Thursday, March 27, 2008

Art Journal Playshop With Suzi Blu: Image Transfers

Ill put up the etsy collages later today.


angel said...

yay it's fun again! I've searched like crazy here to find medium, maybe search harder now ;-) Good luck in the "fat" girl. Struggling with it myself too! Doing pilates now.

*~Niki~* said...

Suzi I love this video! You are so not fat!

*~Niki~* said...

Suzi do I need to put gel medium over the top after I've transferred? To make it sealed? Or not?

Renee E. Mzinegiizhigo-kwe Bedard said...

I think I am slightly addicted to your videos. I teach an art class outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I got my students addicted to your videos.

I think women are genetically predisposed to belly fat. Of course if I laid off the chocolate to, I probably would have a flat belly, but that ain't going to happen. Chocolate is the food of the gods.

Yeah stay away from IAMS. It is all beaks and ass, so it is nooooo good for you tiny pup. My golden eats "dogs-in-floken" (spelling with probably wrong). Watch out for food with chicken by-products. They use it as filler and a lot of dogs are allergic to it for some reason.

I think I am going to go use university property to make transparencies now. Nice use of my teaching resources...hehehe. Just kidding. (No I'm not :)

renee b.

Crzy Boss said...

Gurl, you don't know what fat is. But get control now or 15 years from now, you WILL understand! I am going to try the transfer thing. I have transpar....well what you said, but mine say "Write On" so I think maybe not. Magazine pics???? Did I see you do that? I am sending you pics this week for sure. Luv Ya!!

Debra said...

Okay the dog food you are looking for is called "Natures Balance" made by Dick Van Patten (eight is enough - actor). Another good dogfood - all natural- no BMT, as well as other bad things is "Wellness" brand - Good stuff!!! Also check out "Flint River" online they make a whole and natural dog food that can be delivered to your home on a regular schedule. My Yorkies love all three of these brands!!!! My daughter the "Dog Nazi" is a Natural Food Nut who refers to the IAMS/Science Diet truck as the "Cancer Wagon" due to the additives in it that have led to tumors and kidney failure in pets.

Also about the "fat", dear "IF ONLY" I was that fat, which I might have been at birth. I could see your fat and raise you seversl pounds! However I am intriqued by the bollywood burn. I do love the music....Hmmmmm.

Also you can use "Liquitex" gel medium it also works, I have used both on paper and cloth!!!

Thank you for the fun vid!


Debra said...

P.S. Gel Miedium can leave your page slightly "sticky" and cause the pages to "stick together" you may wish to seal the page with a spray or a light coat of wax to prevent this.

Nina said...

OMG, Lulu is 2 cute!! I want to snuggle with her:-)

You didn't say anything abt using inkjet prints - with some kind of special paper -- not transparencies. I know Claudine H says no, only commercial printers prints.

redpearl said...

Here I am watching your video instead of working. Tsk tsk. But what a cool new trick to try! And guess what, the shopping center up the road has an Office Depot right next to Michaels so I can make one trip to get the transparency paper and the gel medium. I didn't post my flower page because I didn't like it and painted over it too many times. I was trying to use watercolors but just couldn't seem to get it to the place that I was in love with it. But I love your paintings with watercolors. Guess I'll have to play with it some more. I am so excited about you putting prints up on Etsy. But please consider prints of some of your paintings. I would so buy one! Or two or three! LOL. Am I rambling or what. Love and peace to you today!

Carmen said...

I love your videos. You crack me up! Great tutorial on transfers! Thank you.

msteeleart said...

Love the video, I can't wait to try it. :)

I feed my mastiff Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance potato and duck formula since he has epilepsy. They also have formula treats and my dog loves them. It is good for them because it has one protein source and no fillers like corn. They carry it at Pet People and I think Petco, not Petsmart.

LaaLaa said...

LOVE from Italy!!! :)

Cecile said...

It's funny because I was just playing with medium transfer too, but on fabric, my favorite media.

Suzi, you're not, definetely not fat !

Love from France
PS : you know your new banner has a French background ?

beemr6 said...

you're not fat....i'd love to see you in a bikini/thong from your go-go should post some!!!

beemr6 said...

you're not fat....i'd love to see you in a bikini/thong from your go-go should post some!!!

Elliot said...

Nice I've been wondering how to do transfers (*is new to the mixed media world*)

And you make an unconvincing 40 year old, btw.

Julie Brill Molina said...

HA! If that is fat than I should just kill myself!

