Monday, February 18, 2008

Vulgarity and The Self

lacking in refinement

Not everyone thinks the same. Not everyone has the same 'morals'
mor·al (môrl, mr-)adj. The judgement of goodness.
and where I see people getting into trouble is when they think their morals are the ones every person should go by. Example: Seeing adults nude is a bad bad thing. That is one moral way of thinking. Now consider for a minute, a european family who summers at a nude beach. If you've ever been to a nude beach you know that it is not a dark, sexual place but a normal place with normal people who do not view a naked body as only sexual. It is a place of families, usually hippy families, playing in the ocean and listening to music like families everywhere else. Children see each other and even adults naked and because it is common, it is not the littlest bit weird, perverse, or a cause for concern. Now, anything sexual or inappropriate touching is as taboo in other countries as it is here, but nakedness alone is not. So, studies indicate that growing up believing a naked body, any naked body, is beautiful and normal and not always sexual, constitutes an above average self esteem - unlike a society in which nakedness is shunned and taught as shamefull. so now, which person is the more 'moral'?

you cant debate it because morality is individual. There is not one set of rules. There isnt. Try as you might feel as holy as you will, there is not a set of paper with exact ways to live.

Onward to my point.
VULGARITY. i love that word. I love debauchery too. its sexy huh? to cause such a ruckus that all pre-conceived rules go out the window. You are FREE. of course now, the road of excess does not always lead to the palace of wisdom because many rockstars died in bathtubs in praise of debauchery and nothing else. Being on the edge all of the time may not be good for the health.

When someone tells me I lack refinement I'm sure they are presuming I will feel bad about their comment. I know too that they are living in strict accordance of rules, probably placed upon them by an overbearing mother or unemotional father, and only feel sure of themselves when the rest of the world follows along with these rules. Then they are safe. The world is predictable. controllable.

Women need to major in vulgarity, Im convinced. They need to hear the sound of their own voices for the very first time. Like in the movie "Boys on the Side" where Whoopie Goldberg is trying to get her friend to say the word cunt. A mousy little girl in a tattered wool sweater, afraid of everything. she cant say it. then she says it softly. embarrassed. society tells us genital words are dirty, bad, vulgar (meaning out genitals are dirty, bad, vulgar), especially womans genitalia. soon though, the woman is screaming it, singing it out. She is empowered. Much like how the N word has less of a sting when spoken by a person of color. the C word is not a slang when a woman takes it as her own.


Point 2.
My art is childlike and attractive to children so therefore I should have a responsiblity for behaving in a way that is most beneficial to children. Like not cursing in my videos. so Ive been told (reprimanded) again by an anonymous angry poster.

If I had a kid Id teach her all the curse words. nothing is funnier than having a child curse. I would then hand her a movie camera and tell her to film a horror movie in the kitchen. She would know everything and not be afraid of anything and she'd be free to make the most of everything available to her.

In my morality bad words are not bad - they are descriptive. And as a lover of descriptive adjectives I choose them often.

And I'll say this one more time just so it's in print and from henceforth when itchy women decide that since the world revolves around their beliefs I better stand in line and behave in ways that make THEM happy, I can point them to this post.

If you have kids and dont want them to hear what I have to say - be a parent and dont let them watch my show. My show is not designed for the typical young child. A young child would not understand half of what I talk about anyhoo. And as far as tainting the minds of young adolescent girls and influencing them to be less refined and explicit in exactly how they feel both in body and in speech I say FUCK YEAH! Here is to a new generation of artist girls not afraid of who they are or of their anger or passion and never, not for one instant, second think whether they should be truthful or not because it might LACK REFINEMENT.

Noun1.refinement - a highly developed state of perfection; having a flawless or impeccable quality; "

Perhaps yOu want to be stiff and flawless but I want to be real. I want to feel a real life with all of its bumps and bruises and I know, I know, I know deep in my soul, that lady, I'm already perfect.


Anonymous said...

Lovely put! Every woman has the right to speak her mind and not be told to quiet down, shut up, don't say this or don't say that. I am so tired of censoring all the stuff I have to say. It is refreshing to see another woman decide to not take it anymore. All the power to you.

