Thursday, February 14, 2008

hearts and feminism

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Happy Valentines Day ya'all!
I love you gals I do <3 <3 <3

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JUDY said...


michellesteeleart said...

I think you should be able to talk about whatever you want but then again nothing offends me. I grew up with the ladylike crap from my mother and it just annoyed the hell out of me. I was a tomboy and my mother hated it. She wanted a cheerleader girlie girl and she didn't get that. My parents were your typical Edith and Archie bunker couple and I think they expected me to be the same. Oh well.

Vibrators are a good thing. I think every woman should have one.

You ever heard this one?

Why did god create men? Because you can't teach a vibrator to mow the lawn. :)


MudRailFence said...

Rev-O-BLU-tion!!!!! ;0)

Suzi C said...

That's a fantastic vlog Suzi. I am loud and behavior in my society is not always accepted or even understood, but it matters not. I like me, I think I'm pretty cool - those that think otherwise are free to do so, makes no difference to me.
Go girl
Happy Valentines Day

Iris said...

You know when I first saw some of the "adult" links I was kind of taken aback just because of how "innocent" your personality had come across in your other YouTube videos. I use quotation marks because I'm too lazy to think of another way to describe those things and there are so many perspectives that can be used for either word. But that taken aback feeling lasted about 5 seconds and then I thought "Oh thank God! She's a real person!"

If you want to talk about vibrators, art, chocolate cake...whatever...more power to ya woman. What the small-minded, "offended" people don't get is that all those things help to make up the YouTube personality they love(d). SuzibluTube is just one facet of who you are and, while that part is highly entertaining and inspirational, and it could potentially become...hmm...stale?, flat? if that's the only part we were ever able to see. I'm all for meeting multi-faceted people who are always keeping it interesting. You, my dear, are definitely one of those people. I like how you're handling this situation by dealing with it head on. Only thing I'd have added to it is a big ole rasberry. :P

To sum up a long paragraph in a short manner:


lisa said...

... you go girlie ... i think you're a beautiful genius :) ... especially today ... the day represented by hearts ... did you know hearts are the shape of a vulva ... not an anatomical heart?

excellent that you're vegetarian (vegan?) ... another great feminist move in so many ways ...

... happy valentine's day :)


lisa M said...

Good for you, do what ever you want.
Who is to judge you. Happy Valentines Day :)

Red Sonja said...

Oh hun I just wanted to run into the street screaming curse words...or sit at my desk (it my super quite office) and yell FAAAAARRRRRKKKKKK!


Go GIRL! Good on you!

I love that you spoke about these issues...I love that you acknowledge them and I LOVE that you were wanting to air things most of us prefer not to admit.

It truly made my day :D


tascha said...

Happy Valentine's Day Babes!

PEARLE said...

Suzi, I love you! And thank you for speaking up and taking a stand. It really isn't feminism, you know. At least not in the sense most people think of feminism. All it really is is the right of all humans, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual preference, whatever - to be valued as a person and respected and allowed to express themselves freely without fear.

I spend the better part of 50 years living my life in a way I thought was expected of me - by my family, by my kids, by the men in my life, by society in general. I'm just now realizing the real person inside of me and learning how to let that person out without the fear of being judged.

You are an inspiration and an encouragement to me. And... I think you are still one very beautiful, girlie-girl!

lynne h said...

happy valentine's day sweet woman!!!


suze said...

Happy Heart day <3 <3 <3

green_eyes said...

I wrote a paper about female sexuality in the music industry last year. We had to present them. The class wasn't very thrilled, but my prof loved it. So poo-poo to them.
I go to a women's college (affiliated with the main, huge university), and really, it's like 180 degrees different from the main university campus down the hill from us. The gals, man, we're all so open and free about EVERY single thing and some students not from the school have actually expressed how it's not "ladylike" or not “polite” for us to hold “Support you Ta-tas!” day (our student council has too much time of their hands sometimes).
It’s really quite funny to hear other women go on mini-rampages about how the women from our college “scare” them. And the guys? Oh man, that’s it’s own hilarious story!
Women need to shout out loud! Maybe we need to swear at those who keep us quite!

Mara Thomas said...

Screw them! We love you Sue. xoxo

Zom said...

I really loved what you said. Well expressed and deeply felt - and true! So true!

You are right, sexuality is not the same as sex. It is the well spring of our life energy, and when we feel we have to hide it to feel safe, then we are hiding our life energy. That is what you are pushing against. I will push with you!

Deirdra Doan said...

Yes Suzi, such a hard and perplexing problem. It is good you are attacking it. Misogyny, hatred of women, oppression of woman is a problem in all cultures. And women have misogyny too not just men. This is why in some cultures they just make the woman wear a full body cover. Then the men don't have to deal with their own out of control desires. They don't have to face it. They make the woman carry their burden! Rather than cover the woman with their love as a sister.

We have come a long way from even 100 years ago. I think if we love one another we try and understand others weakness and not push them to far. But the bottom line or truth is we are responsible for our own unhealthy responses and it wrong to make another bear our burden no matter what they do or say. There is a great book called the "People of the Lie" The book say's that when we are willing to throw another person under the bus, blame them, vilify them to keep our darkness masked this is true Evil. Most true evil hides in places like religion and other high places of honor.

