Friday, February 29, 2008

Sicky but not too sicky

Art does not stop simply because one is sick. Besides, any excuse to do drugs is a good one. I can pretend I am Van Gogh living in France and fucked up on Absinthe and lead poisoning from sucking on my brushes. Maybe my angels will come out more ethereal if my consciousness is altered. And this is the next book I want. It is by Angela Cartwright and I want to learn more about altering photography. That is what is missing in my paintings. That extra dimension of the real world but messed up and not like the real world at all.


dani-ella said...

awe, suzi! feel better soon. i can't wait to see the outcome of your medicated creativity.

Apple said...

I'm so sorry that your sick. I don't know how you can still do art when feeling like that. I would just want to lay in bed and do nothing until I was feeling better...kudos to you!!!!

Mariposa said...

I have that book. It's a great starting point into incorporating a more personal aspect of your vision into your art. (I began with photography and still love it greatly)

Lisa said...

Sorry you're sick. Feel better soon. I had it a while back but I stumbled around the house in froggy slippers. :)

Julie Brill Molina said...

I'm sorry you're sick. I'm sick too. This plague is really going around. Cute sweater, though.

I'm taking a photo paintover class at Artfest... not from Angela Cartwright though. I actually met her once. I went to her gallery showing for In This House.

Hey I just had a thought. Maybe you and Melissa can throw an Art Retreat on your beautiful grounds! I know all of your followers would pay to be there! Including me!

sf said...

Be sure to check your personal email!


sf said...

Be sure to check your personal email!


JUDY said...

Oh, Suzi Blu, get well soon. I'll be interested to see what you create when you feel like crap!

Melanie said...

I have seen that book, but haven't bought it yet .... one of those at Barnes and Nobles and I get a cuppa coffee and sit and peruse some art lit!

lynne h said...

sending you 'feel better' vibes, suzi!!

angela's book is the bomb. not only did it give me lots of ideas about altering my photos, it got me going on new techniques in general. she's one talented chica-- she's got The Eye!!


Robyn from Aus said...

Get well soon Suziblu,
Wow what a book, I did a search and found we don't have it here downunder yet,(I'll keep looking), but I did order the 3 the ladies recommended in your other blog from, it's a site that you can buy used books from and at great prices.
Can't wait to get going again on the creativity road, not that it stops, but more knowledge and books never hurt anyone.
Suziblu you're a miracle to me!

Robyn from Aus

Shonna said...

I just got that book yesterday and I love it!!!! I hope you feel better and I can't wait to see that finished painting in the background of your blog pic. It looks so cute!!!

suze said...

I also have that book and it's great.
Feel better soon.

red tin heart said...

i hope you start feeling better real soon sweetpea. love nita

crazierinreallife said...

feel better soon Miss Suzi

Laura said...

Dear Suzi,

I hope you are feeling better!!!

I stumbled across your videos and blog this week; and I need for you to know that you have really inspired me. You have made me happy and you have made me weep for you have touched my soul. Thank you for posting your videos! I did a blog entry today and mentioned you....You are so cool!!!! Thanks!

Babi said...

That's the book I was talking about! I mixed up the titles! I love it! have a great recovery! cheers

Toni said...

D**m right on the Mixed Emulsions book, Suz ... I own this one and I'll NEVER give it up!!! Every page is a rocket into creative space. Feel better ... your Van Gogh scenario made me chuckle, absinthe and lead poisoning! Girl!

redpearl said...

Hope you're feeling better Suz. I'm feeling a little queasy tonight but I'm still playing a bit. I need to post some pics of what I've been doing.

I wish we all had a chat somewhere. That might be kinda fun.


islandsunshyne said...

Get Well, Get Well Soon,
We Want You To Get Well! ;)

Hope you're feeling better!


marianne said...

get well soon!

Diane said...

I just saw the painting you did for Angelcheeks Foundation. It's beautiful.

Anke said...

That book is awesome, hope you feel better soon!
Smiles, Anke ;)