P.S. I can't swear like you, but I live vicariously through you when you do. So swear away for the two of us.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Suziblu, how I LOVE YOU!!
For fucks sake, can't these people who cannot handle a few "naughty" words, just piss off! You know..turn OFF the computer, change the channel so to speak.
Cunt is a good word...used in the right context it really gets across what you need to say when you feel like saying it, just like fuck does, is this not the year 2008? Some people need to get their heads and arses out of the dark ages or get their heads out of their own arses and stop being so fucking righteous.
I swear when I'm annoyed, I swear when I bloody well feel like it,out in the open or in private, amongst your own friends or here on the blog where you should be able to say,feel and do whatever you want ( seeing that is actually 'your blog' can you not do whatever you want? )I honestly see no problem with it, it's not like you just walked into church or the primary school class and started saying fuck this, fuck that, cunt cunt cunt!!
A friend of mine told me off the other day for swearing so much on the phone to her, I baulked, hey I was pissed off and having what I thought was a good old whine to a mate, told her to get her head out of her arse!!She didn't appreciate it...stiff shit I say!
Don't ever let anyone stop you from doing what you are doing darlin'....because you are on the RIGHT PATH!
Much love,xxxx Robyn from Aus! ;-)

suzi blu said...

"fuck this, fuck that, cunt cunt cunt."

That should be a song!

Nina said...

Remember when you were thinking abt being a pre-school teacher????!!! LOL!!! :-0

Iris said...

Perhaps those people who are opposed to the language you use should just have a listen to this and be enlightened. "Fuck" really is an amazingly versatile word.

Kim S. Owens said...

Has this person who is so offended by your cursing visited her local middle school lately??? My kids
(11 - girl and 14 -boy)hear this language all the time. It is a part of our culture. Ride a bus, walk the street, go to the park - hang out with the youth of today and you just have to give up your prudish sensibilities. My kids see you videos all the time and think you are a quirky, cool gal and they know I adore you!!!! Keep on keepin' on and forget the bullshit .I.

changapeluda said...

Girl! you just said a motherfucken cotton pickin mouthful!
and didn't Jane Fonda just
"get in trouble" for saying cunt?!?!

i say bite me if you're easily offended.


michellesteeleart said...

Suzi, you go girl! :)

I was called a harry dick smack by a couple of 7 year old boys one time. They taught me something new. Children are too sheltered nowadays, they are not made of glass. Who in the hell is threatened by a curse word anyway? It is just a damn word, it is not going to hurt anyone. I have a 3 year old son and my husband and I curse around him and he is the sweetest little kid. Curse words will not scar a child, their parents lack of attention to them will.

Gosh I hope that makes sense.

Iris said...

Of course that makes sense Michelle. My parents cursed around us kids all the time. And when we started repeating those words they did what parents should do. They parented us! They explained that they were words that little kids shouldn't use especially in places like school, church, or in front of our Grandma. They taught us there's a time and a place. It is the parents' job to guide and teach their child about the world not to try and censor the world for the child. George Carlin is my idol when it comes to how children are being raised these days. I would recommend his book "Napalm and Silly Putty" for everyone. ;)

I do have to admit I love the variations of curses that kids come up with. "Hairy dick smack" made me LOL. And that one is still mild compared to some of the things that can easily be looked up on Holy little smokies, Batman!

Anonymous said...

Fuck, I wish I was a woman.

Harry dick smack? OMG that was funny.

Hana said...

"And I'll say this one more time just so it's in print and from henceforth when itchy women decide that since the world revolves around their beliefs I better stand in line and behave in ways that make THEM happy, I can point them to this post."


Girl, don't worry about all these conservative old world types. Life is full of fluidity. It is ever changing and constantly moving forward whether people who live in the past like it or not.

Expect the unexpected is what I say! It makes life more interesting!

PS - I love your art. It's so inspiring and I look forward to seeing your work every week.

kizam said...

BRAVO!!! i also love the 'hairy dick smack' too funny! when my daughter was around 2 or 3 i had to take her to the ER for a high fever and they put her in a bath of ice and she just kept yelling FUCK !!FUCK!!! all the nurses were flipping out and asking 'is she sayin what i think shes sayin' it was pretty funny. we also never had cutesy names like vajaja or whowho it was her vagina and she was so tiny and cute when she said 'gina' but my folks flipped out. anyway i support you 100%. when my daughter started her period for the first time i threw a party and gave her wild flowers and a little champagne...and you know she turned out a fine respectable woman and mother with a great sense of humor and self confidence, everything i wanted for her, because i used to get my mouth washed out with soap and i was told my period was a disease! so Bravo Suzi, you are brave and strong and it makes me feel strong. your art is so beautiful and the children can love it too but fuckin ah motherfucking mothers need to know artist cunts like us need expression damnit! wow that felt exhilarating! keep on being juicy Suzi!!!