Is this the issues you taking about in this vlog?

Have you seen the amazing movie....."Dangerous Beauty". My favorite movie!!!

It was about a famous Courtesan. Men in Venice in 1400's didn't allow a woman to be a full flesh and blood woman. She was either a Goddess/Mother or a Whore. The wife,mother,virgin, goddess was not allowed to be educated, talk about important things and enjoy her sexuality. She was on the pedestal (virgin Mary). Or the woman was a whore if she was flesh and blood and real. The only somewhat free woman was the Courtesan. In the end of the movie, everyone had suffered from this lie, the wives, the men who didn't have real women and real love in marriage and the women who had to choose between being a wife, whore or Courtesan.

Even in this movie a man went into the church because he was hurting so badly. Rather than finding Peace for his soul, he became a religious legalistic and blamed the woman instead of dealing with his own issues.

I think truth and love with a little wisdom thrown is our only way out. Thank you for trying to grapple with this issue and give us a forum to talk about it. Thats why we all LOVE you.

So Happy Valentines Day Suzi!!!

PS You can trash this if you want, its rather long, I did get on my soapbox!!! I know what you mean in your vlog.

Anonymous said...

Sue I'm with you all the way! Thanks for being a wonderful person :)

gina said...

hi suzi i just knew id get some kind of gift from you today and i did, i think sex is fun to talk about i dont do it much i make jokes about it usually ,but i am a very out loud woman when i talk to men or women , i personally think sex is made by god to reproduce yes like rabbits then we get old and im 48 ,i dont want to deal with sex but im married to an italian french man there is no way out for me ,he he,so between me and you id rather be are sexy and free .im sexy and fat with arthritis and when i was sexy i had men like theone you talked about testing out the vib .im just gonna do art i think i will paint nudes one day to free myself what do ya think

Taly said...

I agree 200% !!


PS- Did you get my youtube message? I hope it wasn't offending. I just want to help.

This might be helpful as well:

Love ya,
Dublin, Ireland

Anonymous said...


curse all you like, it doesn't offend me one bit.

being from holland, sex & sexuality is absolutely no big deal for me, but my british partner sometimes still has to get used to my openness.

we buy vibrators together. hee. :)

Anna Denise said...

Yay for cursing, hehe!

Anonymous said...

I think, no, I know,I just found a soul sister on the other side of the world!
What you're doing Suzi is wonderful, it's about bloody time us women stood up to be counted!
Gawd it's unbelievable how much you inspire me sister!!
Keep up the fantastic work at being you!!!
I luv ya to bits! ;-)

Sama said...

hear hear!!

Julie said...

Suzi you are just totally awesome.

I don't curse on my blog because I am afraid people will know how much of a fucking trashmouth I really am and I guess I'm afraid they'll think less of me. (??)

Believe me... you do NOT curse to much. I wish I had your courage.

Happy Valentines day, Chica!

P.S. -- I love the twinkly lights in the background. How are you liking your new home?

Charisse said...


Iris said...

OH MY GOD NOOOOOOO it loaded all the way and then it just cut off after 'and although that's a very streetsmart thing to do...'. I will attempt to make it work once more but first I want to comment, because this is so freaky. I recorded this little video yesterday (which I am planning to incorporate into my next art video) in which I talk about skirts and being girly and stuff so I just thought it was such a coincidence you're talking about these things right now!

Also, you know what? I think when people make comments like that guy or people say 'you're inviting to be treated like that' blabla, it says more about THEM, then it says about us. Example, I got a nasty comment on my video the other day (and it made me so upset! because even though I 'don't care' about what some stranger says, I DO care) and after some thinking I came to the conclusion, them saying something nasty, does that apply to me or does it say something about them? Maybe a certain person doesn't like me, that's all a matter of opinion, but to actually make a nasty comment, that doesn't tell you anything about me, it tells you all about the person who made the comment.

You talk back Suzi Blu and that's so admirable, that's so CONFIDENT. Saying 'wait a minute.. I don't agree' is something that we, as women but also ANYONE who gets unnecessary criticism, need to assert ourselves to feel deserving enough to SAY. (Does that sentence even make sense?)

Right, now I will attempt to get this machine to show me the rest of your beautiful video!!

LisaFroggy said...

Yes! Why is it that we let the exact people who we DON'T want to be like, tell us how to behave? I have found that being myself is a great way to get rid of people I don't like. Really. When I'm ME (I just did a painting called "Be YOU") then I attract people who like me, and are likely similar to me in some important way. I also vibrate away from the people who don't like me or who are so different from me that they can't even comprehend that I would say "fuck" or would, well, move in with my fiance the day I first met him physically. ha! Or...quit my job to make art without knowing if anyone else will even like my art. whew. I better quit before I start being ladylike again. Love you girl!

Iris said...

Oh Deirdra Doan I LOVE that movie Dangerous Beauty! Katherine McCormick is so lovely. One of my favorite parts of the movie is towards the beginning when she's sitting in front of the mirror and her mother is telling her to make make the different faces to match the emotion. "Now make him believe he is the only man alive." Omg...she just gives me chills and makes me want to cry. Such a good actress.

