Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where Suzi Blu Turns For Inspiration

This woman is THE BEST DAMN WOMAN on the planet.
She is a feminist writer. Iris just unearthed her for me.

Marianne Williamson

The Artists Way
by Julia Cameron


Melanie said...

Thanks Suzi for the links -
oh and did you know you were mentioned in Creating Keepsakes Magazine? Just wanted to make sure you knew that. Made me smile!
I started on the Artist's Way twice and still haven't fully completed the journey - but every time I start it I get further into it ... and find connections out there for me. Like I found you!
I need to start again for a third time and see where it leads me this time!

suzi blu said...

I'm in a mag? ooh what did they say? can you scan in the page Id like to SEE!

Jess said...

The Artists Way is my holy bible and I go back to it frequently when I'm feeling wobbly. I enjoyed the video and love his idea of our lives being a Work of Art! :)

redpearl said...

I have the Artist's Way but sadly it has been sitting on a shelf untouched for months. I need to dust it off, make a commitment and dive in.

Suzi, I'd really like to know how you found your style in your lovely little girls you draw. Drawing faces is my biggest challenge. Yours are so adorable!

Jonna said...

Suzi, The video isn't coming through on my computer. Can you send me the link for the video, Please. I've been reading and listening to Wayne Dyer for over 35 years....he has helped me make many changes in my life.

suzi blu said...

I think yt is having a problem right now, it was playing earlier. just type in wayne dyer at the youtube site and many videos by him come up. I love this man!

Melissa McEwan said...

Thank you for the link, Suzi. I will undoubtedly fail utterly to live up to your expectations, lol, but I hope that you'll still enjoy hanging out in Shakesville. ;-)

Taly said...

Thanks for sharing :)

Suzi C said...

'The Artists Way' is my bible and so is 'Drawing on the right side of the brain' and 'Drawing on the Artist Within' both by Betty Edwards. It's a great way to unleash you talents that you didn't even know you had. These books never find their way to the bookshelf because they are always at my desk. Get a copy everybody, they're worth it

LC said...

All the creativity in me had frozen up. I didn't even look at the world around me which left me feeling lifeless.
I'm in week three of "The Artist's Way" and it feels so good to have life in me again.
"Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" is next on my list, unless I get that copy of "Drawing on the Artist Within" that I saw at the secondhand bookstore last Friday.
Thank you for pointing me in those directions.

RAWVOLTA said...

Suzi! of course The Artist Way is perfecto!!;-)
But have You had a chance to read "Letters to a Young Artist" by Julia Cameron???
It's delicious and soooo truee!!! I am in the middle of it;-)

and something about feminist writers-eve if She doesn't like to be called that way- Jeanette Winterson- oh my god!!;-) GIRLS and BOYS- that's the key to the sexuality;-)
and on the side of my raw food blog www.rawvolta.wordpress.com i started my art blog, where I put some of my paintings. Please, check and share opinions with me, my friends : www.rawvolta.blogspot.com
thank YOU! Enjoy the perfect, inspirational, artist-ic state of he-art!