Peggy Houston, TX said...

You are absolutely perfect, just as you are. Tell it, sister.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a conversation I had recently with a 20-something girl. A very 'naive' girl to say the least. I did tell her that if I had a daughter it would KILL me to have her be a 'sweet, quiet, naive' girl. LIVE. BE YOURSELF. No, you don't have to cuss and curse if you don't want to - but do it if you feel it.
As for children listening in, I try to watch my favorite vlogs later at night so my kids won't hear them - in case. But if they do, they do. They just can't SAY what they hear. Like another poster stated - I parent them (well, I TRY - by no means am I that great at it).
I do have to say my 4 year old son LOVES your work, Suz. So he does get to see your paintings - he loves them. Just wanted you to know that. AND he would love you too if he met you. And I would not run screaming from you if I did meet you with him or my other son. You are YOU and that is why I read, watch you. Just don't even read that crap people write to bring you down - or make you 'lady-like' - what ever the HELL THAT is!

Anonymous said...

I just have to say "be yourself." If you can't be yourself then who the heck are you? If we were all the friggin' same we'd all hate each other and we wouldn't be able to tell each other

I'm laughing so hard at "harry dick smack!!!"

Mom's control your friggin' brats and stop blaming everyone else!!!

Long Black Eyelahes said...

You are the permission that for some odd reason i have been waiting for, i love to journal and always hold back, why? And i love what you said, my art is also child like, but my thinking is not always childlike, thank you!

Bonafyde said...


As an avid swearer...I try to tame it down in front of my kids but tis hard to shake...especially during passionate times...did I mention I am a VERY passionate person??? So whats a parent to do? parent of course which means playing the it sucks to be young card...LOL meaning Mommy and Daddy do it cuz we are aging and cool (debatable for a 6 year old...) and the kids can`t cuz thats unappropriate....;) or...
is it? ;)inappropriate if I have to hear it....or get a call from school, etc...

Ok so on to the nosy BITCH who is buzzing around leaving nasty comments in polite language please take note that often the rudess, most Hateful, Creativity Sucking, Soul Destroying, Self Esteem Stamping behavior is done in the most polcitically correct fashion and with a Please and Thank You. Seriously what parent is letting their kids surf the net without some paerntal your paranoia for all the pediphiles out there and leave SUZIBLUE the FUCK ALone...if anything the teenage girls will be able to tap into their inner FEELINGS and Find a VOICE and Yell Ì Have a CUNT and it`s all Mine...RESPECT IT!

Bookviper said...

Oh, Miss Blu ^^ I fuckin' love you...

gina said...
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Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

suzi- fuck 'em, fuck 'em in the ear
seriously. I think people feel okay to make stupid comments because you put yourself out there. but you know what stupid comments aren't okay. there is nothing that says that you can't be a potty mouth role model.

When I was teaching I said "oh Crap" once infront of the kids, the 7 years olds stopped dead looked at me and said I swore. I used it as a lesson on what a vulgar term was and an actual swear. I also added in that only adults are allowed to use vulgar words and swear words. Hilarious.

parents need to step up and be parents. if they can't handle the heat, fuck 'em in the ear.

Taly said...

By all means, Suzi, STAY REAL !!!!!

crazierinreallife said...

ROCK ON!!!!!

Iris said...

People don't give kids enough credit. They think they need to be 'protected' from the outside world. OH don't show them nakedness or let them hear swearwords or let them see a film where someone dies. And what's going to happen to these sheltered kids when they are deemed 'grown up' enough to be exposed to swear words or any of those other 'bad things'? You CAN'T control or regulate the development of a child! Am I going to actively teach my child swear words? Probably not. Will I promise not to shout fuck when I'm angry or stub my toe in front of my child? Probably not. Will I educate them about the meaning, relevance and appropriateness of these words if they hear or use them? Definitely! Argh again people need to stop treating kids as if they're these stupid little cotton balls that soak up information without interpretation. I remember when I was a kid, some grownups would talk to you as if you were a kid and I was always thinking 'talk normally!' Even if a young child doesn't have the capacity to verbalise their thoughts, they understand a lot more than people think.

