Saturday, March 15, 2008

Goddess Of The Sea

Goddess of the sea
Splashing and dancing
Like the wind through her hair
Weaving shimmering sunlight threads
From the sky
Down to the sparkling blue sea -

On Sale in my Etsy store =^_^=


Babi Sugarman said...

she is gorgeous!

inge said...

Hello Suzi,

I really like your paintings ( all of them) : I like your unique drawing style and the layers in it.

I'm always looking forward to your video's because I love to see how you make them. I learned already a lot of things this way, just by seeing you do it.

So, keep on creating and let us enjoy looking at it !
One day, I surely buy one of your paintings ( as a present for myself...)


Iris said...

Beautiful colours! Mermaids are fascinating and mysterious

Serena said...

A lovely mermaid painting, Suzi!

Nat said...

wow wow wow - I so love the colors and all the types-letters on the right- such an amazing painting. Love your work and oyur videos!

Kimbo said...

Oh Suzi, she is so so beautiful ! I really have a thing for mermaids (I so wanted to be one when I was a kid and used to pretend to be one all day long in the Lake where I spent my childhood summers.)I love the quote you included on the piece as well !

crazierinreallife said...

man I can't believe she sold before I could even get to her. It is a beautiful beautiful painting

Apple said...

Love it!!!!

Diane said...

LOVE the mermaid painting....wish I could have gotten to it first.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is beautiful and I like the way you've taken the photo with the old peeling paint in the background, just perfect!

Maralena (AKA: mcdc3s) said...

Very nice Suzi. I love the way she stands.

bLu eYd YoGi said...

she is AWESOME! how fast did she sell, or what? I looked a few hours after she was posted and...SOLD! maybe you could put her on your blog for a day or 2, THEn list her? more people would have the chance to buy?
anyway~ LOVE her!
and YOU , and baby lulu~
xo ericatheartist

RAWVOLTA said...

wow, SUZI, You are a speedo;-).
She is just a candy!
layers and greens blues or blue greens are just vibrating! stunning!;-)

gina said...

hi suzi its sunday and im lonely for my sunday suzi time but then again tuesday will be double the fun suzi and american idol the only 2 shows i watch lately, love the painting as always you make me smile with joy i have got to clone a suzi for my self he he