Friday, April 04, 2008

Crappy Clothes Painting the Walls Art n SouL

It's official.
I need new clothes.
who's gonna love my ass in a t-shirt that says 'slimey'?
I haven't bought anything new in quite a long while cause every dime went into computer and photo equipment and art supplies but GUESS WHAT. its time.
Next weeks video will be super cool cause Im doing something different. Its going to be more like an episode of Attic Makeover as me and Melissa paint the studio! Im picking out colors now. we are drawn to buddhist orange for the walls - we are going to paint the floors black, and gold and navy/lavender for the trim. Im excited beyond belief.
Went to the bank and Diego is going to hook me up with a Merchant account so I can accept credit cards myself. I like that.
and suzi and LuLu (hopefully, I have to call the hotel first) will be at the ART & SOUL Retreat on Vendor night 7-11. I can't stay away from home for the entire retreat because Pooh gets fluids sometimes every day but I can hit vendor night. Its close to me. Anyone going?

Here is the link to the retreat in VA coming up, May 3 I think?

Vendor night is when people sell their art and stuff. Im not going to have a table I just want to go.


anni said...

I want to go! I teach school, so I've been looking at the Art and Soul retreats in the summer. They look sooooo cooool! What is vendor night? Are you setting up a booth?

suzi blu said...

Hi Anni!
I put a link to it on the post. Vendor night is when some of the instructors and other artists sell their work for a few hours. Im not going to sell I just want to go.

Apple said...

That sounds like fun!! I am anxious to see ya'll paint the room. That should be a fun video...(any paint fights?)

Ms Dragonfly said...

i've gone without clothes too for years. enjoy you shopping spree :) the colors so interesting, can't wait to see the video!

kathy mc said...

I'll be there Suzie. I would love to meet you. You should consider teaching at this event. Your classes would fill up immediately I'm sure. I love your blog!

suze said...

Dang! I almost signed up for it. If I had known you were going to be there I would have for sure. Maybe next year. We are trying to move to Hampton.

Lisa said...

I thought about going but didn't sign up. Another artist from here in Roanoke, Lesley Venable, will be teaching there. She calls herself Flatwoods Folk Artist. If you see her, say hi. :)

I'm looking forward to the next video! How fun. I always think you look great in your tee's but I understand needing new clothes. I worked retail for a few months last year and bought a bunch of clothes at a discount. The best I'd been dressed in ages. ha!

ironbru said...

Your art + t-shirt transfer paper=new clothes!

SisterJulia said...

I love you and your ass in a t-shirt that says slimey!

a simple offering said...

Crap, I'm not going to this Art and Soul! Crap crap crap!!! How cool it would be to meet u.

Have fun!!!

Tricia said...

hi! i'll be at art and soul. i am signed up for lk ludwig's sun/monday class but will also be there vendor night.
would love to meet you!
i need new clothes too. i remember months ago thinking i was going to learn to sew somehow before art and soul and i was going to make this fabulous top...that didn't happen. :)