OK so I went off on a completely different rant there hehe. Anyway, I can understand people who find swearing offensive (although personally, I don't) but I pity those who cannot see past the swearing and listen to the things you say and the person that you are. It's so easy to close yourself off from other people just by imposing some 'moralistic' criteria: 'oh I won't listen to someone who is on such and such side of the political spectrum or of this colour or of this religion or who wears yellow socks'. As if having ONE opinion completely cancels out any other opinion you could ever have.. sheesh.

Erm so fuck yeah, rock on =p

k@rol said...

Your blog is your virtual house. You decide the rules and if someone does not like them, just has to stay away. right?

p.d. Your blog won a prize for its creativity, come to visit my blog and you will see. The challenge: my blog is in Spanish, but is yours anyway.

Anonymous said...

I love your videos. I found them this weekend and they have kept me company. They made me smile and laugh. Anyone who can't tell that you feel such joy and happiness making them - that you don't mean harm by a few swear words - is blind to your love of life, womanhood and art...which does come through your videos. You are an inspiration.

Keep up the good work.

❀ Rose ❀

gypsy soul said...

Oh Suzi, please don't change a hair on your sweet head for these sad people. They only WISH they could be like you, but they're too afraid to be so real and so vulnerable, so they hide behind some "moralistic" mask and point a finger at you, when really they're just pointing out their own lack of backbone. I feel sad for them because I know they can't be happy living behind a facade, but at the same time I have to say "Fuck 'em all!" Sing your soul from the rooftops and always be proud of who you are--a beautiful soul who wants the rest of us to see and own our own beauty. You fuckin' rock, my sister, and I love you for showing the rest of us the way.


Apple said...

"Fake" blogs are boring. Thank you for having the courage to be real!!!

green_eyes said...

I was just going to say, before I read the last section, that if you REALLY want to stop your children from loosing "refinement" or if you REALLY want to shield your child from swear words and/or powerful women, then what the hell are you doing letting them on the internet in the first place?!
The internet is not designed for small children, so keep them off of it if you fear for their little souls.

Really, women like you, Ms. Suzi, are what make me proud to BE a woman. Speak your mind and I'll speak mine. We all need to take those "anonymous" comment leavers in our lives and show them what we’re made of: heart and steel and satin and blood.
Not tissue paper, ready to tear at the slightest breath.
We swear. It’s our lives, mouths, words, so for fucks sakes, let us swear!

Ms Dragonfly said...

wonderful post!

mariatherese said...

Did you know that the word "vulgar" comes from the Latin "vulgare" - which simply means common, ordinary, normal?!

Lor J. said...

It's funny because when I see your videos, I love them for what they are, as they are. I love the expression of you, I cherish it, I'm inspired by it in the most simple and beautiful way. - I love your free expression, I love your connection with your inner child and all aspects of you without fear. I love how you express a free grown up. It's refreshing. I had no idea you had people giving you a hard time over them being your own expression and not whatever they expect them to be. - The moment I accepted that kind of behaviour from others towards me as completely innapropriate and unacceptable, without any doubts, it dissapeared from my life.

By all means Suzi, curse, if you want to :-)

suze said...

Just be yourself.We all love who you are. There will always be someone who disagrees. Instead of complaining to you they should just stay away. Don't let them get you down. Be your happy self.

Anonymous said...

Rock on Suzi Blue!
Say what you feel, and feel what you say.
If others dont like it, they can stay the fuck away!!!
(My feeble attempt at vulgar poetry!)
And yes, its true, Suzi Blue, we aussies LOOVE to curse!
Keep up the good work. Your blog is my favorite, and always the first read with my morning cup of tea!

Vicki K said...

Oh Miss Blu, you are the best therapist in the world. :-)

HeArt Collective said...

as an artist and a swearer i just have to say



MissKoolAid said...

It makes me laugh when you swear... in a good way...

What is it with people wanting to tell others how to behave, how to live, etc? Seriously.

Rock on, Suziblu!


Iris said...

Hey other Iris, have you heard they're trying to put Parental Advisory labels on Sesame Street. YES! SESAME STREET!

"These early 'Sesame Street' episodes are intended for grown-ups, and may not suit the needs of today's preschool child."

Yes that program is solely responsible for all my behavioral problems. I like to eat cookies, LOTS of them but first I have to count them. Count ha ha ha! I also have a tendency to be grumpy around trash cans and live with a same sex roommate who speaks Spanish and is named Maria. We also have a giant bird that says Snuffalufagus.