I like your little blankie for the cart when you bring Lulu to the pet shop.

I feed my dog Canidae (healthy) mixed with Pedigree wet food. Because she's a spoiled brat. Canidae is kind of hard to find, though. Usually in little boutique pet supply places.

I really like your transfers though I have NEVER been able to get them to work right for me.

Next time, film yourself painting one of your beeeeeyouteeful paintings.

Hmmm. Maybe I need to commission something from you. Are you currently taking commissions?

Nerd Bunny said...

Yay! Another fantastic video. I'm looking forward to trying the transfer thing - your pages look great as always. Oh yeah, you look great by the way! Although, I'd love to see you doing the Bollywood Burn! Maybe you should do a fitness video - getting fit with Suzi Blu would surely raise a huge audience :D
Thanks Suzi, you rock.. Your posts are highlights in my blogosphere.
NB x

Apple said...

I agree with Nerd Bunny, you DO need a fitness video (that would be fun). I would trade bodies with you in a second because if YOU are fat than you would absolutely think I was huge!!
I know I say this all the time, but Lulu is just totally adorable!!!

RAWVOLTA said...

Suzi! don't get me wrong ( or do! ;-)), but you are sexy and yummy with beautiful pale skin like vanilla ice cream!;-)
Great video-was laughing!always!

question:the first transfers you do onto the is so quickly..I've heard ( maybe even Claudine Hellmuth), that it needs a time and it seems like not. The first drawing (color)you transfer is on regular paper, right?
Thank YOU AGAIN;-)

RAWVOLTA said...

also- I almost made it..I was close, SUZI... Like i said : no video --> unexpected footsteps by YOUR door;-))))
Polish Girl Again!

DellaLuna said...

Oh, beautiful Suzi, that is so not, not even in the same universe. Please don't let the airbrushed beauties we see on TV, on billboards...well, actually, where can we NOT see them?...convince you that you aren't absolutely gorgeous right at this moment, because you are. Seriously, darlin'...we females weren't built for 6 pack abs. Now, if you want that, then right on, crunch away, but not having a core that someone can kick and break a foot on does NOT equal fat.

Although, Bollywood Burn looks like it would be very would be like being in a Bollywood musical. :D

Niki, some folks put another coat of gel medium on, like you said, as a final sealant, but it's not necessary. The ink won't come out of the gel medium once dry, if you're worried about that. And Debra recommended a wax to put over the sticky pages (which happens with any acrylic medium, paint, etc)...folks either use Dorland's Wax Medium or Microglaze. Or, a fine dusting of talc over the page can help.

Thanks for your vids, Suzi...I heart them. :D

ironbru said...

Gotta get me some!
as always a great video!

rockronie said...

Finally watch your videos. It's funny that your roommate keep filming your butt in the supermarket. Love the cat ears. it's great that I can get the collage kit from you. Hope you have enough copies for so many orders. ^_^

mercury said...

nina: I'm pretty sure I read (somewhere) about using HP everyday photo papers for doing transfers, too. I know I have a stash of it for some unknown reason.... I'll pull some out later and do some testing, then report back for you.

Suzi: Are you going to cover different types of transfers? I love packing tape! I usually end up making a big mess with gel medium transfers, but I'm willing to put in some more practice time ;o)

Thank you for being YoU and sharing yourself with the world.... you are an inspiration in more than just art.

mercury said...

Hi nina, I'm back! ;o)

I tried a few yesterday with an epson printer and HP everyday semi-gloss photo paper.

The results were not so great, but I think it's more a "me" thing than a "them" thing.

Timing on pulling the paper back seems to be crucial. Too long and you end up with paper goobers stuck with your transfer. Too short and you peel parts of the transfer back up with your paper. And even though my inks are waterproof, adding a little water to rub the paper off takes the ink, too.

The parts that worked, worked great. The parts that didn't failed HUGE.

Susan said...

so far the best results I have had with transfers is with a synthetic paper called Sheer Heaven; just spray alcohol and transfer to absorbent surfaces. My gel transfers have most of the time ended up goopy or non-transferred.
Fat? Wait until you can pick up your stomach to make stomach puppets to label it fat. It's one of those things that only perspective allows us to see.
so not fat.

a simple offering said...

i like golden's too.

you are so fun!

i love to get silly and do crazy things and watch people react but when I'm with my friends.

I taught a class on all kinds of transfers at a convention here a couple of years ago.

love transfers.

thanks again!!!