008

This is thee deal
Go to and the name of the all chick channel tonight is suzishmoo
I will make it friends only so youll have to sign up for an account (takes 2 seconds) and add me as a friend to get into my room. No boys allowed except for Rafa. and perhaps jared if we get lonely but basically, just us with tits. being stupid. make sure tascha knows. go and email her and MAKE HER COME BY.

It'lss almost 10 now EST I am thinking 11:30
I know its late. I cant stay up till 3 tonight. i dont think : D

I will have daytime chats for my HOLLAND friends : )

I have to get catfood now.

Watch live video from Suzi Blu on


Good morning girlie's. just woke up. nice bed head. gonna shower and eat waffles then Suzi's Live Art Cam will be up all day. I have to do 2 paintings. Chat in and out and you can ask art questions every 2 hours. THEN THEN THEN tonight is ALL GIRL CAM CHAT. I will open a special room and you HAVE to have a vagina to enter. except for Rafa who is our mascot 14 year old burrito.

be back in a bit.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Express Yourself LIVE

no we are here
join up and become my friend and you can enter the chat

Viva La Summer SUZICAM

Watch live video from Suzi Blu on

The girl on the right says I LOVE SPAGHETTI.

Cause I have no friends and nowhere to go, suzi, lu, and pooh will be broadcasting live all weekend. HERE
My channel name is suziblutube you might have to sign up first I dont know.

including right now. while im sleeping. I was up late and need more sleep.

Let me know if you can hear sound.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wood Burning

Its a bit orange because this is what I get when I take a photo indoors at night. Its really pink. Ill take a better photo today out in the sunlight. Id like to make prints from this but it might be too big. I LOVE PAINTING BIGGER its just easier. You can add more detail and you have room, you know? this is 18 X 24 which is the perffect size.

Help protect artist's rights

send your legislatures your response to the orphan bill. will take you 2 minutes!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This weeks eBay auction is a

Ive posted it before but here it is again
Im a lagger. I know.
You can beat me later.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Live Radio Show

Listen to my radio interview!


Here is my latest commission. Inspired by Ashley G.
it doesnt have beeswax or mica yet.

Wendy Crumbley Art=

Ashley G Art - Ashley G

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A major influence on mixed media

In Pain But Inspired

It hurts. it does. I'm incapacitated. Nothing I can do today but lie here and make notes for the dvd. Sorry If I freaked you out last night. I do have a penchant for anything that makes me feel like Im sliding into warm milk but I don't do scary drugs so no worries! ha. Just a sleeping pill once in awhile and just one. I am in the process of getting health insurance so I am on top of this period pain nightmare. Test show the cyst is not a dangerous one and I need to only lower my estrogen. Birth control pills are one way but I'd like to go the holistic route so I need to do research. There are other ways to lower estrogen with diet and exercise, herbs perhaps. Taking birth control over 40 I dont think is a good thing.

mmm bananas and honey.

so KITTENS! Guess what. Oh my its so clear. Well so, I have, er, 3? 4? more commissions to do and then I am free to make my how to DVD. With some pondering this morning I have decided also to create art meditations. Gentle guided visualizations to help ease you into the creative process. The bigger picture too will have me leading art meditation sessions - one on one and in groups. Which has me looking up right now how to make lavender eye pillows (so great to warm and put on your eyes before you lay down. you should never lie down without one). What Im planning on doing is take art therapy exercises and tweak them to make them more spiritual (i.e. connecting with our higher selves and turning art making into a sacred act) and more mixed media (not just crayon drawings in your journal which is what most art therapy is).

I just had an idea for an exercise too that I like. Something with matisse colored paper cut outs.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The thing about drugs is how normal I feel when I first take them which shows just how uptight and stressy Ive been.  My breathing is slow...all day long I hold it so tight, god it feels good there has to be some kind of major change where I can spend time adequate time for deep relaxation.  
fading fast. I cant even tyepe....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Interview Love

Post your questions to Niki that you want her to ask mE, and the radio interview will be live Monday May 19th 11 a.m. EST

For BYZNATIA Paint visit my friends art supply shop.
Orders over 25.00 get free stuff!

Really Pretty Jewlery

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Video 1 of two this week

I want to be need to be deserve to be in this Mag

Crimminy I like this magazine, never bought it before. I dig it. I want to be there. I belong in there. fo sho.

Random fact:  did you know in DC people call the police PO PO?  I love that. I say it all the time.
"I ain't afraid of no PO PO!
I've decided I want an RV and take revoblution on the road. Travel state to state, bring love and art workshops and shoot video of Y'all.  Neat yes? But how to get the ride? Im going to print out pictures of RV's and put them all of the walls of my room. I want this to  happen.

Puppet show is about real events in my life, yes. Like always.  