Damn you Sesame Street, damn you! You've RUINED my adulthood!

Cami said...

I am raising a daughter. She is 9. And one of my main goals is to teach her to be WHO SHE IS. Not a robot child like I was. I was from an abusive home so I learned early on: MIND YOU MANNERS, GET STRAIGHT A'S, BE POLITE, QUIET, and NEVER ROCK THE BOAT. I began my own personal rebellion/revolution in 1986. I got really good at it when I was about 30. Now I'm 39 and starting to feel like I'm doing pretty damn good. And my daughter is such a KICK ASS kind of kid. So full of herself (I sure hope she keeps that and doesn't let anyone beat it out of her). And I let her watch the vast majority of your videos. She even draws me little girl heads with crayons and melts the colors w/ my quilt iron as she learned from one of your videos!!! Your spirit and genuineness have strongly affected me and I couldn't agree w/ you more. I even remember the day I started going to bars and refusing to tell guys my real name I'd say "YOU CAN CALL ME ROWDY!"... And I still feel that way. YOU CAN CALL ME ROWDY!

CarrieJ said...

Any kid not caught in a bubble will hear cussing ... the secret is to teach them when the words are and are not appropriate. Speaking of the N word, we have to constantly reprimand our elderly neighbor for that one ... yes, there are words I would prefer my child not know, but I am not an idiot so I know she has already heard them anyway.
SuziBlu, you are the girl I want to be in my head.

Sister Ann said...

Hi Suzi: I loved your post. I have to admit that I tend to err on the side of "refinement" and have never been comfortable with vulgarity, but I'm workin' on it (sort of)!! At least I'm working on not getting so "offended" by it! You might enjoy a wonderful film I saw recently: Gadjo Dilo (The Crazy Stranger) Talk about girls with garbage mouth! But it was strangely beautiful. Check it out!

Iris said...

*waves* Hello other Iris. I didn't know they were doing stuff like that, but to be honest, I'm not surprised! People want to 'regulate' everything and every harmless little thing is all of a sudden BAAAAAAAAAD and supposed to be the root of all dysfunctionality in today's children.. now really..

Deirdra Doan said...

Dear Suzi,
I think some of the negative posts you have encountered with your Fans & Friends come from the fact that you have become a Teacher and Leader for many rather than just a sister. People have come to you because of the inspirational teaching and encouragement you have given them in their Art and Loving themselves. The shock of your words that you call potty mouth is more acute for some I think because of this quote. "Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?"

You have been a beautiful Fresh water Spring for our hard broken artistic souls. Many of us look up to you hopefully not on a pedestal but for your wisdom. Some are in different levels of their journey towards Life and don't want to hear salt and fresh water out of the same spring.

I believe that WORDS have TRANSCENDENT POWER as you seem to believe this as well when you encourage women to use certain vulgar words as a way of accepting parts their nature. For myself there are other words that would have a stronger blessing power over myself and my sexuality.

Those that love you understand that you are very human and would not want to criticize you for your choice of words that spring from impatience or little outbreaks of anger over petty annoyances. In fact we can relate and you have said them in a cute way excusing your self for your potty mouth. In fact what we love is that you are REAL. Also I honor your choice of words that you choose to use as a way of accepting your identity as a whole woman.

I hope that this is not offensive to you Suzi but I have been thinking about your post and others responses. I enjoy the dialogue.

I spent a little time looking up some others thoughts on cursing and vulgarity.

Rabbi Kula, author of “Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life,” believes there’s a timeless spiritual solution to modern language pollution—one that can bridge the liberal/conservative divide. “If you are a liberal who says ‘it’s only words,’ you need to ask yourself: What is the relationship between language and the world we create? It’s a fundamental spiritual question, because every spiritual tradition from the beginning of time understood that there was a basic relationship between language and reality.

According to Dr. Timothy Jay, a psychologist and author of books on swearing, including “Cursing in America” and “Why We Curse,” trashy talking is a basic human impulse. “This language fulfills emotional needs on two levels: my need, as a speaker, to cope with some emotion, like fear or surprise, and it conveys that feeling very effectively to someone else.” In fact, says Jay, it can be a social safety valve: “It allows us to express our emotions without physicality….Once you can tell people ‘I hate you,’ you no longer have to put yourself in jeopardy to prove it.”