"I also vibrate away from the people who don't like me..." LisaFroggy was that an intentional vibrator pun? lol!

Lisa Froggy said...

Iris Ha! No, but it did cross my mind as I typed it.

Judy Wise said...

Brava Suzi. Let's hear it for women who are as whole and interesting and contradictory and loud and gentle and girly and butchy and whatever they feel inside. We are human too!!

Pippa said...

Oh Suzi I love you - you make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Suzi, you are sooooooooo right!!!!
That's what I love about you: There are these things that I always had a gut instinct about, but you put it into sentences and I think: "Oh, that is what I was feeling angry about."
That is art, too!!

Lor J. said...

I love you SuziBlue. Don't stress! Just do whatever you want in your heart, forget about people trying to put hteir issues on you, they are really hating on themselves. Quite sad but it's never about you, you know that! Pour your heart onto the world like you are doing and don't bother about rebelling, it's like flipping the coin, but it's still the same coin! :-) Happy Valentines!

marta said...

Totally with YOU, Suzi!
it is a Choice ( witch isn't any actually!!) between being a pretty and a .. boyish..
And I think it is even harder to be a feminine artist ( in my polish language there is a difference between an artist-guy and an artist-women), because if you are a women you have to choose : TASKS, art task full on( not a job of course, because women don't have a job, they are just knitting..;-/)or being a pretty inspiration for an important big guy-artist by being his model/wife/support ( which basically means - being a LOOK ). Making a Picture or being a Picture..
Being a feminist doesn't mean for me not wearing make-up, but haveing a right to wear whatever I want, even if sometimes , i swear the god, i am pissed with MYSELF for liking... the men's know what i mean?
also- your girls..look like they trying to be nice and quite anyways, and they have those big eyes of a LOST GIRL who need a boy's help..
but I love the paintings for everything, ok? ;-).
i love YOU, Your swears, gentelness, big eyes , red lips and truth about ALL what is a SILENCE..

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm 40-something and i've so out grown the small-minded-religious-conservative-fundamentalist-good-little-girl-rib-digging-suffocating-soul-killing corset I wore for years.

Anonymous said...



(if I could make that sound--you know the one, that Magrehebian women make when they are celebrating something, where they shout and wiggle their tongues back and fourth in their mouthes while they do it--I would right now!!)

lisa in spain
(jeez there are a lot of lisas hanging out on this blog ;))

islandsunshyne said...

Hi Suzi! Glad to read your move went well - you look so happy in your new pad. :)

Quick question (and unrelated!)...can you tell me how you got your artwork images in the background of your blog? I'm trying to redo my layout and can't find the option anywhere. :( Can you help a fellow artist out?

Many thanks!


Anonymous said...

You are SuziBlu - and thank GOD (or whoever) for it. I saw where another commenter said she was taken by surprise by the vibrator links and then said how she was glad you are real. Exactly how I felt, I admit - just wasn't expecting it. But I did check out the links of course, lol. It reminded me of the Sex and the City episode where Samantha starts giving out vibrator advice to women in a store and the sales manager keeps insisting they were shoulder massagers (Okay, I loved that show -so sue me!)

suzi blu said...

Islandsunshyne - I went to yr blog to leave a message but I couldnt since you dont have a post, so hopefully youll get this here.

go to layout - then go into HTML and look for where it says Body, like this:

body {
margin: 0;
text-align: center;
min-width: 760px;
background: url("");
color: $textColor;
font-size: small;
simpley put in the url of the link to the picture you want to use right after it says background: url("_____________"

and that is all!

Stellan said...

true miss blu.
love who u are.

hope u had wonderful v day.

Bookviper said...

Just wanted to say, right on. The reason I watch your vlogs is because you don't conform into the nice little boxes society lays out for us. You are a role model for this twenty year old queer independent art chick to be who I am and not apologize for it. Thank you.

kizam said...

wow...real conversation. i love this! Suzi you are so wonderful to stir the pot...keep it up sweetheart, the best is yet to come.

sugarandsnails said...

Suzi, I've been a lurker on your blog for a while now, and this video made me finally post a comment. Watching it brought me to tears. Your message is so meaningful to me, as it is to so many other women, I'm sure. Thank you.

crazierinreallife said...

fucking A Suzi!!!! You rock!!!! Keep talkin sista

Anonymous said...

Yes I feel it's about that these "barriers" come down because they can only get in the way of showing the true self in a woman. Susan B. Anthony would be looking down and saying things are in good hands when Suzi Blu talks! What a woman does with a vibrator is her own business! It's her choice! RISE UP AND SAY WHO YOU ARE IN LIFE! Never let anyone tell you that's wrong!

Shelagh said...

Well said:)

Kirsty said...

Yeah, preach it, sister!

You're so right and I loved the way you said this, particularly the bit about how women police each other. I'm so tired of the ladylike thing - it's only fun if it's a kinky game we're playing; when it becomes a straitjacket that rules our lives then it's time to let it go.