Screw the scanner

Pictures come out much better for me with the digital camera, the scanner looks blurry? Perhaps because the wood is too big to fit inside so the top is open some. so here is a brighter pics of the mermaid. I will put her up for auction tonight.

Off to make a puppet show bout a kitty kat and a wolf. Pictures later!

Oh and its sunny again! And I have a red dress on!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

eBay Love Box

Mermaid for Ebay

this photo is a little blurry tho, I dont know why the scanner is acting this way.

I am the Revolution

art meditation

Honestly I dont hold any resentment today. Its just non important. There's so much real love to be had in the world that some dude making goo goo eyes at me is laughable. Like who cares? who the hell are you? Id much rather a person look at me with love because with my encouragement they've finally finally painted something and are not judging themselves. Thats a good feeling. Or giving a mentally challenged person the confidence to express themselves and feel dignified in doing so.My god that is more important.
and wine
and poems
and oh I love you so much it hurts
my its boring.
I might be a slutty gal cause Ive had it since I was in 5th grade.
Its not real!
We are biologically driven to become enamored by someone for as much time as it takes to procreate, then the crazy romantic lust fades. Its a trick by our genes! If the two of you are friends than real love can endure but REAL LOVE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ROMANTIC LOVE. and so therefore it is fake.

which is why the dali lama has never had sex and I get it now. I do.
sex is not bad but beautiful, of course, but its not necessary and even hinders loving someone for real. with romantic love you are seeing that person as an object. a way to fulfill your desire. If you are not thinking of fkg them then you can see them only with light. Not here for yOu.

I am thinking of making this video a little different. maybe adding an art meditation.


1 p.m.
This is why I get into trouble

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friday, May 09, 2008

I Love You

How fabulous are these? Glittery Glittery!

Painting Mid Way


Ebay Auction
starting at .99 cents!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Suzi's sermon from bedland.

It's drying up but I have a little fever. you can see the slight swelling on my cheek. I guess I got a little sick along the way. No video this week I have to rest. but when I feel better Ill make it a super duper one I promise. Today Im gonna shower and read and relax. altho I really want to paint dont you hate that? when your mind is fine but your body wants to quit.

Interesting about the boy with the painting with his poo video - metaphor for shitting on suzi blu. which I find hilarious and creative actually. (metaphorically, Im not into that in case youre wondering) even tho man i dont ever want to see that interesting that someones vulnerability/happiness is so threatening to another person that they must try to hurt that person. right? Like, if someone is miserable, they really dont like to be around happy people. happy people require you to change. The old 'misery loves company' deal is true because if Im sad and doing nothing about it and you are sad and doing nothing about it - we both stay in our comfort zones and dont have to actually do anything about our sadness. It is easy to stay sad. (not fun mind you. no one really wants to be sad.) Its quite hard to not indulge. (just throw chocolate in front of me and Ill show you how hard. or a fishbOi).

I heard somewhere that God is happy all the time. So, when you are happy, you are aligned with God (i.e. your true nature). We are supposed to be happy we are supposed to live in bliss. Bliss/Love is our natural state. Everything else is delusion/false/misunderstanding.

And to a 20 year old boy mad at the world and without enough heartwrenching experience to make him compassionate toward others, suzi seems polyanic to his world. Lets show her how crappy my world really is! He is crying. literally. for someone to see his sadness to see how bad its gotten for him. But maturity and spirituality would take his situation to a different realm, theyd say yes, it is so bad for me, and suzi shows us that even in the most darkness, hope remains. and you know what, if they put that on my tombstone Id be happy with that. Thats what it comes down to no matter what it is. If you make art and are awkward with the materials, hold onto the idea that you can and will get more control over what you are doing. If you are poor and watch tv on a milk crate, hold onto the idea that you have that wonderful tv and to many people in Africa that is abundance.

Although faith is a stronger word I do believe the first step is hope becasue when we are at our edge faith seems like a lie. Hope is a first step. Its at least an open door with light coming thru it. we dont know if we will get there, but we sure are going to try. and that is the motivating force that will lead you out of darkness. and because I have this hope that eventually I will make my way to the door I have the strength to deal with the fact that right now doesnt feel so good. in fact, the relaxation I feel knowing that someday this pain will be over opens up a place inside me to find some small joy about where Im at now.

Like today. i still have a fever. I have no advil and must drive feeling so shitty and looking so wretched to the store (yes Im vain, insecure mostly that no one will love me if Im ugly)and oh poor me I dont feel good and Im behind on paintings and on and on and on but....

ooh i get to buy a reeces peanut butter cup when Im there and hot cocoa and I get to come back here and go back to sleep and read my book and I can rest and dream for a few days. this is temporary. and if its not and I die from PI poisoning. so be it. I have Lulu kisses and chocolate and you know, and you know, sometimes, that is enough. It can be enough, if we let it.

Its good to want things but its better to find the qualities of what you want in what you already have.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Art in CALI!