Yet he stresses that the constant use of swear-words has desensitized us to the power of language.

Because words have transcendent power, says Beliefnet’s Virtual Talmud blogger Rabbi Joshua Waxman, leader of the Or Hadash Reconstructionist Congregation in Ft. Washington, Pa., “it’s sad when a cascade of words numbs us to the effect of their meaning rather than the opposite, which is the purpose of prayer.”

Your friend, Deirdra

suzi blu said...

This is my belief about words.
words are made of letters and mean nothing. really. nothing. just like money is made of paper and means nothing. society brings meaning to words and money but in and of themselves they mean nothing. to the planet pluto, to an even farther away star, pieces of paper and letters strung together are irrelevant. They are CONTSTRUCTED. Therefore meaningless.

All of the things we deem 'bad' or 'negative' are, in fact, neutral in the eyes of the universe. Trees still grow, snow still falls whether or not we as humans say I love you or I hate you. The judgement we make about these words is all our own.

If I say I hate you - I would never do that. I would never aim hatred toward a person. But I do get frustrated at inanimate objects. Am I causing more frustration by getting angry at frustration? Probably. But creating ones reality is different than morality and morality is the issue I was defending. I was told I was not of equal class to this woman because I used colorful language. and to me thats what it is. expression. Albeit not the most original. It was HER judgement of using the words that made them bad, not mine. and THAT is the point Im making - not whether or not always getting frustrated and cursing causes more frustration (cause Im adding more anger to the situation).

So my thesis statement is this: inflicting hatred at people or oneself is always bad. I think calling yourself 'stupid' every time you make a mistake is WAY WORSE than calling a pen a fuckwad for daring to run out of ink. I am way more concerned with the horrible things we say to ourselves that are negative. Clumsy, not good enough, not smart enough, not think enough, stupid, dummy, idiot. These are words we say to ourselves a lot. (excuse me if you never have).
These are acceptable words to mainstream society but to me, in SUZI BLU society, they are evil incarnate. These are the words that make you feel bad about yourself. That keep you from making art or smiling at someone you like.

My roommate has a knickname for me, she calls me whore. Clean up the kitchen you whore! and I laugh. Its funny to use words that are meant to demean and use them in new ways THAT IS HILARIOUS. all of a sudden the word is meaningless, do you get it? Either you get this point or you dont. she doesnt think I charge money for sex. there is no malicious meaning behind it. in fact, it is empowering. even if I did sleep with every girl in the world and she said WHORE, TAKE OUT THE TRASH CANS. I am asserting my sexual prowess.

and Im babbling but this is exactly what I mean. Words aimed at denegrating individuals loose their scariness when the apparent 'victim' DOES NOT AGREE THAT THE WORD IS BAD. The emperor has no clothes! Oh? Im a whore? I sleep with many people and dont want a commitment. And that is supposed to be bad? It is only bad if we ALL AGREE it is bad. get it? and I dont. now - to say meanly to someone - "ew, youre a WHORE, I hate you, how can you live with yourself." That is always bad.

In short - intention is what is bad. what is intended behind what you say, no matter what words you use, is what needs to be paid attention to. And also - your ideas about spirituality and what is spiritual. what does spiritual look like? If you think the dali lama or christ is the only appearance of spiritual - you are very wrong. God is found everywhere. The epitome of spiritual does not lie in wearing long robes and praying in a church. Nor is it being nice nice all the time. Like being a doormat. Do you remember when jesus threw the tables of the moneymakers around cause he was pissed they were doing it in a temple? He was ANGRY. sometimes anger is good. as long as it is not directed towards annihilating someone. The men would not have understand the point if jesus was a doormat and said oh well, I dont like it but, it wouldnt be spiritual of me to show you how what you are doing is bad.

anyhoo - my god is a big dyke on a pink motorcycle with licence plates that say I LOVE YOU NOW FUCK OFF. she loves my art and is quick to call me a whore when my head turns around yet again when I see a pretty face. But she loves whores. she loves love and as long as I am not mean or bad to people sex to her is A OK. So lucky for me I dont have to worry much about morality and her. She is the kewlest god ever. You can borrow her if you'd like. Her name is Ruby.

Anonymous said...

