Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mixed Media Playshop: STENCILS

'Conversations in the Garden'

For Sale at my Etsy shop!

This video was a response to illustration Fridays word 'garden'.
I am going to use their words for art videos every week.

Next video assignment will be TUESDAY March 18th.
I need to switch from sundays to tuesdays so that I can film
video adventures on the weekends.

Student Journal Pages!
I hope I got everyone who sent them to me.


gina said...

oh suzee i wanna thank you once again for taking the time to help us artists grow, i have so enjoyed that you are helping us to be more confident , when i did mine i thought they werent mola enough id never done that style but you showed mine any ways and i was so happy i loved all the work ,what a great group of artists . you are such a great teacher

suzi blu said...

Gina! We are all in this together. I need your emotional support as much as you need mine. Your power animal was SUPER!
: D

TheresaW813 said...

Aww gee whiz Suzi; you forgot to put mine in.

Julie Brill Molina said...

Those are so beautiful!!

I sent you mine but I must be in your spam folder or something. I'd love it if you came to see it on my blog, though --

Julie Brill Molina said...

PS -- That Puppy is the cutest, tiniest little ball of fluff ever in the history of Puppies!!! Welcome Lulu Rainbow Cookie!

Iris said...

Aww I guess mine got missed somehow =/

I loooooved seeing everyone's power animals, they're just so awesome and personal.

Such a cute little puppy!!

Sama said...

My god your puppy is cute!!
And what a wonderful garden-painting, love it!

RAWVOLTA said...

Suzi!!! this ball of joy is soo cute, that I might convince my other part to finally get a puppy;-)))
Once again..seeing Your pieces make me more brave to go and DO IT!Thank seems like YOU are the perfect example of "TRUST THE HEART".
and Gina- what a great nick name: IMAGINA!!
hugs for everybody!

Melissa said...

LOVE THE LULU COOKIE! And I'm still thinking about my power animal...the rabbit seems to fit me best. I love the Illustration Friday; thanks for sharing it AND for continuing to encourage us to make art.


whidbey islander said...

congrats to all the artists in this clip. wonderful work.........just wonderful! thanks to SB for the encouragement....wendy

whidbey islander said...

gotta ask: who is playing that totally hip, jazzy piano solo in your stencil vid? very swing-dancable. gotta know the artist....plz, oh, plz!oxoxxowendy

suzi blu said...

Please forgive me. After getting LuLu on saturday Ill admit I editing both vids all in one day NO EXCUSE I know. but a reason.

If you made a stamped/Mola page please send to me again with SUZI SUZI FORGOT ME in the title to my gmail account - along with the picture, and I will make an extra little video to put on with this post. I apologize for still not getting it right. Julie especially I forgot her last time and I know I had her pic right here!!

Next time too I will have links to the blogs of all who respond. At this point its not too many people so I can keep doing it. I want to keep my weekly vids in accord with illustration friday because its something we all do anyway.

send pictures AGAIN to this week and Ill make a special IM SORRY VIDEO to the chickies Ive left behind. As long as youve done stamped letters/mola animail, NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND.

LuLu has not pooped all morning and I am anxiously watching her ass : )

crazierinreallife said...

OMGoodness Suzi that ball of fur is friggin adorable and reminds me of when I got my bundle of fur 2 years ago. I got him for my kids but he quickly became MINE MINE MINE. Enjoy little LuLu.

also thanks for sharing my picture. I feel so honored to be among such wonderful artists

Kimbo said...

Hi Suzi !
I have been "lurking" around for months and loving your weekly videos and all the fantastic inspiration you share ! I just started my own blog yesterday - lurking no more.
I am finding the courage and the time to join in the fun you and your fellow arts have sharing your journal pages. You will see my contribution soon !
Lulu is gorgeous ! She looks like her momma somehow !!! Congrats !

doulanana said...

Thank you for sharing these! They are amazing and bravo to all the amazing artists out there. I wish I had sent mine in but there is always next time...and how about Aticus!!!! Too cool!!!
Thanks again Suzi!!
...and Lulu is so she a Shitzu?? I have a Shitzu named Percy and he is so much fun!

Serena said...

Congratulations, everyone! You all did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I know this is terribly late but I was reading your past entries and in January you said you loved the movie nine lives. That is such an amazing movie but the makers made another movie called things you can tell just by looking at her that was just incredible and i really think you should check it out! Wishing you Allllll the best and greatly appreciating your videos (and how good you make me feel about myself), Krissy.

a simple offering said...

lulu is adorable.

love this design.

thanks suziblu!!!