Saturday, March 15, 2008

blog background help

what is the code again that I put in the body of the html to put an image in my blog background
I ferget.

Here's more puppy love.


Bonafyde said...

Sweet Suzi...alas (don`t cha just love that oldschool)I can be of no help. My Blog has been neglected because I couldn`t figure out for the life of me how to make it look cool, so being uninspired I`ve let it gather dust and wither...LOL so if anyone should (and they will ;) ) let you in on the secret please please please with a cherry on top pass along that info to me too. My fugley blog will forever be in your debt!

Long Black Eyelahes said...

Oh my God, how adorable.

Paulette Insall said...

Hey girl! I haven't used Blogger in a while, but I went on someone's blog that I know uses a background image on Blogger and viewed the source code on her site. Here's the code that should be where you can insert the web address of your background image. I hope it works for ya or someone else chimes in if it doesn't.


Lulu is soooooo adorable! My mil has a shih tzu and he is just too cute, but has turned into a terror it seems. Oh and I emailed ya earlier. So sorry I've been MIA lately. xo

Julie Brill Molina said...

She is just a ball of fluffy fluffiness!
You're painting is already sold out!

But Yaaaaaaaayyyyy for you!

Steffie said...

This is what I have for mine:

background: transparent url( bottom left no-repeat fixed;

You'd probably have to just use the parts that apply to yours, as mine is a non repetitive image in the left corner. So just background: url ().


What happened to yours?

Steph said...

she's a real cutie !

LuLu said...

Bonjour Suzi! Your little LuLu is adorable! And her name and the way you spell it makes me smile...Yesterday, someone asked me if there was any relation between you and I! The same has happened with Jenn at Noodle and Lou because of her Lulu paintings and her Luluettes! LOVE your mermaid painting! And your blog too! Please come and visit more often! Take care.... LuLu

lynn said...

if anybody looks at this after they have posted, or if you know suzi....
where do you insert this info in the HTML.

gulfsprite said...

Here is what you need to add for a repeating background both vertical and horizontal:
body style="background:url("the location of your image.jpg") repeat 0 0;"
For an image that repeats horizontally you need:
body style="background:url("the location of your image.jpg") repeat-x 0 0;"
and vertically:
body style="background:url("the location of your image.jpg") repeat -y 0 0;"
and a background that doesn't repeat:
body style="background:url("the location of your image.jpg") no-repeat 0 0;"
replace the body tag in the html of your webpage with the right tag from above depending on your background image. Don't forget you need the little opening and closing brackets which I can not type in this comment box.
Hope this helps!

-- fé. said...

I'm sorry I won't be of much help with the background coding info, but I had to say just how extremely cute Lulu is in this post!

Much love to you and those of your dearly beloved.