Sunday, February 10, 2008

and. so. really.

My eternal hard drive is fucked.
thats the only way to put it.
and that is why there is no video right now.
but at 1:21 in the morning we have figured out that it is indeed
the external drive and not the computer SO first thing tomorrow I will be able
to edit it straight from my computer instead of from the hard drive. does that make sense?

so there should be no problem. really really. but THEN oh and then I need to go to the mac store and get the genius's to FIX THE HARD DRIVE DAMN IT.

ok so sorry. video love up tomorrow.
and Im all unpacked (finally) I will be around now and able to answer email YAY.

and I have much to say about love your vagina weekend so stay tuned.


gina said...

hi suzi there goes your potty mouth again . i agree computers do suck sometimes but with out them i wouldnt have your videos to look forward to ,ive been waiting and wondering where my sweet suzi was.looks like you are having a smiley party did pooh get a hatto wear. you are too fun, so what do we need to know about our vaginas besides they make us worry all our lives .are we pregnant do we have cervical cancer when will menopause get here and over with, so no more cramps .and why does my husband love it so much. oh well ill go do my art now looking forward to the video whats a genius bar hmm ive never taken mine any where , im up a creek if mine goes out .luv gina

Taly said...
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Lin Lin said...

We have all had those DAMN IT moments, hours...days. Hang in there and can't wait for first video from Virginia.

Iris said...

You're back you're back! Impressive that you're all unpacked, I would probably live out of boxes for the first erm.. year?

Don't worry about the hard drive, it will get fixed. Stupid technology! Can't wait to see your video. You should do a video about how to make videos! I did my first one yesterday and editing the video afterwards was just about as hard as creating a page in my journal.

neurasthenia said...

Ahh, technology. Who was it that said it would make life easier? He was an idiot!

Good luck getting things sorted

blackrabbitart said...

bummer dea, it sounds like you will be back in no time. Happy housewarming to you

Anonymous said...

Your vids are gifts when they come, so you need have no worries bout not getting it up when...when what...anyway.

Deirdra Doan said...

So glad your home,all your stuff is put away, happy and back to your cute creative self...looking forward to your art and house decorating video's that we all love and need!!!! All your encouragement to let our Muse come and sorry about the icky technical stuff...thanks for pushing past it and investing in us and your artistic self. I wait......

katie said...

I checked your blog at least 100 times looking for an update. Yes, I'm so addicted to your art. :)

Hey, I wanted you to know that I'm having a Valentine giveaway on my blog. All you have to do is stop by, and leave a comment on the giveaway entry. Anyone can enter. I'm giving away a handmade book, of course. heh!

Dave said...

Silly computer! HAL needs to behave himself! Glad to hear that you is all moved in now! So very happy to have you back soon! Your presence was missed!

sf said...

Was that a "freudian" slip" --- ETERNAL drive?
Well, even if not, it made me laugh!

kim flados said...
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suzi blu said...

you know whats funny. when I was first on youtube I made a video of an art journal - its down now - and one of the pages had FUCK written on it. and when I asked to join an artists group there they said NO bcz I cursed. and so I had to I tone it down to become acceptable? and so I did. and soon I got many mothers of 5 year olds saying their kid LOVES my show. which made me glad. it did. but see, sometimes fuck is the most appropriate word choice. I do realize it is a lazy way to express myself, but I am a very busy girl. fuck gets to the heart of things quick when you're cranking out a painting a day.

My god loves when I curse. she does. she curses back. God, why the fuck do I have cramps? Well sue, Im fucking sorry! I am. I swear.

and so me and god are tight like that.

I like girls that swear. its part of the whole anti-lady thing Im going for. soon I will sit without my legs crossed and will scratch my nippies when they itch.

come on. say it. FUCK. say it with me. there is nothing to be afraid of. its a word that means nothing. you are not going to hell for saying a word. trust me.

eM said...


Anonymous said...

Here's the thing....when I cuss and swear and use profanity , it expresses my unease with something I can't control. It is like wearing something ugly,I want to shake it off. But my vocabulary is limited and I can't find an articulate alternative, so I find an ugly word. If you didn't feel it is an ugly word, you wouldn't use it. It feels okay at the time and relieves the stress. But when a family member does it,or someone I respect does it and I hear it, that person loses his street cred. The person becomes ugly, too. Why not pick your nose on your video or take a public dump. It shows that you have no self esteem, that you don't care how you come across, that you have no moral standards. Your art is childlike and appeals to adults and children. Why would you want to share the ugly moment with other children? It says that you have low standards and don't care about the effect on the audience that you have invited for your show. It paints a picture of how you think about yourself. Sad. I hope you rethink it and keep the vulgarity to your private self.