Monday, March 24, 2008

Im in an AMAZING magazine!

Note: I need help with a HEX color pallete for my blog. there are so many colors to choose from I seriously dont know what goes together nor have the time necessary to make this blog look decent. help?

Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn's latest installment of pasticcio 3 is out and LITTLE OL ME IS IN IT! how fkg awesome is that! Sarah has the yummiest soul I love her I love her.

Check out the BOOK

I am honored and so very excited and hope you all will pick up a copy!


tascha said...

That is super news!

redpearl said...

I'm not familiar with this magazine but will check it out.

You know what? I think you should keep your blog as simple as possible. I loved your colorful background before but the clean, white background is also very nice and I like your new header. Seriously, what you are sharing here is much more important to me than how your blog looks.

Oodles of love,

inge said...

Hello Suzi,

I already told you before that I love to see you busy on your video's and that I learned a lot from you already, so you really deserve this !

Why don't you admit frequently to the magazines of Stampington ? You surely could be a frequent submitter they publish and a teacher !

Inge (from Belgium)

nanakin1 said...

Yay, Suzi!! I read Angela's blog each day and was thinking I should buy that issue of the mag.
Talent attracts talent.


Mariposa said...

Would you like help with the blog layout? I tend to keep mine simple with the exception of a background and a header, everything else just stays the same. That way you only have to change like two things if you want to change the look.

If you want something similar, let me know, I'll help you out.
e-mail me if you're interested.

Patricia J. Mosca said...

Your site is WONDERFUl...what would you change? Why? Your paintings POP out against the white background..Your words are easily readable ...Your photos work well...I THINK YOU'VE GOT IT ALL...but that is just one woman's opinion....

Julie Brill Molina said...


I have the first issue of that zine and I'm excited to get this new one! Especially since you're in it!

You post so many beautiful and colorful things, why not leave the background white. Like a gallery wall?

MyBlueDog said...

Congratulations on your mag spot.. As for the blog colors.. this is a cool link.. poke around.. you may find some ispiration...I do as we are about to paint opur house and are afraid to commit!

double click on a palette to download

Lisa said...


angel said...

how great is that?! Congrat!!!

*~Niki~* said...

That is awesome congrats Suzi! said...

Oh Yippeeeee!! How marvelous Miss lovely!!!! It is wonderful, I just followed your links, fab!

sugarandsnails said...

Yay, how cool!
If you're looking for a color palette you could try the palette generator at Big Huge Labs ( You just upload a photo (such as your blog banner) and it creates a coordinating color palette for you.

RAWVOLTA said...

wonderful!I am rushing to READ!!!!!
hugs for everybody!

suzi blu said...

The authors call it a zine but to me it is a book. its got a spine and lots of colorful pages. when I think zine I think DIY whimsical. like staying up all night hovering over a copy machine and stapling pages together. This is a book for sure.

BeadZombie said...

More color scheme ideas for you at

I just found you thanks to an employee at Just for Fun Scrapbooking shop in Pearland, TX. I was in there the other day and mentioned I do altered journals and books. A woman named Rhonda gave me your name to look up and said you were wonderful... I must agree!

Faith :)

a simple offering said...

congrats, suziblue!

i'm not surprised;)