Oh My God.
This guy made a comment on my channel page on you tube - so I check out his video - he just put it up so it hasn't had time to get flagged yet. He poops and paints with it! Real Poop - he shows his butt he shows the process...and threes when he lost me. I couldn't hang for the dipping the paint brush in it part. OH MY GOD. and me, of all people. to be like the 2nd person to view it. why me god? why?

I have a little fever i had to stop painting for the video. I'm still itching and its still raw as hell. the soap helps but didn't quite make it disappear like it said it would. shh I am a gullible girl.

I was good with Lu's poo's today, up until now. I forget about the 730 poop and let her run free and wasnt paying attention. she ran up to me and I took her into my arms and made her dance to IM SO EXCITED by the Pointer Sisters, then I go in for the big kiss and YA THERES THAT FAMILIAR SCENT ON HER BREATH. Which really only is bad bad after shes swallowed it and burps. I felt bad tho that I missed it.

yes I know, way too much poop reference in this post. I apologize.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Im queen of the bed self portrait these days! this stuff rocks. Its poison ivy scrub. I bought the CVS generic brand because it had the same ingrediants and was 20 dollars cheaper. it took the itch away completely. I might have to give it one more washing tomorrow but seriously, I was practically crying, it was unbearable and I started to scratch and make it bleed. and now I feel barely anything at all. maybe on my arm a little because I didnt do it good enough. WHY I am documenting this for you I have no idea. I think when we are in hell we instinctively need to communicate that fact to other people. anyway, never ever do any of us EVER have to go thru poison ivy hell again. ever. get the soap. it fkg works.

sketching for tomorrows video. Im going to have to paint it all in one day. its horizontal too Im starting to like those.

thats all. just hanging.

Chicks Rule

crazy greedy empty soul fuckheads

so this is the news:

and this is the parody. But like any good parody, and writing, there is much truth in metaphor.

A Pentagon spokesperson said skateboarding was the perfect sport for Iraqi youth. “These kids are angry, and want to rebel. We can sell them the image of rebellion. It is much better than that whole Islamo-fascist revenge thing being shoved down their throat now. Osama bin-Laden does not skate. We’ve got Tony Hawk.”

A new video game “Tony Hawk’s Green Zone” will be released to coincide with the opening of the park. Tony Hawk commented: “Imagine the first Iraqi kid to pop up over the lip of the half pipe and pull a 180 Ollie out and transition that into a front side grab before dropping back in on the pipe, his skate wheels gliding literally on the bones of those who sacrificed to provide him with this freedom…. The poetry of it gives me chills.” - Dennis Trainer jr

Poison IVY IS NOT love

Good Morning From My Face Is All Fucked Up Land!
fishboy sAys he'll kiss me like this but I doubt it.

POISON IVY FACTS I bet u did not know:
a) its not contagious. when you have the blisters the fluid inside the blisters is not made of the same stuff that gave you the poison to begin with. its an entirely different substance and will not spread if you itch it and open it. HOW POISON IVY WORKS is that, if you are a sensitive fuck like I am, you breeze by a leaf and casually catch it on your sleeve. Since you have no clue and have lived in garden apartments in north jersey your whole life where there is more concrete and guys named Tony than anything looking like a greeny red looking plant from hell, you have no idea what to avoid if and when you come into contact with said beast. SO you dont know to wash upper forearm where the plant touched and instead oh you just go through your day, holding your arm, rubbing it against here and there, getting the plants oil all under and over and here and there. That is how poison ivy spreads. the day you get it.

or if you have a dog. a messy little dog who eats poop and needs a haircut and she rolls around in poison ivy than comes and sleeps on your pillow (my rash is exactly the position in which I sleep at night, all over the right cheek and down that side of my neck, right were I have contact with my squishy pillow of love). so you can get PI that way. Animals are immune. The fuckers.

The thing that confuses people is the blisters do not appear all at once - therefore it seems as though it is spreading. Ive spent all day researching this so dont question me I KNOW what Im talking about. at about the 3rd day all comes out thats gonna come out that had contact with the plants oils and that is it. then youre stuck with what you got and you itch.

hot showers ARE NOT good for PI and will make you want to itch them with a razor.

Im not showing close up shots cause its gross. Its below my eye and and ugh just ugh. so here is a happy painting instead.

Here is a wood burned box Im going to put up on ebay tonight.
It says To Love Oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance - oscar wilde

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I just woke up

I have poison ivy poison SOMETHING on my FACE. holy fuck it itches. Here are commissions I've been doing. Golly I love Bed Cam! the little box Im going to put up on ebay . I will post better pictures later when I get my ass out of bed. (hard to do).

(yes I know the writing is backwards. get a life).

Do you know about this MIXED MEDIA RADIO SHOW?

Tascha is on this weeks episode!
Yay Tascha!!
Just listening to Tascha's voice makes me feel better.