Friday, February 29, 2008

Sicky but not too sicky

Art does not stop simply because one is sick. Besides, any excuse to do drugs is a good one. I can pretend I am Van Gogh living in France and fucked up on Absinthe and lead poisoning from sucking on my brushes. Maybe my angels will come out more ethereal if my consciousness is altered. And this is the next book I want. It is by Angela Cartwright and I want to learn more about altering photography. That is what is missing in my paintings. That extra dimension of the real world but messed up and not like the real world at all.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

scratchy. sore. twisted.

Im sick.
I have no pictures.
but WAYNE DYER is going to be on Ellen tomorrow so set your DVR!
This little bald man will change your life like little bald men sometimes can.

Shopping before I became feverish I bought Blending chalks.
I want to alter black and white photographs next.
so much I want to do I dont wanna have a sore throat and be sick BOO!

almost march.
almost spring.
almost time to get a puppy!

There will be a journal video again this weekend, and every weekend Ive decided. also once a month there will be an art history lesson video where we learn about an artist and make art like them to learn about the style. In the art history vids there will not be bad language. I can at least commit to that. Next week Im opening an etsy store and will put up paintings to sell rather than an auction. see how that is.

If I get any worse the good thing about being sick is taking lots of theraflu and stumbling around the house in bunny slippers. Not entirely sure you want to see that but Ill tell melissa to take some video.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where Suzi Blu Turns For Inspiration

This woman is THE BEST DAMN WOMAN on the planet.
She is a feminist writer. Iris just unearthed her for me.

Marianne Williamson

The Artists Way
by Julia Cameron

Monday, February 25, 2008


I found Amy's accordion page and Julie I cannot find yours! I knew there were others that were missing. In the next assignment video (in 2 weeks) I will have a special folder on my desktop and EVERYONE who sends me a picture will be put in there. Julie, send me your picture please again and I will add it to my blog.
Above is Amy's wonderful work that I just found lurking in my documents folder.
scroll down to the bottom where it says iTunes feed and you can receive my podcasts directly into your iTunes each week. Best quality!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

Vulgarity and The Self

lacking in refinement

Not everyone thinks the same. Not everyone has the same 'morals'
mor·al (môrl, mr-)adj. The judgement of goodness.
and where I see people getting into trouble is when they think their morals are the ones every person should go by. Example: Seeing adults nude is a bad bad thing. That is one moral way of thinking. Now consider for a minute, a european family who summers at a nude beach. If you've ever been to a nude beach you know that it is not a dark, sexual place but a normal place with normal people who do not view a naked body as only sexual. It is a place of families, usually hippy families, playing in the ocean and listening to music like families everywhere else. Children see each other and even adults naked and because it is common, it is not the littlest bit weird, perverse, or a cause for concern. Now, anything sexual or inappropriate touching is as taboo in other countries as it is here, but nakedness alone is not. So, studies indicate that growing up believing a naked body, any naked body, is beautiful and normal and not always sexual, constitutes an above average self esteem - unlike a society in which nakedness is shunned and taught as shamefull. so now, which person is the more 'moral'?

you cant debate it because morality is individual. There is not one set of rules. There isnt. Try as you might feel as holy as you will, there is not a set of paper with exact ways to live.

Onward to my point.
VULGARITY. i love that word. I love debauchery too. its sexy huh? to cause such a ruckus that all pre-conceived rules go out the window. You are FREE. of course now, the road of excess does not always lead to the palace of wisdom because many rockstars died in bathtubs in praise of debauchery and nothing else. Being on the edge all of the time may not be good for the health.

When someone tells me I lack refinement I'm sure they are presuming I will feel bad about their comment. I know too that they are living in strict accordance of rules, probably placed upon them by an overbearing mother or unemotional father, and only feel sure of themselves when the rest of the world follows along with these rules. Then they are safe. The world is predictable. controllable.

