Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Zen Pooh Cam was awesome!

Thank you to everyone who joined me in the New Years Eve Pooh Zen cam chat yay! Seriously, that was a lot of fun, even tho we didnt know what we were doing.   Paulette and I are looking into a better forum, perhaps ustream.   And Tascha and Wendy are going to join us with video chats as well! so YAY!  We can make this a weekly artist thing - sing songs, play games. I have a fun game planned for next time.  I will tell you more about when that will be as soon as we decide.

And isnt miss Val WONDERFUL! We love her. 

FYI they are showing the first episode of the Lword free on ourchart.com
see it here



Paulette Insall said...

Yes it was soooooo much fun!!! And yea that Tascha and Wendy will be joining in!!!!! Since I have a pretty fast connection, I'm going to try to have a painting going next time so I can paint & chat. :) Hopefully I'll be able to have my mic on next time....as long as ya'll don't mind hearing Aiden playing in the background. Man does that kid's voice carry! LOL!

Oh and Sue, I meant to update you with my new bloggy home address....I've moved over to Typepad...


Much love to everyone and "see" ya again soon! :D xo

Babytreese said...

Wow...man I am SO jealous! It sounds like you guys had a great time. That's awesome! Hopefully I will be able to join the next time. Have a great week!

Niki said...

I am so sad I missed it, since I'm in the UK it wasn't possible for me to join in :( Maybe next time if it's not too late. I'd love to join you.

aisforalisha said...

i love shane too. <333

Anonymous said...

the link for the L word doesnt work for me. is it just me? do you have the url for me sue?