Wednesday, April 09, 2008

yOu aRe an aRtist!

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Youtube is doing maintenance so I put this up real quick.


Danita said...

Congratulations about the magazine. Love this video!
Good luck with Lulu!

ironbru said...

ooohhh puppies...

my Pip is no bigger than a shoe but she sure can poo!
she doesnt whine at the door like dogs are suppose to she does the poo poo dance!

Good luck with Lulu and watch out for the poo poo dance!

Fiona said...

Great stuff being in the magazine - you deserveit. Love the message of the vid and fully agree. I am an artist and a writer!

Hope all is goign well with the potty training and you've rediscovered your paint!

Debra said...


Contact your vet there is a supplement you can give LuLu that cause her poop to taste bad, making it less attractive to her. Maybe you should try this route. As for not pooping, you could add a little flax oil to her food to "move things along". Just a tiny amount.


*~Niki~* said...

Oh Suzi this video is awesome and so is your painting! Thank you for the inspiring words, it made my day :D

Taly said...

Suzi, that was a fantastic video. Your words are such an inspiration to me, but more than that - your act are such an inspiration.

You are definitely not a 'nobody' you are 'most-body'. The best one could be - authentic, unique and determined to follow YOUR dreams and not the dreams the society have dictated.

You rock !!!

Julie Brill Molina said...

You are so funny. Buy that child a crate and go to the post office!!!!

Congratulations on the magazine!

I love the color you chose for the studio! V. V. Cool!

angel said...

hé girl! this is a great inspirational video again! the paintings are awsome again!
Good luck with Lulu too! I know puppies are so stuburn sometimes!
have a great day and I hope you can go out!!

Mariposa said...

You're on Lulu lock down! :)

mommaof3 said...

Congratulations about the magazine
and every word you said in the video abt you are what you say are is very true

Iris said...

I loooooooove your videos =) Whenever you post a video I always just find myself going (inside my head.. I don't talk to myself.. yet) 'yes yes yes that is soooo true!' I actually think that the singlemost thing that inhibits us artists the most is ourselves. Of course there are all the influences such as low self esteem, crappy friends, criticism or a bad childhood etc etc that are also a part of that but in the end we have to give OURSELVES permission and unless we do that, we are always going to find ways to make excuses.

Much love <3, Iris

renee b said...

I recommend that you feed Lulu and then take her for a longish walk, maybe down the road or around your block in order to stimulate her digestive system. I saw a dog expert on TV that said that if you walk them it will cause their body to seek more energy, thus activating digestion and pushing the waste out in order to make room. Makes sense to me. Walks are always good, plus little dogs need exercise or they get fat fast, which is so not good for their little legs.

Also outside the house. Mark a spot with her accidental poop and pee and then always bring her to the same spot. Before she used to have those sent pads to pee and poo telling her that the area on or around was good to mark. She needs to learn a new area. So rub her accidental poop on one spot. Sounds gross but it worked for me.

Congratulations on the books. Being published is always so exciting. I also love saying "I am published!" It makes you feel like your work all these years has finally paid off in a little or not so little way. Hope to see you in more publications.

Lin Lin said...

Congrats on being represented in the magazine. Surprised you do not find yourself in more. My best friend is a dog trainer and she tells all her clients that the most quick, most reliable and most safe way to potty train your dog in "crate training." It gives you freedom and also gives the pet a constant safe haven that they need. Just google if you choose. Many hugs!

daisychainsnlaughs said...

Hi Suzi,
Thank you for posting this I love your videos and feel much better after I get a Suzi Blu fix.

Not that you asked, but the single best thing I ever did when I was first training my dog was hang a cord of bells on the front door handle and train him to ring them when he had to go out. You just have to, every time you take LuLu out, make a point of ringing the bells before you exit and she will eventually take the hint (you'd want it long enough for LuLu to reach with her nose). People are amazed and laugh when they see my doggie do it. It sure beats having accidents.

Also, I do love every one of your paintings.

Marie said...

congrats on the magazine, very happy for you.
you cant be 40 if your 40 I'm 101, I need proof

msteeleart said...

They have pills at Petsmart that you can give LuLu to stop eating her poo. My late rottweiler used to eat his poo which is gross because they get bad breath from it. :( I heard they do it because of the protein in the poop. Now the housebreaking, we housebroke my mastiff in a weekend by taking him out every half an hour and praising him big time when he pooped and peed outside. You could always take a treat out with you and reward her with it when she does her business outside. I hope this helps.

Congrats in being in the book and I love the painting. :)

~ Maggie Crawford ~ said...

i have a house of poop eaters.. it is nasty.
here ya go try this Solid Gold S.E.P. (Stop Eating Poop) it's a powder you sprinkle on food.. it smells like herbalife :) i have 2 big dogs and a little shit eater named lulu too.. ... they all snarf down their food with the powder on it so i figure your lulu will too..
they sell it on amazon ....

hooray for magazine!! hooray for you!!
go find your paint

vanillabb said...

I love your paintings videos and blog :)