Women need to major in vulgarity, Im convinced. They need to hear the sound of their own voices for the very first time. Like in the movie "Boys on the Side" where Whoopie Goldberg is trying to get her friend to say the word cunt. A mousy little girl in a tattered wool sweater, afraid of everything. she cant say it. then she says it softly. embarrassed. society tells us genital words are dirty, bad, vulgar (meaning out genitals are dirty, bad, vulgar), especially womans genitalia. soon though, the woman is screaming it, singing it out. She is empowered. Much like how the N word has less of a sting when spoken by a person of color. the C word is not a slang when a woman takes it as her own.


Point 2.
My art is childlike and attractive to children so therefore I should have a responsiblity for behaving in a way that is most beneficial to children. Like not cursing in my videos. so Ive been told (reprimanded) again by an anonymous angry poster.

If I had a kid Id teach her all the curse words. nothing is funnier than having a child curse. I would then hand her a movie camera and tell her to film a horror movie in the kitchen. She would know everything and not be afraid of anything and she'd be free to make the most of everything available to her.

In my morality bad words are not bad - they are descriptive. And as a lover of descriptive adjectives I choose them often.

And I'll say this one more time just so it's in print and from henceforth when itchy women decide that since the world revolves around their beliefs I better stand in line and behave in ways that make THEM happy, I can point them to this post.

If you have kids and dont want them to hear what I have to say - be a parent and dont let them watch my show. My show is not designed for the typical young child. A young child would not understand half of what I talk about anyhoo. And as far as tainting the minds of young adolescent girls and influencing them to be less refined and explicit in exactly how they feel both in body and in speech I say FUCK YEAH! Here is to a new generation of artist girls not afraid of who they are or of their anger or passion and never, not for one instant, second think whether they should be truthful or not because it might LACK REFINEMENT.

Noun1.refinement - a highly developed state of perfection; having a flawless or impeccable quality; "

Perhaps yOu want to be stiff and flawless but I want to be real. I want to feel a real life with all of its bumps and bruises and I know, I know, I know deep in my soul, that lady, I'm already perfect.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Long Ass Video

Does anyone have a copy of windows I can borrow?

360MB! Mostly because of pooh at the end. Way too big for youtube so Ill have to spend tomorrow morning cutting it down ( I shall). I have VMware but have zero idea how to use it. so, oh well.

If you go to the bottom of the page where it says iTunes you can download the video and play it on your computer via podcast.

Here is the YOUTUBE version if you have a slower connection.


Just done painting, video will be up round midnight.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

hearts and feminism

If you go here and then go to the bottom you can subscribe to the podcast which will download into your itunes-and you'll be able to see it in full quality no matter how slow your connection speed!

Happy Valentines Day ya'all!
I love you gals I do <3 <3 <3

Win this Painting on eBay

Mac Help!

Wheres the chica who knows how to get my mac to download the large file uploading program for windows on youtube!  Ive been trying to find ya and cant in my emails anywere!!!

Ive got a Valentines day Vlog for ya all in a bit

Sunday, February 10, 2008

and. so. really.

My eternal hard drive is fucked.
thats the only way to put it.
and that is why there is no video right now.
but at 1:21 in the morning we have figured out that it is indeed
the external drive and not the computer SO first thing tomorrow I will be able
to edit it straight from my computer instead of from the hard drive. does that make sense?

so there should be no problem. really really. but THEN oh and then I need to go to the mac store and get the genius's to FIX THE HARD DRIVE DAMN IT.

ok so sorry. video love up tomorrow.
and Im all unpacked (finally) I will be around now and able to answer email YAY.

and I have much to say about love your vagina weekend so stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm here but not here

Yes we made it and we're alive! but still not done moving. What is going to be studio space was attic space filled with boxes of antiques and things from a store that closed. so emptying all of that before all of my boxes can be brought up...3 days...almost done.

pooh is grand. He is in a bed in the window and looks out onto acres and acres of grass. when it stops raining I'll walk him.

I am so very sore. very sore. so very.
but so happy.

I'll be back proper with pictures and things, but my stuff isnt even all in the house yet.
be back.