Tuesday, April 15, 2008

LuLu Balloon

The Youtube version might be late since bcz I joined the partner program videos take sometimes 48 hours before upload. so here is the blip version:


suze said...

Hey, three things you and I have in common. Love butter, not a morning person, and I also had a bazillion jobs that didn't work out. Oh, and there's the art thing and our name hmmmm.

Shonna said...

I love your videos; they make me happy! Thanks!

Robyn said...

I hate getting up at 7 o'clock in the morning too. Which makes it a real bitch having to get up at 6am on a work day. One of these daze I will be able to retire and get up when I like!

Adriana Whitney said...

I am not a morning person either, yawn! I can stay up until 3am and not being tired at all but mornings... booo.

dragondaughters said...

hey suzi,
you are not cardboard! you are art and paint and glue and glitter and light and we love you!
love and hugs always,
al xxx

p.s. will you show us your studio when you have painted it?

angel said...

wow this painting looks great again! made me smile, as did your video again!
Yay for lulu (and you) for not eating poo! Oh and here they say dogs eat grass when their tummy hurts, it makes them feel better (or throw up and feel better after that ;-) )
i don't like getting up early too but you know what... I tried going to sleep and getting up at the same time every day and it works! I feel a lot better now!
Oh and that Amélie video is just yum!!! I love her (well her character! and the movie and the music) it's so inspirational!
have a great day!

ladylulu said...

wig and spock. i agree!

Iris said...

OOh I'm so happy to hear you take commissions! (coz I thought I heard you say sometime before that you didn't) Right now I live in a tiny little room with my boyfriend (renting) but in about 6-12 months we'll hopefully have bought are own place and I will decorate the walls with ART and I have already decided I need a real SuziBlu original to hang on the wall, because you inspire me SO MUCH to do and to create. Depending on what the place will be like that we end up getting I also want to do a mural. The whole place will be full of art and inspiration.

Pooh looks good =) How is he doing?

msteeleart said...

I don't like mornings either and when I used to work, I was a job hopper. I like to stay up late to work on art. :) I love the painting and video.

Ms Dragonfly said...

i forgot to congratulate you on becoming a partner. so CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Danita said...

Let Lulu eat grass, is good for her!
by the way, I love your tshirt, where did you get it?

RAWVOLTA said...

SUZI, lovely SUZI!
I also am unemployable - unless it is art/craft/creativity..
And all my life I am trying to get up earlier to DO THINGS!;-)

But...about the grass: sorry for being boring, but grass is the best ever regarding minerals. It can pick up all the known 92 minerals and -- besides ocean water ( 80+minerals) it is the best source!
We forgot what it means TO LIVE with the nature..YES, SUZI- watch YOUR LULU ( doesn't mean..eat the poo..;-))))), but watch her-why does she eat the grass? well..simple : to clean her stomach from acids, BABY!;-) and to mineralize herself.
Last year(summer) I juiced big glass of wheatgrass and I was standing in the middle of my kitchen after I drunk it and .... my whole body and connection with AROUND changed in a minute: EVERYTHING WAS CLEAR, SHARP.
One more boring thing, if YOU all don't mind ( but I guess, we want to be CONNECTED/ ALLert to paint more, to be more creative , right?). so- it is hard to digest grass ( we forgot how), so- juice it, the young one or chew on it and spill it.
Great for the tooth problems.

SUZI, oh SUZI, I am writing it to YOU to help YOU, mama;-). I want yOU to feel the best ever!
I have lots of these stories to tell if YOU ever need advise;-)
ALWAYS-for all of YOU!

By the way-the sparkling shirt is illuminating interestingly when the sun shines;-)

all the BEST!

Evelyn said...

Suzie, LOL, you remind me of a friend who went through this strange period when she first got her dog. In her case she questioned if getting him was the right thing. They are presently in love. Things will get back to "normal" again. Your just getting to know one another.

ELMERC said...

Love that puppy of yours. Elaine cooke

ELMERC said...

Love that puppy of yours. Elaine cooke