Well, I love your artwork, Suziblu. I love to watch your videos. I don't agree with Plato that words have no meaning. If that were true, then your art has no meaning and nobody's art has any meaning either. It is just bits of paper and paint and wax. But because we give meaning to those little pieces of paper, as humans, it does have meaning. And so do words. So I can't agree with Plato. Your roommate should not call you a whore no matter if you believe it or not. It is rude and you should not allow it. Stand up for yourself, Suzi. "whore" has a meaning whether you give it a different meaning or do it in a silly laughing way. It still has meaning. You used to use the word "goddess". How different is that from "whore?" It is a world of difference. I see you now throwing cards at each other, and doing meaningless things to fill up your video. You used to inspire artists all over the world. I was sooooooo inspired by your art and your videos. Now I just want to fast forward through these parts.
I'm sorry to be so blunt, but please go back to your inspiring videos. That is the real you, not the put down, cards thrown at you. You don't have to put up with being put down.

suzi blu said...

ok whoever you are, you have succeeded in pissing me off and since you are too much of a coward to actually have a blog and put a name behind your words, Im going to not allow anonymous posting anymore cause you obviously are the same person, I can tell by your writing style.

A) this IS who I am. I am many many things dear lady. and although you want me to be ONE of them, the one you approve of, I am more than that. so much more.

B) you obviously dont get it at all hence why I really dont want to hear from you anymore. You can learn from my example because I dont have time to spoon feed you anymore. have you read the million comments above you from the women who were UPLIFTED by my recent videos and posts? Oh no thats right, the world revolved around you and your desire for straight craft videos every week. Well, go pay for someones DVD. there are hundreds out there. go learn your boring scrapbooking techniques and leaves us goddesses alone.

We attach meaning to things yes and in some regards, my art does mean nothing. its paint on paper. it certainly is not more important than feeding a starving child and in the big scheme of things will disintegrate because its made from cloth and paper. it is the PROCESS, dear lady, that is important.

you can not like my videos, not watch them in fact. but how controlling of you to tell me what to shoot? Im glad you got inspiration from my other videos but Im not going to rehash the same things over and over. BESIDES. you are looking outside of yourself for someone else to make you happy. whey dont you inspire yourself? look in your own mirror and say the words you long to hear. I am not here for you alone. And there are other women, many other women, in fact, who get it - the idea that being silly is WORTH IT. doing something that has no point is WORTH IT. Making art that has no point is worth it. making videos that have no point...uh....WORTH IT.

my god woman. stop being jealous of those who are having fun. Go have some fun yourself.

C) whore. one more time. I do not believe in the word whore therefore it has no meaning for me. even if a woman does sell her body for money I do not think less of her and would not say a word that was demeaning to describe her. Id call her call girl or something like that. Whore, used in western societies, denotes a promiscuous woman and implies she is dirty.
Now, a goddess is someone who has as much sex as she wants as long as it is what she wants. Is this goddess a whore (in your sense of the word), no. she is a GODDESS. always. even on her knees. when my best friend calls me whore she is CELEBRATING me - oh you whore! knowing that, in our world, all love is beautiful. but by using a term society has deemed ugly, and taking it as our own, it is NOT ugly anymore. its nothing. There is no such thing as a whore. even a woman who sleeps with everyones boyfriend just to start trouble, she is not a whore, she is a troubled girl.

you obviously have a limited amount of emotional intelligence but have taken psych 101 and believe to know so much about humanity and self esteem. You are a typical american mainstream lady. you have no concept nor room in your brain for what feminism even begins to mean. you have never known freedom, will never know freedom with such a rigid world view.

remember anonymous, what we do not allow in others is what we do not allow in ourselves. If I upset you so much with my antics I suggest you go get a friend and have some antics yourself.

now, go away. This is a safe haven for Goddesses only and from this moment on there will not be any crappy vibes from uptight ladies who are not brave enough to put a face behind their words. Im all for supporting brittle women but I cannot respect someone who hides in the dark.

Deirdra Doan said...

Thank you Suzi for responding. I hope you know I love you and your art. You have enriched my world and I am glad you are willing to share your world and be passionate.

I know you are so kind to us little artists souls and your right... self put downs are way more "evil" or destructive if you would than a curse word over an inanimate object. I just wanted to talk about this subject a little more with you. It is interesting to clarify what you and I are talking about.

You are never mean and you are most supportive. You encourage us to love ourselves. Thank you and please don't misunderstand me.
We just disagree on the power of Words.

But I hope that is OK....and I hope I am right in thinking this is a place to share who we are in Love.

