Sunday, February 17, 2008


Just done painting, video will be up round midnight.


gina said...

hi suzi you look so happy and that makes me happy. ive been making a couple accordian pages .im making more journal pages and my knees hurt so bad from arthritis i almost thought id end up like frida ,but hey im not giving up i still want to make my art dreams come true .so im looking forward to the candyland freak video.i feel like you and i could be soul sisters .every thing about you so far ive felt connected somehow ,its strange for me someone ive never met having such a possitive influence in my life. i wish i had a friend just like you here in washington .im dreaming of getting an art club and we could watch your videos on friday nights and id cook gumbo or make my famous peanut butter balls,i think you may like them .do ya like reeses.

suze said...

It's good to see you having so much fun.

SisterJulia said...

You two look like a crazy clip from a smash and grab scene in a British heist film!

Yay for the V-day Video bar! mind if I grab to my blog too?

Big kisses

Ronny said...

Hi. I'm so sorry to bother you but I can't find the iTunes thing you talk about. The only thing I can find is something like iTunes RSS and I clicked it and some web address appeared in my iTunes in the podcast session but never load anything. I tried to go to iTunes store and see if i can search your podcasts but nothing is there. Do you mind posting the link that I can click and download your lovely videos?

Thanks x10000,