Sunday, March 02, 2008

Holy Mola!

Materials used:

colored pencil
cheapie acrylics
SOUFLEE gel pens
stick on letters
oil pastels - just a tad

You have until next friday to send me your STAMPED TEXT journal pages
and also your Power Animals for next weekends STUDENT GALLERY

Here is a link the sculpture I found at the end.
They are very inspiring

ok now Im gonna lie down and watch the L word. I earned it :D


Nat said...

This is so inspiring- thanks for this awesome and funny video!!! LOve the colors and shapes of the paintings and of your journal page.

Debra said...


Love you work. Question: What pencils are you using? I noticed that in this journal entry and once before whe you did your "self-portriat" you used a pencil that covered dark backrounds and showed nicely (I believe you used it on the hair, a bright turquoise). I have prisma and some cheapy ones crayola. P.S. Glad you are feeling better.


Anonymous said...

Amazing Suzi!!
These journal pages are so beautiful I cannot find words!! :)

Iris said...

You're so silly, it's adorable and awesome!!

I love how you let lots of different and diverse things/people inspire you.

I was fretting about not having done a page yet for your letter/stamp assignment but then I was like.. wait.. my latest two pages both use rubber stamps so voila problem solved! Will take pictures and send them soon.

You make me so excited about my art and art in general!

suzi blu said...

I use Beryl prisma colors. but also Crayola used to make Gel Pencils which were colored pencils made to go over and black paper and they do not sell them in the stores anymore. I have not looked online but I should. I LOVE THEM. they also made gel crayons that I cant find either. They covered very well.

Nina said...

Is that Pia with pancakes on her head:!?!!!???? Toooooo funny:-)

Mola's are made in reverse applique. IOW, instead of slapping shapes on top of fabric and more shapes on top of that, the whole thing is planned and done UNDERNEATH the fabric which is then cut away. It adds complexity and mystery to their work!!

Oh, I hope that makes some sense.......

kizam said...

Does anyone know where i can find Gold Elastic? we have looked everywhere and need it to finish a costume. Any ideas goddesses? love to you Suzi! thanks from karen

doulanana said...

Love this!!!,,,and thanks for sharing with us about teh Kuna(spelling?) women!!!
Very inspirational!!!!

Debra said...


Thank You for answering. I found the pencils at "" a school supply place. I cant wait! They had the metallic crayons there too! Again Thanks

Debra said...

Sorry Suzi,

Its "", mybad!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Thank you so much for this! I was having a dark day, and when I started researching my gloom lifted and I have clue as to what to do next! Thank you Suzi and the Mola womyn! Also thanks for the materials list!

many blessings! Vi

Lady Jana Muck said...

I loved this video, the colours, well I would never think of using such bold colours, I have been so pastel lately (does that make sense to you?) The materials list was very welcome

+Nix+ said...

love it!

Sama said...

Love the video, reminds of your older ones about being kind to yourself and spending time with your muse. Love 'em, love this!

Babi said...

I just love the way you edit your movies,, thanks for being so inspiring. I've been in Panama and the art work is everywhere. It's gorgeous! have a great week

RAWVOLTA said...

Suzi,adore Your Vitality!!;-)
and the pencils You are using look yummy ;-)

Deirdra Doan said...

Vlog...Oh words, just YES!!!!

love the little pink hearts and V love....

thank you cutie....with the BIG pencil....curler girl.

Julie Brill Molina said...
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RAWVOLTA said...

Suzi and Debra!!
I can't find those pencils anywhere! Suzi, are they so soft as they appear?
I am looking for pencils, that work with canvas/acrylics, that are soft, opaque and thick..
Help please!!
thank YOU!

Patricia J. Mosca said...

I had great fun doing this prompt!
Thank you so much for the inspiration! I have linked your blog, the video to my site along with my totem...mola style!
Artfully Yours,

changapeluda said...

Gracias! Coyotita!!


(i don't know why you make me wanna speako the spanish but ya do!!)


Lisa said...

Whooo Hooo! I finally finished this and I love it. THanks for the inspiration. You can view my MOLA here....
Suzy I think your videos rock and you are such an inspiration.