I now understand more fully were you are coming from on this subject of Words.

I guess I could have said nothing but I like you so much I wanted to understand.

suzi blu said...

dont ever think that if I respond differently from you that I dont respect your opinion or not want to hear it. how boring my life would be if I had only myself to talk to.

I realize my philosophies are a bit different from most people and that a lot is misunderstood from reading a post than it would be if I were talking to you and we were having a conversation.

I do agree about the power of words but only if we BELIEVE in those words to begin with. If I called you a chair you wouldnt get upset because chair doesnt mean anything bad to you. Curse words, to me, do not make me feel bad because they are like the word chair. You can call me a whore but since I know Im not a whore, like Im not a chair, those words have no power over me.

I finally found the post office today and got your wonderful trinket and cd and artwork THANK YOU. I am sending something to you very soon.

I love you always D. Always feel free to speak your mind. We teach each other :D

Deirdra Doan said...

Your such a sweetie!! I am smiling....

Ross said...

Anon can get fucked (as we Aussies like to say).

Malicious little fucktard.

No beer for you!

Gudonya said...

WOWzers! I have to say, I love your blog and have laughed and learned so much while watching your videos, Suzi! You're exTREMEly talented and FUN! It's too bad that people feel the need to try to stamp their beliefs onto you. It's a shame they can't direct that passion towards something good - like learning and perhaps teaching others the beautiful things they know...

Well, I AM a parent and have two paycheck suckers, ages 4 and 5. Oh sorry - 4 11/12 and 5 11/12. :o) I have allowed them to watch more than one of your videos after viewing them myself. You know, just like the word implies, I am PARENTING. I swear, one day they watched Supercat and the Big Bad Wolf, like, a hundred times!! They absolutely LOVED it and went off to do their own versions of stories with their puppets. It was a SCREAM!! So, I not only learn from you, but my children do, too - THANK YOU!

I'm pretty sure, as a parent, I'm not doing everything just right. But I AM teaching them that there are NO boundaries and that they can do whatever they want to do with their lives. I don't allow them to swear, but then I know other parents DO allow this. It's not my concern. (And I have caught them swearing plenty of times, but I don't lose my marbles over it, either. They're little people, for crying out loud, not a coupla robots!! Great Grama didn't QUITE see it that way when one of them said WTF when a toy broke, but I admit, I was laughing my arse off on the inside!!)

My kids are also being taught that their private parts are not taboo. They actually have real names (something ELSE they taught Great Grama!!) and are "ok".

I am so incredibly glad that I am breaking the chain and teaching my little lovelies everything I was not. I receive compliments all the time from people regarding my kids' behavior and people are always surprised at how much "older" they are socially and mentally. I just got a call yesterday from my 4YO's teacher (she's in the 4-year-old Kindergarten which is officially part of the school system here in SOuthern Wisconsin), praising my girly for who she is. I can't tell you how that made me feel!!

So, to make a short comment long (sorry about that - it's the Italian Leo screaming to get out!), I applaud you for being YOURSELF! Good gawd, aren't there enough people who are living a boring, PC, cookie cutter life?? I sure think so! Now go be your vulgar self, wouldja!

Hugs... debmarie :P

p.s. - Hairy Dick Smack? OMG! HAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! I GOTTA remember that one....(she says with tears running down her face and ribs hurting from laughing so hard)

Linda said...

Here is my two cents. I love your videos and have no problem what-so-ever with your language in the videos. That said, I come here for *your* art videos not for the Vagina Monologues, in whatever form they appear in any given day. That doesn't make me a prude or repressed or anything other than I come here for ART.

But this is YOUR blog, it's a free country and you can post whatever you want. No body pays me to come here and no body pays me to watch what I don't want to see. If there is something I don't want to see, I don't watch it. I go away and come back again another day, just like I do at all the other sites I visit.

If and when I feel that this site or any other no longer meets my needs, for whatever reason, I'll stop coming. But I would never presume to tell you to change. Why would I? You don't owe me anything.

OK, I'm done. Carry on with your bad self. :)

Kirsty said...

Ha, what an awesome rant. I love that you said this. I've always thought that what upsets the uptight people is the fact that we're clearly having way more fun than them. I'm far more upset by deliberate cruelty and malice than I am by swearing and IME, some of the nastiest behaviour often come dressed up in pretty language from 'nice girls'. As I like to say, screw 'em if they can't take a joke.